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Father & Son Locksmith is known As one of the leading Locksmith Service Company in Woodcliff Lake, NJ, we can help you with Automotive Locksmith, Commercial Locksmith, or Residential Locksmith needs. As a company that has been around for several years, we understand that auto problems can be overwhelming. Though our Locksmith Professionals can solve all your Locksmith related issues such as Lockout, Car Ignition problems, Re-Keying, Auto Key Replacement, Security Lock Repair, and other related Locksmith services 24 Hours A Day.

Our Services Include:

Locksmith Service, 24 Hour Locksmith, Mobile Locksmith, Residential Locksmith, Commercial Locksmith, Automotive Locksmith, Emergency Locksmith, Locks & Locksmiths, High Security Locks, Houses Unlocked or Opened, Locks Changed, Locks Re-keyed, Locks Repaired, Emergency Lockouts, Car Door Unlocking, Computer Chip Keys Programmed, Keys Made, Ignitions Repaired or Replaced, Transponder Keys Made, Business Lockout, Safe Lockout, Storage Lockout, Car Key Make, Ignition Change

We Cary all major Brands including:

Medeco Locks, Mul-T-Lock Locks, Schlage Locks, Arrow Locks, Kwikset Locks, Von Duprin Locks, Master Lock Locks, Assa Abloy Locks, Magnitc Locks, Buzzer System Locks, Yale Locks, Kaba Locks.

Our Specialties:

Access Control Systems, Antique Locks, Barrel Bolt, Buzzer Systems, Card Access Systems, Combination Locks, ,Cylinder, Deadbolt, Digital Locks, Door Locks, Doorknobs, Electric Locks, Electronic Access Control Systems, Electronic Locks, High Security Locks, Key Coding Systems, Keycard Locks, Key Control Systems, Keyless Entry Systems, Keyless Entry, Keypads, , Locksets, Magnetic Locks, Mailbox Locks, Master Key Systems, Mortise Locks, Transponder Keys, Changed Locks, Re-keyed Locks, Repaired Locks, Car Door Unlocking , Computer Chip Keys Programmed, Ignitions Repaired or Replaced, Medeco Locks, High Security Locks.

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by Sylvia Bishop on 5/10/2017

Thanks Father & Son Locksmith

I wasn’t keen on hiring a locksmith, but when my lock had gone completely crazy I just had to. Being low on cash I borrowed some money from a friend, but the best part is, I didn’t need it! Zach from Father & Son Locksmith had the lock fixed and charged me next to nothing for it. To all those people who thought locksmith services are expensive, I bet you’ve never called Father & Son Locksmith. Budget-friendly and simply the best in Woodcliff Lake, NJ! Try them out by calling 201-762-6065. I’m sure you won’t regret it the least!!!

by Evan Gates on 11/8/2017

Great Locksmith Service in Woodcliff Lake, Nj

I just can’t stop showering praises on these guys, and I’ve got plenty of reasons to do so! First, when I called in Father & Son Locksmith with a service request, the dispatcher was ever so polite and assured me of immediate help. I was locked out of my home, and while my stress levels were running on an all-time high, his assurance definitely helped calm me down. Second, it only took them ten minutes to get there. For a person who has previously waited for hours on end for a locksmith to arrive, this superfast response came as a pleasant shock. And then, when it comes to the service, Tony had the lock opened up in a few minutes without inflicting the slightest damage on it! Truly incredible! For all I know, Tony is the best locksmith I’ve ever come across in Woodcliff Lake, NJ..... Highly-recommend them to all! I even checked out their website http://www.fathersonlocksmith.net, they’ve got great deals listed and their service list is so extensive that I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

by Faith Paige on 6/13/2016

Emergency Locksmith

Five stars. I moved from one part of Woodcliff Lake, NJ to another called these guys early Saturday afternoon to schedule an appointment. They sent someone out to me within 3 hours (I think his name was Mike - nice, professional guy). I needed to rekey some door locks and it was done quickly and for a fair price. I highly recommend Pop a Lock and already have to other friends Father & Son Locksmith The best locksmith company in Woodcliff Lake, NJ.

by Abraham Hilton on 12/18/2016

Locksmith in Woodcliff Lake, Nj

This is from a while back... but nonetheless, great, speedy service, highly recommended! The best Locksmith Company in Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677!!

by Constance Germany on 7/13/2017

Fast & Professional Locksmith

Great job from <1>!! So, I carried out some research (online, calling locksmiths, asking friends etc) and chose <1>. Here’s why: 1) Pricing seemed great and they did not have any hidden charges 2) They offered 24/7 service in <5> I worked odd-shifts and was only available at home after 3:00 am. <1> fit the bill since it seemed like they could get there when I needed it without charging extra. And sure enough, choosing <1< was the right decision. Super friendly and professional! Highly recommend them! Thanks <1> for the great service

by Daniel Pruett on 10/10/2017


I called Father & Son Locksmith to know their prices and this company responded back within minutes with a reasonable price!! I got an appointment fixed at such short notice! The technician who arrived, Johnson I think, was very courteous and completed the job very quickly. When the bill was handed out, I was in for a huge surprise. Rarely, do locksmiths stick to the original price. They almost always find reasons to add up extra charges to the bill. But with Father & Son Locksmith, I was charged nothing extra to what was quoted initially! Honest and upfront pricing makes the deal still sweeter! Would I recommend them? DEFINITELY! Father & Son Locksmith is the best locksmith in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. You must give them a call!

by Tracey Dyer on 3/7/2016

Affordable Locksmith in Woodcliff Lake, Nj

No one wants to be in the situation where they need to call a locksmith, especially in Woodcliff Lake, NJ , Father & Son Locksmith are the guys to call. I've had a lockout and a broken lock at 2 different locations, and both times Father & Son Locksmith was there within a half hour. The last time was a lock out, and the owner was there in like 15-20 minutes. We have a really tough lock to pick, one of those ones where you need to send the keys out to be machined.... He worked at picking this lock for 20 minutes, every which way, it's a pick proof lock. Luckily, as we were talking he opened the door and we were in! No damage to my expensive lock, no drill outs, no up charge.. I was telling him how good it is to have reliable guys like him around to do this, it's not a regular thing to have a guy with morals in the lock business. I gave him a tip, usually you feel so screwed after all of the up charging (which he didn't do at all) that's the last thing you're thinking about... Normally with other guys that i have used in the past they tinker around a bit and then drill out, that's cost of the drill out plus the new lock plus a hefty up charge on all the locks they provide. If you're locked out or need a change of locks, they are the best. Just getting to this review now, it's been a few months but the guy really deserves it, I'd give 5 stars. Keep up the fine service.

by Mary Fitch on 4/13/2017

Thanks Affordable Locksmith Services

Very affordable! I didn’t have enough cash on me to fix the locks on my front door! After being denied an upfront price by several firms, I landed up at http://www.fathersonlocksmith.net and called them up. When I insisted that I needed a flat rate for the job, Edward asked me to click a picture of the lock and text it to him. A locksmith that receives texts??? How cool is that? Anyway, he saw the lock and said he’d charge $30 or less for it. True to his word, he didn’t charge me a penny more! Father & Son Locksmith is undeniably the best company I’m aware of Woodcliff Lake, NJ. Give them a try, they’re simply awesome!!

by Marion Boyles on 6/14/2017

Affordable Locksmith in Woodcliff Lake, Nj

No wonder they’re deemed the best by a majority of the Woodcliff Lake, NJ community! With such an excellent commitment-driven team, Father & Son Locksmith has set a benchmark that other companies should take a cue from. I’ve called them around three times, and each time they’ve managed to win me over with their service quality, pricing and timeliness. Can’t find a close equal! If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith, jot down Father & Son Locksmith’s number 201-762-6065. I’m sure you’ll get the help you need at once!! Highly-recommended!

by Felicity Alsop on 4/21/2016

Reliable Locksmith in Woodcliff Lake, Nj

Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I had locked ourselves out of our new apartment a day after moving in. Fortunately, we had access online and were able to see the reviews here for Father & Son Locksmith. David was amazing! After hearing so many horror stories of shady locksmiths, we were worried about being taken for a ride. David was everything other reviewers have said - he charged a flat fee, even took a little off because he couldn't be here immediately. Really, we couldn't thank him enough for helping us out when we were in such a tight spot. I hope if you are ever in the unfortunate position of needing an emergency locksmith that you are fortunate enough to meet David and the whole crue.

by Lara McCullough on 1/12/2017

Fast & Response Locksmith Service

Ironically, the new lock I installed to keep burglars out, ended up keeping me out instead! I forgot the access code and no matter how much I racked my brains I just couldn’t figure it out. Well, I had no intensions to sleep on the threshold and decided to call a locksmith. After pulling out a list of firms in Woodcliff Lake, NJ from the internet, I called them up one by one. A few didn’t answer the call, a few quoted a ridiculous price for it and a few had never heard of my version of the lock. What’s the point of being a locksmith if you don’t know the stuff that matters? Anyway, I struck gold when I called Father & Son Locksmith on 201-762-6065. Lewis provided a flat rate for reprogramming the lock that seemed like a really good deal to me. Lewis from Father & Son Locksmith was awesome! He got it reprogrammed in barely five minutes! Now that’s what I call sheer brilliance! Great job! Very pleased with their service!!

by Michael Parker on 3/9/2017

Thanks Father & Son Locksmith

I should have probably called Father & Son Locksmith first like my fiancé recommended! But I chose to trust a neighbor instead who suggested that I call the guys from the locksmith store down the road. After wasting over 3 hours of my time, they’d only managed to get half the job done and said they’ll come the next morning to finish up the rest. Seriously? Was I supposed to a half installed door hanging wide open with no lock on it? To top it off, I had to pay them two-hundred bucks for doing a botched-up job. Furious, I called up Father & Son Locksmith! These guys are just incredible! It barely took them an hour to set things straight. And the whole thing was done at an unbelievable price… Always choose a reputed firm like Father & Son Locksmith! Do not fall for the cheap marketing gimmicks deployed by other locksmiths, or you might end up wasting money like I did… Highly recommend Father & Son Locksmith! Call them on 201-762-6065 if you wanna know more!

by Annika Carey on 9/11/2017

Fast & Professional Locksmith

No wonder they’re deemed the best by a majority of the Woodcliff Lake, NJ community! With such an excellent commitment-driven team, Father & Son Locksmith has set a benchmark that other companies should take a cue from. I’ve called them around three times, and each time they’ve managed to win me over with their service quality, pricing and timeliness. Can’t find a close equal! If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith, jot down Father & Son Locksmith’s number 201-762-6065. I’m sure you’ll get the help you need at once!! Highly-recommended!

by Penelope North on 8/11/2016

Best Locksmith in Woodcliff Lake, Nj

I usually don't write reviews but I guess I'l start now. I happened to lock myself out of my condo without my keys in my bag. I called Father & Son Locksmith after reading good reviews and by all means, they quoted me a set price and told me the driver would show up within 40 minutes. Sure enough they showed up (okay 45 minutes) and I got in to my place in 10 minutes. Will Definitely recommend Father & Son Locksmith.

by Karen Ellison on 8/9/2017

Best Locksmith in Woodcliff Lake, Nj

On the financial front, things haven’t been easy for me. Rent from my property formed a substantial part of my income and only last week I’d evicted two tenants due to non-compliance with the contract. To top it all, I hadn’t even changed my locks yet. I was sure that one of them still had the keys to the property and I couldn’t rule out the possibility of a retaliation break-in. Locksmith services weren’t gonna come cheap! Thankfully, Father & Son Locksmith came to my rescue! I made enquiries in about a dozen different places before landing up at Father & Son Locksmith. It was among the few firms in Woodcliff Lake, NJ that offered a pricing over phone upon request and it was the only firm that had the lowest price of all. In fact, I even got a discount from them after finding a coupon listed on their website http://www.fathersonlocksmith.net !! Glad I found them when I was facing a severe cash crunch! Highly-recommend them if you wanna save up some cash while availing locksmith services. Call them up on 201-762-6065 to ask them about their pricing and services…

by Boris Greene on 7/15/2016

Locksmith Service

I chose Father & Son Locksmith based online reviews. I needed my locks re-keyed on my new house. I called this evening at about 6:00 pm, and by 7:45 the job had been completed. James called back within a few minutes, and Mike came over within about 45 minutes of my call. I had 4 knobs and 3 deadbolts re-keyed, and the total cost was less than I was expecting when I called. The woman who answered the phone was friendly and efficient. James was friendly when he called to inquire about my needs, and Mike, who came to my home, was professional and friendly as well. If I were to need their service again, I would definitely give them a call.

by Domingo Rosenberg on 2/9/2017

Fast & Professional Locksmith

Unbeatable services at unmatched prices!!! I just can’t stop raving about these guys! I needed all the locks in my apartment replaced and dropped emails to several renowned locksmith companies in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. Father & Son Locksmith was the only that responded with an upfront price! Bowled over by their transparency and reasonable pricing! I scheduled an appointment the very next day. If you need a locksmith that offers flat rates, and great services, Father & Son Locksmith is your best bet!

by Elizabeth Greene on 5/24/2016

Thanks Father & Son Locksmith

I had my house rekeyed by Father & Son Locksmith - their customer service was great from answering my call to scheduling John to complete the job. He was very knowledgable, reliable and got the job done. They were also able to be at my house within a short period of time when I locked myself out. I highly recommend them to all my friends.

by Virginia Peake on 9/14/2016

Reliable Locksmith in Woodcliff Lake, Nj

I called Father & Son Locksmith and left a message, which was promptly returned by Paul, who was professional, polite and thorough in explaining who was going to be coming to my home. (A solace to a woman). The locksmith arrived on time, and he was exquisitely precise and neat. He explained what he was doing each step of the way. He spread paper to catch the drill shavings and cleaned up afterwards. He gave me some safety tips before he left. Come to think of it, I should have married him. Call Father & Son Locksmith and let Paul hook you up They know what to do and how!!

by Sally Oliver on 10/13/2016

Friendly Fast & Effective Locksmith Company

What a nice guy. Gorge called me back within about 20 minutes of speaking with the dispatcher. He quickly identified the solution -- one that I could tackle more quickly on my own. Helpful, free advice goes a long way. We'll definitely use him with bigger jobs in the future. For any Locksmith Service call to: Father & Son Locksmith at: 201-762-6065.

by Ava Howard on 11/10/2016

Best Locksmith in Woodcliff Lake, Nj

Could not have had a better experience. Gold medal for Father & Son Locksmith the best Locksmith Service in Woodcliff Lake, NJ.

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