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The state of Washington is also referred to as Washington State; to separate itself from Washington D.C.  The state is named after America's first President George Washington. Our of all the 50 states it was the 42nd admitted to the Union.  Washington is located in the Northwest part of the United States and has a population of about 6,650,000.  The state capital is Olympia, but like the majority of all states it is not the highest populated area.  The most populated city is Seattle. Washington's population ranks them pretty high at 13th and their density puts them at 25th.  Overall, the state of Washington is a historical location to visit.  Those that already live in Washington are known as "Washingtonians" and are very dedicated to their sport teams.  Even though Washington isn't a huge sports market, they still support the Seattle Seahawks  and Seattle Mariners. In terms of the job market, the average "Washingtonian" brings in about $53,000.  Before Washington was an official state it was part of the Washington territory which was taken over by the British because of the Oregon Treaty agreement.  Those days have come to pass with Washington having been part of the Union now for about 120 years. Washington isn't really known for its vacationing spots, but has a variety of landmarks such as their mountain ranges. Having a state named after the first President of the United States definitely defines the culture and gives the state its own identity.  The political standpoint in Washington is primarily Democratic. 
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