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The state of Virginia is located in the southern most part of the United States.  Its ranked 15th in terms of its population with about 7,770,000 people.  Virginia has a lot of history to it and it starts with the nicknames it has been given.  The two nicknames are the "Old Dominion" and "Mother of Presidents."  There have been many presidents of the United States that have come from the state of Virginia.  The state capital is Richmond, although the majority of the residents are from Virginia Beach.  During the American Revolution, Virginia became one of the first thirteen colonies.  The state was originally founded 402 years ago by the Virginia Company of London, but Virginia lost control of West Virginia when they separated during the Civil War.  Having a lot of tradition and history amongst the state, it is only appropriate that Virginia is very passionate about their politics.  The political views in Virginia are split down the middle between Democrats and Republicans.  The market for jobs tends to lead more towards agriculture, federal agencies, and technology.   The average income brought in by those in Virginia is about $60,000.  This is an extremely positive reflection of the great schools and universities that are located in Virginia. 
he people of Virginia are very loyal sports fans as well, especially to their college teams like the Virginia Tech Hokies.  When visiting Virginia, the two popular landmarks that tend to be a great site to see are the Chesapeake Bay and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Geographically, these landmarks shape the state of Virginia.

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