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The second smallest state in the country is Vermont.  It ranks only ahead of Wyoming with a population of a little more than 621,000 residents.  Vermont is located in the northeast part of the United States and is also a part of the New England area.  For the longest time Vermont was switching between who actually owned the state.  Before the French and Indian War, France had total control over Vermont until they lost.  From that point on, control went to the hand of the British.  It wasn't until the Revolutionary War where a militia called the Green Mountain Boys made Vermont its own state.  However, the state is not part of one of the original 13 colonies since they were the 14th to become a part of the United States of America.  Due to its geographical location, Vermont is very well known for Lake Champlain.  Lake Champlain makes up the majority of the western area of the state.  Vermont is not an ideal vacation location because it's recognized more for its scenery and being known for its dairy products.  Since the state is extremely small, there aren't many tourist attractions to go to, if any at all.  The state capital of Vermont is Montpelier.  The majority of the population live in Burlington, Vermont.  Even though the state is the second smallest, its impressive that the average income brought in is about $48,000. 

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