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Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast

Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast is located at 2420 Arctic Ave in Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451. Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast can be contacted via phone at (757) 578-1008 for pricing, hours and directions.

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Q What is the phone number for Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast?

A The phone number for Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast is: (757) 578-1008.

Q Where is Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast located?

A Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast is located at 2420 Arctic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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Q How big is Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast?

A Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast employs approximately 1 people.

Q Is there a key contact at Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast?

A You can contact Greg Nelson at (757) 578-1008.

Q How is Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast rated?

A Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast has a 4.2 Star Rating from 131 reviewers.

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Greg Nelson

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Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast

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Overall Rating
( 131 Reviews )
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jt taylor on Google

image I wish I could give this a place a 0. We made reservations through expedia for 10/1/21 and still have not received our refund! Expedia continuously gives the run around and of course now the bed & breakfast is closed. Couldn't even stay 1 night due to the mold, mildew, bleach smell and unsanitary conditions. The guy working there told us this place was under new management, that was apparent the original owners did not own the place any longer. We have pictures of the dirty floors, stain furniture and bedding of only God knows what and to date have night received our $407 refund.

Dominika Cadotte on Google

image My booking reservation was cancelled by the owners 3 days before my arrival during the Thanksgiving week, I haven't received my money back for the booking. I don't recommend this place. Terrible. I called and emailed and no response.

Tanner Gauge on Google

image This place is a dump, and has the staff to match. I am surprised this place is still in business.

Brian Flynn on Google

image My reservation was made through Expedia. It was non refundable if I canceled. The hotel called me and canceled the day before my trip. I was told to call Expedia and your money will be refunded. The hotel never apprised Expedia of the cancellation on there end nor did I receive the cancellation in writing. To date my 230 dollars has not been refunded. I have tried multiple times reaching out to Tina who was not only unhelpful but actually rude. I have traveled fairly extensively and never felt the need to write a negative review. Do not stay here!

jordana luck on Google

image Really disappointing. The state of the Inn, in general, gives the impression of general upheaval, not of a luxury experience.
a) The website mentions "gardens", but, there is a small yard, a hedge, and a black plastic pond with no decor, no plants, no fish. This is not a garden.
b) The downstairs guest restroom off of the lobby has a very "gas station" vibe to it. It wasn't dirty, but the mop bucket, the big racks of supplies, I used it because I needed to, but wondered if I was supposed to be in there.
c) The "guest pantry"... oh my. The fridge was like a home fridge that needed a good cleaning. Just all kinds of random stuff in it. The washer and dryer were open and piled with laundry. This did not feel like a guest space at all. It felt like I took a wrong turn and ended up in the janitor closet.
d) The ice machine, seriously this is messed up. No ice bucket in the room, so we went downstairs, outside, unlocked the door to the other building, and into the pantry. No ice buckets there either. So now what? We were thirsty, there was no cold water available, we got some water bottles out of our car trunk, but really needed ice. I poked around and finally found some tiny juice glasses in the lobby by the coffee machine. Went back to the pantry and, NO scoop for the ice machine. At this point, I was incredibly frustrated. Come on, Motel 6 has ice buckets!! So, I ended up using the tiny juice glasses and scooped ice from the machine and we went back to our room. I guess I could have called the innkeeper, but there is no reason for me to have to call someone at 9 pm because I want a drink. This is just such a very basic thing for any hospitality business.
e) When we arrived and checked in and were taken to our room, there were carts of linens in the stairwell and linens actually hanging on the banister. I assumed that this was related to the emergency and the innkeeper had to leave them when he went out. But they were there that night when we came back from dinner. And still there late that night when we came back from walking to the boardwalk. And STILL there the next day when we left at 11 AM. Same with the baby bottle that was sitting in the foyer upstairs by our room door. It also looked like the stairs hadn't been swept in a while.
We reserved the largest suite with the steam shower spa pod. This didn't work. It was a jacuzzi tub and a shower with 3 showerhead options. No steam.
Worst of all was an email we got after our stay asking us to please not post anything negative on review sites, but to write directly to the owner instead. The email acknowledges that they aren't "up to standard" but blames it on covid. However, the prices were still the regular prices. I did email the owner and it's been over a week with no reply. I wish more people had given honest reviews so we would have made an informed decision about staying there.

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Overall Rating
( 131 Reviews )

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