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The Standard at Domain

Welcome to The Standard at Domain! Our highly desirable luxury apartments in Austin provide residents with top-notch community amenities. Call for a tour!

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Q What is the phone number for The Standard at Domain?

A The phone number for The Standard at Domain is: (512) 584-8065.

Q Where is The Standard at Domain located?

A The Standard at Domain is located at 11711 Domain Drive, Austin, TX 78758

Q What is the internet address for The Standard at Domain?

A The website (URL) for The Standard at Domain is:

Q How big is The Standard at Domain?

A The Standard at Domain employs approximately 20+ people.

Q How is The Standard at Domain rated?

A The Standard at Domain has a 3.9 Star Rating from 177 reviewers.

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The Standard at Domain

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Overall Rating
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Cedric Mavitsi on Google

image Going on my 2nd year in the Domain and already almost 6 months here at The Standard at Domain and it has been a lovely experience even with the crazy year due to the pandemic. It is in a great location and amenities are awesome but what makes it even greater is the staff, starting with Diana who's always very responsive to address all my concerns, and of course the maintenance staff with Eduardo who is always very courteous and effective about getting things done.
So far so great I hope it continues.
Regards and Thank you

Regina Massie on Google

image If you want Urban Living this is the best place to be. Restaurants and bars are just steps away and shopping is fantastic. I love the Standard. My apartment is fantastic and love living here. It was exactly what I was looking for. Would highly recommend if you are looking in or near the Domain. - From a verified resident on ApartmentRatings

Christopher Webb on Google

image My son lived there while he was doing a college internship(5 months) and he experienced most of the problems noted in the reviews. We experienced the washer and dryer bait and switch, the 60 day move out notice debacle and the nickel and dime by management. However, the biggest issue with this place is the theft and lack of security. My son had 4 or 5 packages stolen. My daughter went to visit him and her car window was smashed and items were stolen. The entry door lock was never working and people could come and go as the pleased.

Austin Stelling on Google

image Really have enjoyed living at the Standard. The maintenance team is great and the apartment location you cant beat. Walking distance to all the good restaurants, bars, and stores. Gym is nice too. Overall great place to live. Price to live here has historically been very good but Ive heard the rates are going up.
The reason I dont give this place 5-stars is because the gates in the garage have been broken ever since we moved in. Ive lived here 8 months and they still arent fixed. The idea is they provide security but clearly thats not the case. Just 2 weeks ago my car got broken into, they smashed my window and took some things. This hasnt incentivized management to get the gates fixed. Theyve been blaming supply chain for 8 months now - at this point just get it fixed or find a gate that works.

Austin on Google

image This place has one of the worst corporate landlords and management teams I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. During my time as a resident, they were completely disconnected from their maintenance teams and residents' needs. Further, attempting to get in touch with the office was always a challenge, and you were likely to feel like they considered you the burden instead of the customer & client. Finally, the overall decision-making at the local management level was empty-headed and short-sighted.
Over the course of my 14 months there, fire alarm malfunctions occurred at least once a week. This would involve a building-wide system blaring for as long as hours on end. Management's replies to the issue were largely empty. The management's team overall attitude with respect to unlivable inconveniences like these was to take a 'not my problem' perspective.
Besides this, during the winter freeze, one of the three buildings lost power for several days. Management made no efforts to use free space in the other two buildings to accommodate residents and were generally indifferent to their situation. Again, not their problem.
Over the course of my residency, packages were stolen around the complex on a weekly basis. When I was moving in, one of the leasing specialists told me they use Fetch to avoid thefts. One of the senior staff members interrupted - "They aren't stolen, they're just lost." What a condescending *****! Of course they're stolen. This incident captures the patronizing attitude management here takes with respect to their residents.
Further, residents - especially in my building - have dedicated parking. In our case, it was on top of the parking garage underneath the raging Texas sun. It became standard practice for residents of that building to park one level underneath, to have shade. Management's reaction to this was to send out repetitive emails reminding residents they have no right to park there because those spaces are reserved for retail customers. Forget the fact that residents are retail customers in the neighborhood, what was more stunning was how little management was willing to advocate for accommodation for their residents. It's as simple as negotiating with the landlord for a de minimis modification to their arrangement, and I'm confident doing so didn't even cross their minds.
Their financial practices are shady. My renter's insurance (~$11 a month) lapsed with one month remaining on my lease. They charged me $50 for renter's insurance. Then, when they returned my deposit, they attempted to take another $50 from the deposit to pay for the renter's insurance I had already paid them for. I had to call and urge them to recognize I had already paid!
Finally - and most egregiously - after paying $24,000 in rent, I moved out and IMMEDIATELY had a $467 balance sent to debt collections. This was AFTER they returned my deposit! They never tried to contact me or make me aware of this in any way. They completely failed to fulfill their duties of good faith and, between all of the issues most residents have here, might very well fail to provide habitable premises depending on whether you're subject to the blaring alarms in your building.
Don't make a mistake that's going to taint your life as long as your lease lasts. Rent elsewhere.

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Overall Rating
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