Mohave Broadband

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Mohave Broadband
8550 S Highway 95 Ste D
Mohave Valley, AZ 86440

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3.2 (15 reviews)


Mohave Broadband is located at 8550 S Highway 95 Ste D in Mohave Valley, Arizona 86440. Mohave Broadband can be contacted via phone at (866) 282-9047 for pricing, hours and directions.

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  •   (866) 282-9047


What is the phone number for Mohave Broadband?

The phone number for Mohave Broadband is: (866) 282-9047.

Where is Mohave Broadband located?

Mohave Broadband is located at 8550 S Highway 95 Ste D, Mohave Valley, AZ 86440

How is Mohave Broadband rated?

Mohave Broadband has a 3.2 Star Rating from 15 reviewers.

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Overall Rating
( 15 Reviews)
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Candace Leigh Turner
Oct 4th, 2020

Great customer service

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Sep 12th, 2020

tim umphress
Sep 10th, 2020

Aug 27th, 2020

Half the price of Suddenlink for me but not even a tenth of the quality, and that's when it decides to work. When it does work I can't even "enjoy" streaming video in 144p, I have around .05 mbps download speed, and most online games run upward of 200ms at the least, at the most 1000ms. Look elsewhere unless you LIKE waiting a minute just to load a web page

Eric Osborn
Jun 20th, 2020

The only internet company that will service the area (because of distance and their use of radio transmitters).
The service is price locked forever.
(UPDATE) New Management is trying to turn the company around using more customer centered care. Current actions are promising, but time will tell. (UPDATE ENDED)
You pay $50 a month on the promise of 10 Mbps, while you receive a speed between 1 - 1.5Mbps more than 70% of the time. That percentage isn't a guess, I have the speed constantly monitored and that's the actual speed.
More than 20 times a day the internet speed is either too slow to register or something went wrong with the ISP's equipment.
At least 4 of those outages will be longer than 20 minutes.
About twice a week the service will be out for hours.
When this ISP is contacted, most likely you will not reach anyone and they will not respond to voicemails (I've gone over 5 months before I either got someone on the phone or called me back). Or, they will provide either a lie or flimsy excuse as to why their service isn't working. Reasons I've been given for poor or no service, "it's too hot outside", "it's too cold outside", "it's raining", "it's too windy", "the desert outside of Las Vegas is too hot, it must have broken the fiber optic cable", " there's a fire in the state park and it knocked out the fiber optic cable which must run through the park". I could go on but you get the idea, whatever the current condition is outside, that's the reason the signal is disrupted.
For the first year I had service they told me that they were waiting on "new equipment" or "new parts" that haven't arrived yet or are on back order. I called them often because at first I was upset with price per speed, then it was lack of speed (all previous cities I've lived offer 100-300 Mbps for $30-$50). At the time the reason for poor service was backorder parts, for... a... year.
Then after that first year every day I called I was told that the tech is currently at the tower replacing a part. Let me repeat that. Every day I called I was told the tech is currently at the tower replacing a part. They called it upgrading. They must have upgraded one of their towers at least 150 times that year (no wonder why this 1990s service speed cost $50/month).
Granted that during that year, when the internet was fully functional (during the 30% of the day it was the highest speed) it did reach 10Mbps....for a month. Then it quickly dropped back down to maxing out at 4-5 Mbps.
The router that your forced to use is extremely limited in ability and you are locked out of changing any of it's settings. You can Daisy chain another router but that has major drawbacks and prevents many options of high performance routers.
They are an internet reseller, meaning they purchase their service from another ISP and then forward it to you. They purchase cheap service then split it to their customers through radio towers. So, not counting the thousand times a year their service drops because of their "upgraded" equipment, you also will experience dropped service if their ISP goes out. A simple IP search shows you who they use. They used to use Quest, then switched to Centurylink when the two companies merged.
They admitted, to installing low end radio receivers on customers houses and refuse to install more powerful receivers because, "they don't have any". I guess that that year of back ordered equipment wasn't better receivers.
They have completely ended any communication with me, granted I require constant internet for working at home (coronavirus related work from home orders) and I bother them to fulfill there end of our service agreement.
What's next:
I understand that was a lot of cons (not all of them, but I'm sure you got bored of reading them, so I had to stop somewhere).
Major events on the horizon. The Mohave Electric Company is currently working on infrastructure to provide wired internet to 100% of there customers. That is a noble cause.

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