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Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental
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Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental

Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental is located at 408 W 11th Avenue # B in Anchorage, Alaska 99501. Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental can be contacted via phone at (907) 885-9009 for pricing, hours and directions.

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Q What is the phone number for Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental?

A The phone number for Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental is: (907) 885-9009.

Q Where is Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental located?

A Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental is located at 408 W 11th Avenue # B, Anchorage, AK 99501

Q What is the internet address for Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental?

A The website (URL) for Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental is:

Q How big is Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental?

A Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental employs approximately 20+ people.

Q How is Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental rated?

A Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental has a 4.7 Star Rating from 184 reviewers.

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Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental

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Overall Rating
( 184 Reviews )
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Shuhan on Google

image Great place for ski rentals if u r staying at Alyeska, cheaper than the rentals over there

Olan dickson on Google

image Very kind and helpful and made our trip much easier being able to rent our gear

Kelly Cole on Google

image This place is a treasure to know about and wonderful & convenient to work with! We needed to add equipment to what we had already rented and they made it easy and worked with our schedule in order to pick them up. Every excursion we went on- the guides were impressed with how well we were outfitted. Highly recommend

Business Response on Google Mar 26th, 2024
Thanks Kelly - you had some awesome adventures planned! Glad you guys had such a great trip! Dave

Amanda Keller on Google

image I cannot recommend Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental enough! From start to finish, the owners were incredibly helpful, friendly, and accommodating. They took the time to ensure we had everything we needed for our outdoor adventure, and their expertise made the whole process a breeze.
Not only were the owners a delight to work with, but the gear itself exceeded our expectations. It was warm, in excellent condition, and perfectly sized for both my husband and I. We felt confident and comfortable throughout our journey, thanks to the high-quality equipment provided by Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental.
Whether youre a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, I highly recommend choosing Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental for all your gear needs. Their exceptional service and top-notch equipment will enhance any outdoor experience. We cant wait to rent from them again for our next adventure!

Clare MacDonald on Google

image Do NOT rent ski (esp backcountry) equipment from this company. As a backcountry skier, I am appalled by their so-called safety standards. We ONLY got down safety because we had extra gear and experience. This would have been a very different story otherwise.
Four of my friends rented backcountry equipment for their first ever tour from this place. Dave gave one of us a broken splitboard and only realized it was broken after we pointed it out. He refunded us, but we were offered little help in finding other gear.
Suiting up, we noticed they rented out a recalled PIEPS beacon to my other friend. We felt uncomfortable bringing it and swapped with an extra BCA beacon we had on hand.
Once we were transitioning on the summit, we realized my friend's right binding wasn't fitted for his boot and wasn't able to properly clip in. Luckily, some strangers had an allen wrench on hand so we could tighten the binding. Without this, he wouldn't have been able to ski down.
Our other friend's splitboard bindings were also improperly fitted to her boots, causing a pretty uncomfortable ride downhill. We raised these concerns with Dave when we returned and were met with little acknowledgement or sympathy. He also couldn't actually answer if the boots had been tested or if a torque test had been completed. I am not sure if Dave even knew what a torque test was, which is standard for all ski shops.
It's abundantly clear they don't properly test their ski gear nor have the knowledge to provide these rentals. The backcountry is no
joke. Please save yourself a broken leg or failed avalanche rescue and rent from somewhere else.

Business Response on Google Mar 27th, 2024
Facts: You are not even a customer-you’ve never rented from us yet you speak like you know about our company and our processes.You know nothing about us.   2. Your group called our store & stated you couldn’t afford a 2 day rental & didn’t want to pay the 2 day min. Asked if we would drop the rate. We stated No.  So only 3 rented from your group of 8.  Sec videos show your friends put the gear on & tested it at our store & each renter reviewed/signed our liability form, confirmed gear was functional when they left our store. This is an old school scam– you bring back gear & complain in an attempt to threaten and intimidate until you get your money back.Your group is making a POOR attempt to get money back. How dare you bring 8 people in & threaten,intimidate & gang up on 1 person in our store. Threatening if we didn’t refund everyone immediately all of you would do bad google reviews. You call us repeatedly at 9 pm & act obnoxious & harass us. We attempted to work with your friend immediately & you didn’t even give us a chance. 1 customer who showed us the ski binding- we told him we’d review his “claim”. Yet its funny how  your group stated some of you worked at a ski shop, carried the tools on you & told usyou knew how to adjust with tech bindings.  Then (Blaine Bronga) friend of our renter, created a video in the field of the Binding set way to big ( a non customer) yet made a post on google review showing the video.Yet Evan (customer) returned it with it set to small so that now, the boot didn’t even fit the binding. So which is it. The binding was too big? Or too small - your claim doesn’teven make sense. It is clear that you manipulated the binding. Evan (our customer) emailed Monday to apologize for his part in the UGLINESS you all created at our store.  Yet 2 days later your friend, Blaine Bronga who felt cocky & empowered- called his Mother who is an Anchorage Assembly Member, AND a Visit Anchorage Board Member & asked her to threaten us .Blaine's mother, Karen Bronga, then called to shame, intimidate us and threatened to take us into the Visit Anchorage Board due to how mad they were. We spoke with Ms. Bronga as courtesy since we work a lot with Visit Anchorage, we went over ourski binding processes with her. She suddenly had a change of tune and stated how horribly embarrassed she was for calling and getting involved, after accusing us of being a horrible company and threatening us.  Yet she knew we had wonderful reviews has heard great things about us.  Yet she chose to call & attack us without asking to hear what the situation was first.  So after learning about our business, she apologized and fell all over herself for getting involved. Her behavior is a violation of code of ethics as an assembly member & Visit Anchorage board member.   She stated she would have her son, Blaine Bronga, take down his review immediately, which he did. His review & video were removed.   We will not stand by & let our business be attacked by entitled, 25-30 yr olds.   We told her what our plan is, & we have no choice but to take the next steps to defend our store & reputation from this outlandish attack.As for the Black Diamond Beacon recall – your accusations are weak. You show how ignorant you are.  Read the Black Diamond recall. Yes it was tested & it is functional. All of ours are! Nowhere does Black Diamond say never rent out that beacon everagain. Besides why would you have rented if you had extra beacons.  It wasn’t apart of our ski pkg, so why did you add it if you had it.   I’m sure your friends took photos of the serial #.  We have video evidence its 100% functional.  Many tour operators, guides & other have rented this gear & given us excellent reviews.  You make claims of this being dangerous yet the day you wentout the avalanche danger rating was “CONSIDERABLE”. The fact that you & Blaine took an inexperienced group is mindboggling. This review is defamation!

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Overall Rating
( 184 Reviews )

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