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The state of South Dakota is located in the mid-west area of the United States.  South Dakota is separated from North Dakota by the Missouri River.  Having been admitted to the Union 120 years ago in 1889, South Dakota is definitely one of the older states.  Unlike other states, South Dakota wasn't founded the traditional way.  Traditionally, an individual will be the founder of a particular state.  Although, South Dakota was founded by two American Indian tribes called Lakota and Dakota Sioux. 

The capital of the state is Pierre, but the majority of the people live in Sioux Falls.  The residents living in South Dakota are said to be living on the West River.  The West River signifies the area of the Missouri River that South Dakota lies on.  In relation to its population, the state doesn't have many residents in comparison to other states.  They rank 46th in the United States with around 804,000 residents.  Surprisingly enough, South Dakota still has its select areas for tourist attraction which predominantly is located in the Black Hills, religious mountains to fellow American Indian tribes.  Within the Black Hills, many tourists are always anxious to see Mount Rushmore.  Being one of the most well known landmarks in the world, Mount Rushmore has always captured the attention of fellow tourists.  It is quite a site to see and most people are blown away by its beauty.  Not only does South Dakota rank low in the United States in population, but the same is true for its density ranking 5th lowest in the country.  The state is not known to be a spectacle for vacationing because its more commonly known for agriculture.  Interesting enough, South Dakota is predominantly a Republican state, but over the years has had more Democratic representatives.

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