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iLoveKickboxing -Richardson, TX, the #1 fitness program in Richardson, TX! It’s the most fat-destroying, adrenaline pumping 60-minute bout of dynamic cardio, stretching, and resistance training for proven results, period. Expert instructors at ILKB Richardson, TX teach bag-hitting kickboxing techniques ANYONE can do for rock-solid results in a fun and motivational setting.With a fitness experience so potent, cardio nation will never be the same again! No fitness experience needed, only spandex required.Insanely fun, calorie-crushing moves to give you a killer physique, guaranteed.Web-Specials, awesome members-only apparel, and personalized attention make sure you get the most out of your membership with ILKB Richardson, TX.You will be the star of the show as you power through FUN routines with professional grade boxing gloves, a fighter’s attitude, and energy for days! Suddenly they’re all staring at YOU because of one easy choice. Make friends squirm with jealousy as you burn off body fat by the hour, contact Richardson, TX today!For more information, or to find a different location, please visit:

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by Lisa Dunn on 7/16/2017

Fun and Efficient Workouts

At the age of 52 and my 10th anniversary of kicking breast cancer, I had resigned myself to just being fluffy and slow from here on out and then I found ilovekickboxing Richardson! After a tough week of soreness the first week, I have consistently gone to class every week I'm in town for over 3 months now. I've lost 15 lbs so far (I'm motivated to eat better too) and 9 inches. The coaches know each of us personally and are fun and demand the best, showing us proper technique EVERY class. I've made friends in my Fit Family and I feel better than I have in years. I crave the workouts. I've tried boot camps and gyms before, but nothing compares to ILKB. So worth the money!

by Ed H on 11/14/2017


ILoveKickboxing in Richardson is great for anyone who’s looking for awesome results regardless of their age, shape or gender. I finally found a place where working out is not painful and boring. The instructors at this location are very friendly and they motivate you to push yourself enough to feel the difference physically and mentally. The cool part of the ILKB classes is that you can choose the days and time you’d like attend classes, which means that work schedules or personal life won’t be an excuse for not taking a class. People at ILKB Richardson are very friendly and will make you feel their support.

by Edna Carranza on 1/4/2018

Just Amazing!!!!

I am totally obsessed with this gym. I always come out tired and happy. I am so glad i joined, at first i was debating it because i usually stay home and don't go through with going to the gym, but I'm in it to win it, totally worth it. The work ethic is amazing and the trainers are great. I 100% recommend it.

by Melissa Graham on 1/4/2018

Best Workout

ILKB Richardson is awesome! This is the most intense workout I've ever done and I always leave feeling stronger and proud of what I accomplished. The trainers are wonderful and encouraging inside and outside of class.

by Marilyn Biteau on 3/23/2017

Best Workout Ever!

I joined ILKB last august. The first class was tough but i decided to sign up right away because I knew it was time for me to get back into shape. 7 months later, I lost 25 pounds, dropped 2 sizes, gained a muscle definition I never imagined I could have and I feel more confident. The instructors are very welcoming and they always take the time to explain you the moves and answer your questions. The workouts are never boring, which is good to keep you coming back. Music, fun and friendly environment make you forget you are in for a sweaty and burning hour. Even when I feel tired or moody, I go and once the class is done I feel energized and accomplished.

by Angie Hartline on 5/4/2017

Ilkickboxing Richadson

ILKB Richardson is the best!! The staff is Awesome and the workout even better.

by Whitni Young on 5/24/2018


If you want a full body work out.. then COME HERE! Literally, I am so happy that I joined! The staff is AMAZING, and they keep you motivated throughout the whole time. When you feel like your about to quit, they come around and encourage you to keep going!

by Angie V on 8/6/2018

Great Place To Workout

I've been going to this gym for about two months and I'm already seeing results that I was never able to attain working out at a standard gym for a year. The15 minute warm up is painful but if you stick it out the rest of the hour is so much you don't even realize you are working out. Their is always more than on instructor in the class to show you the moves. The instructors are all very friendly and have an honest interest in helping you obtain your fitness goal. The workouts are different everyday so it never gets boring and after a few workouts I began to walking out feeling invigorated.

by Laura Vardell on 1/19/2017


This gym has changed my life. I've never found a gym that I loved. Or one that I wanted to go back to. With a mix of a FUN workout and awesome instructors, I keep coming back. The difference between I lovekickboxing and a typical gym is that these instructors care about you. In and outside of the gym. I slacked on my workouts for a few months, and they reached out to me multiple times to just check on how I was doing. And not to mention I've lost 20 pounds since beginning my journey here. Couldn't recommend it more! Less

by Riley Walker Consuelo on 7/2/2017

"Curiosity Got the Best of Me!"

"Curiosity got the best of me!" I have never been a "5am boot camper, gym-goer, must workout 7 days a week" kind of person so buying the deal off Groupon was enough to satisfy curiosity. I was definitely hesitant about my first class but after surviving the intensity of that hour, I was convinced that this type of training would help me achieve a new level in my health and my overall lifestyle.

by richard mendoza on 9/22/2018

A Great Place To Workout, Different, Fun, and a Good Push.

A great place to workout, different, fun, and a good push. As a life long martial artists this is a fun break from competition and is just fun.

by ESPERANZA Obregon on 3/30/2017


I Love Kickboxing is an awesome place to work out but also to have some fun kicking and punching that bag!! The instructor are pretty awesome and a great support system to get to your goal. I can honestly say they are the best fit fam ever!!!! :)

by Nereida Camargo on 6/2/2017

Best Workout Ever!!

ILKB Richardson is the best place to get a full body workout. Great place to release alot of stress from a day at work. I love the instructors because the motivate you and also push you so you can get the best workout possible. Im so glad that I signed up.

by Stephanie Joseph on 2/19/2018

Great Workout

I LOVE "iLoveKickboxing! The staff is motivating, friendly and wants to help you reach your goals. I love that the full-body workout helps me burn off calories and stress. I have tried several gyms and workout programs and this and it by far my favorite. Six weeks in and I can already see results.

by Stephanie Joseph on 2/19/2018

Great Workout

I LOVE "iLoveKickboxing! The staff is motivating, friendly and wants to help you reach your goals. I love that the full-body workout helps me burn off calories and stress. I have tried several gyms and workout programs and this and it by far my favorite. Six weeks in and I can already see results.

by FRANCISCO VARGAS on 3/25/2018

The Best Workout Ever!

I can't say enough about how awesome it feels to go to class. Yes, it is a tough and challenging experience every time, but I have loved the changes to my body, and even better, seeing results! I should also mention the fun environment led by fun, motivating instructors! This is a great way to get in shape in a great environment!

by Brenda Martinez on 4/28/2017

Awesome Workout

Literally the best decision I have made in my entire life. Super clean facility, great atmosphere and what can I tell you about our instructors they are the the BEST of the best!!!!! If you are looking to get in shape in no time without the judge mental people that you will find at any gym? Then this is the place you want to be

by Lorena Martinez on 10/19/2017


The instructors here are high energy and motivating. I was hooked the first time. Awesome workouts. You have to try it.

by Lacey Lowrance on 8/23/2018

Kick Boxing

ILoveKickBoxing is an amazing stress reliever and the trainers here are awesome! The classes are intense but worth every second. I love how staff keeps up with you and makes sure that you're committed to coming, and that there is always something going on to keep everybody on their toes.

by Rajasekhar Ganduri on 2/8/2018

Best Workout and Instructors

The best workout regime I have done and will continue to do. Before coming to iLoveKickboxing, Richardson, I have been into fitness doing gym 5-6 times a week doing heavy cardio and weights, so considered myself fairly fit. But, once I did the first Ilovekickboxing class in Richardson, it really kicked my ass. I loved the way instructors keep pushing my limits with such enthusiasm. I love the place as well, always kept clean and well maintained by the awesome and cheering staff. I have been successfully going here for the past 4 months and absolutely loving it!!

by Juliana Vieira on 12/20/2016

Its Awesome

This class is NO JOKE! It pushes me to my max every time which is absolutely awesome! I used to workout with CampGladiator, which is also very good, but kickboxing in my opinion is a lot more fun, you get a fantastic workout but you also get to punch and kick the bag like a freaking badass that you never thought you were! I also love that the instructors are very attentive to you, if you have the wrong form they will correct you and show you how to do it right. They also give you health tips in class and they very often have some challenge and prizes going on, which is so great! I'm hooked, went the first time and decided that's my place for the next year!

by Lisa Eckman on 6/23/2017

Best Workout

Great workout...... Instructors and people are great!! Every day is a new challenge and you walk out feeling great!!

by Autumn Lang on 9/13/2016

I Love Ilkb

I started going after not working out for 7 years. I not only survived my first class, but, now I am hooked. I look forward to going after work and getting out the day's stress. I have been going for 4 weeks and I already see improvement in my agility and strength. The instructors are great about showing technique and cheering you on when you need it! I am a total klutz and if I can do it, anyone can survive and thrive!!!

by Lauren Spradling on 2/17/2017


This is a wonderful gym that is unlike any other gym environment I have ever been in. Everyone is supportive, and it is a much more personal experience than I expected. The instructors are all so supportive, and encouraging. The classes are challenging, but rewarding, and I have never felt like I couldn't do it. I love coming to class, and each one is different from the last.

by kimberly bell on 1/15/2016

I Love Kickboxing

I love ILKB!! I have so much fun in their classes even though they are tough. I would highly recommend ILKB to anyone. Love Love my kickboxing classes!!!

by cathy olivas on 2/4/2017


best workout ever! awesome instructors and staff with a great support system to help reach your goals

by Michelle Boston on 8/14/2016

Fantastic Workout Community with Supportive Friendly Staff

I absolutely love ILKB Richardson, cannot say enough good things about the workout and the staff. The classes are challenging but the instructors are very supportive and friendly and help with moderation when needed. This is a community of supportive people which makes you keep coming back and the results are great! You will not regret joining, I have been a member since March 2016 and I am hooked.

by Gretchen Johnson on 9/22/2016

Great Place

I joined I love kickboxing Richardson a couple of months, I needed something for me. I wasn't putting me as a priority. The instructors are challenging and amazing!They make hard work fun and take time to know us by name give tips on form and power and are very motivating. I am very thankful for my new fit family.

by Christina Armenta on 6/10/2018

Love This Place

I love this place. Great workout. Good balance of cardio and boxing technique. The instructors are super helpful and walk around for assistance. Good for people with all levels of experience. Moves are modified for beginners if needed. Definitely, recommend this for a full body workout.

by Christina Armenta on 6/10/2018

Great Workout

I love this place. Great workout. Good balance of cardio and boxing technique. The instructors are super helpful and walk around for assistance. Good for people with all levels of experience. Moves are modified for beginners if needed. Definitely, recommend this for a full body workout.

by Bella Aguirre on 8/3/2018


love this place ! one of the best work outs I've ever had !

by Tangelo Kisses on 3/27/2017

Ilkb Richardson

ILKB Richardson is amazing!!!! The workouts are always fun and results come quickly! The instructors are very encouraging and the members are a great "fit family" to be a part of!

by Leslie Pulido on 3/28/2017

Wonderful Workout!

ILKB Richardson is awesome! The workouts are tough, but very rewarding. And the instructors are extremely supportive!

by Dee Portilla on 5/25/2018

Ilkb is Amazing!!!

I am the definition of a couch potato with a little junk food junkie sprinkled in. I was nervous to start. As expected, I was struggling through the first class. When I started to get behind, Nia and Juan were right by my side encouraging to push through. By the time class ended, I was drenched in sweat, exhausted, but I felt powerful. I couldn't wait to come back. I really like the way the trainers modify the workouts for you based on your personal circumstances, but get you out of your comfort zone. I definitely encourage anyone considering ILKB to give it a try. It is worth it. The feel of family is EVERYTHING!

by Kimberley Martinez on 7/26/2018

Go Go Go!

WOW! I have always wanted to try this, and am so glad that I finally did! Week 2 and I have attended 7 classes so far! The instructors are all SO positive and no matter what your fitness level, you can do the work out. I can already feel myself getting stronger and better at the moves. Don't let it intimidate you! It's a FULL body work out and it makes you feel amazing afterwards! Anything that has me getting up and there by 6am has to be GREAT! I am 47 and my 20 year old daughter and I have been doing together! WE LOVE IT! Come join us! You will NOT regret doing something this GREAT for yourself and your body!

by Sharon F on 11/19/2017


I signed up using their 3 classes for 19.99 promo, which is a great value. This offer includes free gloves. This is a very warm and inviting gym. All the instructors and members are very helpful and truly want you to do well. They make you feel like part of a large family. You start out with 15 mins of an intense workout. If an instructor sees that you are struggling with a particular exercise, they will come over and give you a modification to do. They are extremely encouraging. Once you have completed the exercise and stretch portion, you go into the kickboxing portion of the workout. This is also a great workout and very fun. The instructors will walk around making sure you are doing the punches and kicks correctly so that you get the most out of your workout and to make sure you protect your knees when kicking. The gym is kept very clean. You will not be disappointed if you come.

by Mary Orjuela on 11/19/2017

Awesome Workout

IloveKickBoxing Richardson is an awesome place. The workout is very intense and the environment is very supportive. The instructors are so motivating and encouraging, best fitness decision I have ever made!!!

by sam acevedo on 1/12/2017

Awesome Workout!

I love ILKB! The trainers as well as all the fitfam always encourage you sharing their progression stories. The trainers always keep you motivated inside and out of the class. The class itself always go by super fast, because it's super fun and you're around great people! encouraging you to become the best YOU.

by Priscila Garcia on 3/31/2017

Awesome Workout

I love love love this place. The workouts are intense and keep you moving the entire time. It is probably the best workout I have had. It is fun and challenges you. The instructors are very motivating and really push you to always give your best. Be prepared to work hard, have fun, and feel so much support!

by Daniel Liu on 4/1/2017


Absolutely amazing facility with instructors that will help you every step of the way! Every single person I see in here has made significant progress in their fitness goals, which proves that this workout is unlike anything anyone has ever seen! Definitely worth every minute of every workout!

by Arina Kaminsky on 7/25/2017

Awesome Cardio

I was looking for cardio Kickboxing classes and then found a coupon for 5 classes in iLoveKickboxing Richardson. It took me exactly 10 minutes to understand that is what I need. The instructors are very professional and guide you with tips during the class (whether it is technique, health or dietary habbits). The classes are never boring and the main thing is I feel dead but satisfied in the end. The facilities are very clean.

by tara graham on 8/21/2016

Best Workout Ever!

One of the best workouts ever! I've been going to ILKB - Richardson for about 2 months now and was hooked after my first class. You will leave feeling stronger and more powerful. Instructors are great and extremely motivating! One of the best full body workouts out there - you won't regret taking these classes!

by Christina Gomez on 12/29/2016

I Love Ilkb!!

This place is AMAZING!!! You get one on one assistance from the instructors which is awesome especially when you have a question on how to do a kick, hooks, jab and cross. The energy that the instructors have make this place a happy workout place, which is much better than a regular old gym. If you do the 4classes+ a week you will see results. I have been coming since May and have lost 50+ lbs and have definition in my arms and legs. I can't say enough great things about ILoveKickboxing. Sign up for your first class and you'll be hooked.

by Dolmance D on 12/29/2016

Awesome Place

The only thing I can say is I LOVE IT! I never thought a kickboxing class could be so fun and awesome... you are not just losing weight, you are getting condition and some tune up. The instructors are always motivating us and giving us the best of them in every single class. Became part of ILKB Was the best decision I took this year.

by Kaitlyn Fakiri on 12/29/2016


I LOVE ILKB Richardson! The instructors are all fantastic, the workout is super fun and intense, and the environment is amazing! I've never really enjoyed a workout until I started here and I am so glad I did! I've already lost weight and toned and I've only been going for a month. I will never stop!

by Kaitlyn Fakiri on 12/29/2016


I LOVE ILKB Richardson! The instructors are all fantastic, the workout is super fun and intense, and the environment is amazing! I've never really enjoyed a workout until I started here and I am so glad I did! I've already lost weight and toned and I've only been going for a month. I will never stop!0o9l.

by dolores davila on 6/26/2018


I am glad I joined the ILKB Richardson fit fam! The instructors don't allow you to give up; they motivate you to do your best in and outside of class. They genuinely care about you and your fitness goals. The first 15 minutes always seem to have everyone exhausted, but the instructors motivate you and the music helps you add some fun into the workout. Not only is ILKB an intense and fun way to burn calories but you also get to relieve stress. I recommend this to anyone who wants to begin or add a fun but intense twist to their fitness journey.

by Sunitha R on 7/7/2018

I Love Kickboxing

The reason I have joined iLoveKickboxing is to handle my work pressure but it changed everything in my life.I have struggled initially but now its total body workout.The staff are super awesome and motivating.The workout has made me stronger and powerful. Can't recommend it enough !!

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