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Located on the east coast of the United States, Newark, New Jersey was founded 343 years ago back in 1666.  However, it wasn't considered a city until 1836.  One of the most well known locations in the city is the Newark Airport.  Not only is it a very well known airport, but is one of the busiest airports in the U.S. ranking at ten.  Before it became a city, Newark was only known as a township.  It remained a township for 170 years before being acknowledged as a city.  Surrounded by a huge body of water, Newark was strictly a port authority for the longest time since it was located near the Atlantic Ocean.  It is still a port authority today, but it is not the only thing the city is recognized for.  Going back in history, the township at the time was apart of the New Haven colony.  During that time Newark experienced some tough hardships under the leadership of Robert Treat.  Although, once the 90's came around the township started to shape up.  If you would like more information on Newark, be sure to check out the New Jersey yellowpages.

There aren't too many tourist attractions in the city to visit due to its primary function as a port authority.  Newark, though, is a pretty big city in the United States, but it is by far not the largest.  It ranks in the top 100 at 68.  When Newark was going through its rough patches in history, it experienced riots which caused turmoil for the New Haven colony.  Today, Newark is a productive city and home to many residents.

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