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The state of West Virginia has a very unique story about it. West Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful places in the country from the rugged Appalachian Mountains to the Ohio River Valley. Before becoming its own state, there was a rivalry between both Pennsylvania and Virginia as to who had rights to the area.  There was one point in time where they thought the area would be called "Westsylvannia."  Although, this scenario never actually came to pass, but the rivalry was actually what helped create the state of Kentucky.  West Virginia, unlike most states has a very interesting description of how it came about.  Eventually, West Virginia became its own official state when it separated from Virginia during the Civil War.  To this day, West Virginia has been a part of the Union now for 146 years.  It's located on the eastern most part of the United States bordering both Pennsylvania and Virginia.  Oddly enough, West Virginia is considered to be in the south as well since its location is south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  The state is one that definitely has a unique geographical presence to it.  Due to the geographic areas to which the state borders, West Virginia is technically in both the east and southern parts of the United States.  The residents that live in West Virginia have the nickname entitled "West Virginians."  Also, another unique aspect of West Virginia is that Charleston is the most populated city as well as being the state capital.  In comparison to other states, most capitals aren't the most populated city.  The amount of residents in the state of West Virginia is about 1,800,000 ranking them 37th. 

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