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Being located in the southern region of the United States, Texas is the second largest state in the entire country.  With a population of more than 24,000,000 people, Texas covers more than 268,000 of total space through the U.S.  The capital of Texas is Austin, but it is not the largest city within the state.  The city that is home to the majority of its residents is Houston, which is also the home of the Houston Astros.  Houston is one of the biggest cities in the world ranking at number 4.  Texas is known all around the world with the nickname the "Lone Star State."  Texas is most known for its geographical presence which is why it coined the phrase, "Everything is bigger in Texas."  This phrase was derived from the miles and miles of desert and open space that occupy the state.  The history here is so rich that becoming an official resident of the state and being known as a "Texan"  gives the feeling of being a cowboy.  The cowboy nickname has become synonymous with living in Texas and gives the state its own cultural identity.  The state became part of the United States 164 years ago, making them the 28th state.  Texas joined the Confederate States of America 16 years later.  Texas is second in terms of the money it brings in and specializes in science, technology, and education.  With Texas being a very large state, there are many different cities to live in and all are very well known.  Dallas and Fort Worth are one of the largest metropolitan areas.

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