New data reveals why purchasing from small businesses is better for everyone

Although many people shop locally, convenience often wins in today's hectic world. We end up shopping at big box stores or ordering same-day shipping on Amazon.

Wednesday, October 13th 2021 in Business by Mitch Alborn
New data reveals why purchasing from small businesses is better for everyone

This convenience is so important that 80% of shoppers want same-day shipping and 61% want their packages to arrive within 1-3 hours after placing an order

Shopping locally has a positive impact on our self-esteem. It can help boost the local economy as well as reduce global waste. There will be times when you have to order from corporate sellers, but buying local can have a huge positive ripple effect on the community.

Spend money to get money back into your city's pocket

You are creating a better future for your neighborhood by buying from local vendors. Nearly half of the money you spend on local businesses goes back into the community to support its tax base. Comparing this to when you spend $100 at the local store, less than 15% is recirculated. Not only are you boosting your local economy but you also ensure that your community has enough workers and more opportunities to create new jobs. Small businesses account for 64 percent of all new jobs in the private sector. Local businesses are more likely than big-name retailers to support local charities and help those in need. Shopping at a local business rather than a large retailer can help keep your community healthy and improve the quality of your life.

A smaller business will also need less infrastructure. This means that they pay less taxes to be able to operate than large retailers. The infrastructure costs of a local business are limited to getting a license and finding a place to set up shop. However, when a corporation moves into a city, they have to comply with zoning regulations, participate in city planning discussions, and pay taxes.

Supporting sustainability is what you do

Small businesses often source their work materials from local retailers. This reduces packaging, waste and shipping costs. You can also help reduce the carbon footprint by shopping locally. Local grocery stores often carry items that are grown locally, making your next meal more farm-to-table than shopping at corporate grocery stores. Local farmers are also supported by local produce sellers. Developers for larger companies may have purchased the land in the past and destroyed the wildlife and plants that were there. However, keeping local farmers in business helps to prevent these kinds of situations.

Enjoy a Unique Experience When You Go Away

Local businesses provide craftsmanship and care that is unmatched. Local businesses can offer unique gifts that are truly unique. You might be able to contact a local artist to commission an item that is more personal to the recipient.

You might discover new dishes through a dining experience at a local restaurant. These items are also made by people who live in the community and who dedicate their lives to their businesses. You won't deal with a customer support agent located thousands of miles away from your store. Instead, you will be dealing directly with someone who is familiar with the business and cares deeply about your experience with it.

Local businesses also help to diversify the community and give it a unique identity that appeals to visitors. The city will prosper if it has more tourists.

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