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New Hampshire is quite often called the "Granite State," a nickname that indicates both the quarries that were at the heart of the state's industry and the hard working people who inhabited the land. This free spirit is also made even clearer by the official motto of New Hampshire, "Live Free or Die." For over 50 years, the New Hampshire primary has been one of the most important states to win for both Democrats and Republicans when they are looking for the nominations of their respective party.

New Hampshire's most well known attractions and activities for tourists include skiing, snowmobiling and other exciting winter sports, as well as hiking and mountain climbing. For those looking for the more relaxing side of New Hampshire, be sure to check out the unique fall foliage as well as the abundant cottages for a peaceful vacation on a lake or the coast. Motor fans are also welcome as the state is home to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway and even their own Bike Week which takes place in Weirs Beach. Some of the rich geography you'll find in New Hampshire include the White Mountain national forest which runs into a portion of the Appalachian Trail and is one of the only places that allows vehicles to drive over 6,000 ft up to make it to the top of Mount Washington. A sightseers must!

New Hampshire is also home to a number of small and large business, all which can be found in the business listings section of See what New Hampshire has to offer as you scroll through the many businesses which are listed below.

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