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With a reputation of being the smallest state in the United States, Rhode Island has hardly the comparable entails. A majority of the early Native Americans were guzzled by European diseases and combat. In the early 1600’s, a Christian Minister by the name of Roger Williams established the Colony of Rhode Island after escaping persecution.

If one is intrigued more by tales of the sinister side, there is rumor of a bona fide buried vampire in Exeter, RI. It is sufficiently satisfying for both the imaginative and history-buff alike.

Providence, Rhode Island’s state capital and largest city, is home to the one and only man-eating tree root. The story originates with the improper burial of Rhode Island’s founder, Roger Williams. While being dug up for a proper burial, diggers found greasy dirt, yet no Williams. Instead, an apple root lay in his place and curved in all the correct directions, coinciding with the exact curves of Roger Williams’ body, complete with upturned feet. To learn more about the John Brown House, where the root is kept, visit the business directory.

Sometimes, the Rhode Island accent can be compared to a typical Brooklyn accent, pronouncing a word like “bother” as “bothah.” Taking summer daytrips to beaches and boating are typical past times. Rhode Island certainly lives up to being the Ocean State, considering no resident lives any more than 30 minutes away from water.

For someone who is in love with the water or can handle storms raging off of the sea, Rhode Island is merely a realized dream. Not for the conservative-at-heart, Rhode Island stands strong as one of the more liberal states, being one of the few states that voted against Ronald Reagan.

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