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Oregon is home to an immense amount of landscapes and located in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States. The whole eastern side of the state is mainly desert area with little scrub while the western side is known for its dense forests and rocky coastlines. Oregon also has two nearly parallel mountain ranges, the Oregon Coast Range and the Cascade Mountain Range, which end just before the Willamette Valley. That particular valley was known to be very fertile and an attractive destination of those who traveled the Oregon Trail around the 1840s and is now one of the largest residential areas in the state. Some of Oregon's largest cities lie in the valley as well, including the capital, Salem. Just a few miles north of the area exists the big city of Portland where many tourists visit and businesses flourish.

The most common nickname of the state is "The Beaver State." Oregon acquired the nickname because of its once vast number of beavers that were native to the region. France was the first to call the land its own by way of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Three years later the famous explorers, Lewis and Clark explored the lands of Oregon and reported an abundance of beavers around many places in the state. The first known settlement of Oregon was known and Fort Astoria where the Pacific Fur Company was established a few years later. The combination of rising sales and the thirst for more profit, the beaver soon became overtrapped and quickly depleted in numbers. Since this devastating incident many steps have been taken in reestablishing the beaver population so that they may become abundant once again in Oregon. After a few disputes between Great Britain and the Canadian border, the Oregon Territory was decided in 1848. Oregon became the 33rd state in after joining the union in 1859.

Oregon is abundant in small and large business. For decades, Oregon has been opening more and more local businesses in efforts to continue to grow the states economy. Browse the yellowpages provided by and find the professional you have been searching for. Whatever it may be that you're looking for, Oregon and the cities within it, are sure to have the quality service you deserve.

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