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Ohio acquired its name after the native language, Iroquois word meaning "beautiful river." At first, the land that now makes up Ohio was inhabited by both the French and the British until Great Britain took control shortly after the French and Indian War in 1763. It only took 20 years for the British to give up the land to the U.S. after the American Revolution finished. It took another 20 years for President Thomas Jefferson to approve the state of Ohio's constitution and boundaries by signing an act of Congress in 1803. The act, however, was never fully passed and it took until 1953 and a congressman in Ohio to reintroduce the bill to Congress.

Known to many as the central link between the Northeast and the Midwest, Ohio is home to a number of ports on the shores of Lake Erie, the majestic Ohio River as well as massive highways and railroads that cross the state in numerous locations. Growing cities such as Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland all lay in between long stretches of farmland.

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