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Situated in the northeastern U.S. and stretching from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, this mid-sized state has the third-highest population in the nation. When people dream of New York state, they are most likely thinking about the dense, urban images of crowded streets and Manhattan skyscrapers. However, the state of New York is actually more rural than urban, with farms scattered about the lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests which give a more peaceful perspective of the state that is home to the country's busiest city.

New York, also well known as the "Empire State," was first settled by the Dutch in 1613, who first named the area New Netherlands. After Peter Minuit purchased the island of Manhattan from the Lenape natives, the Dutch settlers established the colony of New Amsterdam. In 1664, James, the Duke of York, sent an army to take possession of the Dutch colonies. The New Netherlands territory was shortly there after change to New York, and the largest city, New Amsterdam, became the City of New York.

The state of New York is filled with some of the most powerful businesses in the world. Feel free to use our business listings section to find the expert you're looking for. New York can be a great place to live or visit from time to time. The state offers so much to those willing to take the risk and start a business of their dreams.

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