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In 1598, the well known explorer, Juan de Oñate founded the Province of New Mexico. Despite numerous Native American revolts and multiple fights between the French colonies in Louisiana, the region remained under Spanish rule until it's Mexican War of Independence. In 1821, control of New Mexico was given to the newly independent Mexican government. The land, along with California and the rest of the American Southwest, was ceded to the U.S. in 1848, just shortly after the Mexican-American War. The Territory of New Mexico was created in 1850, with Santa Fe chosen to be its capital in 1851. What is now Arizona was split off of New Mexico in 1863, making New Mexico the 47th state of the U.S. in the year, 1912.

The New Mexican landscape consists of dry deserts to white tipped mountain peaks. The Rio Grande runs north to south down the center of the state, separating the Great Plains of the east from the mountain ranges to the west. Over the centuries, the several different cultures including the Native American and European culture, have melded together to a way of life that can only be found in New Mexico. The cities of Santa Fe and Albuquerque in particular are a intriguing blend of modern and traditional. Los Alamos has come to be known as the home of the atomic bomb, while Roswell has the dubious honor as the UFO center of the U.S.

Aside from the many unique locations New Mexico has to offer, many small businesses also flourish in the state. The yellowpages provided to you throughout the site allow you to see who is best fit for the service you are in need of. New Mexico is a great place to do business with hard working and honorable people who inhabit the land.

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