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Nebraska is believed to be named after its state river, the Platte River , from the Otoe words, "Ñí Brásge," meaning flat water. Nebraska is known to host many American Indian tribes such as the Sioux, Poncas, the Otoes and several more across the great state. Upon the discovery of Nebraska, it was considered to be part of the Great American Desert when in fact the state is abundant in highly diverse prairie land. The state now leads in farming and ranching providing for the states many daily meal ingredients.

Above the state lies South Dakota with Missouri to its southeast, Kansas to the south and Iowa to its east. The western side of the state borders Colorado and Wyoming. Nebraska consists of more than 90 counties and is divided into two time zones including Central to the east and Mountain Time to the West. Of the many rivers, three actually travel completely from east to west where the Platte River runs right in the middle of the State. Nebraska is one of the few states which is completely landlocked, meaning none of its borders touch an ocean as well as the states it borders and the states they border on.

One of the most well known spots in Nebraska is "Where the West Begins" which is plainly marked by a red brick star right in the middle of 13th and O Streets in the town of Lincoln. Nebraska has many fine small business, a majority of which are listed in our yellowpages for businesses in Nebraska. Find out what Nebraska has to offer!

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