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The state of Indiana is well known for the Indy 500, one of the most popular auto races in the world. The state was given the name Indiana because there were a lot of Native Americans who resided there. The name Indiana also means "Land of the Indians." It is bordered by Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. A lot of transportation routes pass through Indiana making it important in commercial activities throughout the country. Consisting of lakes, streams, and broad plains, Indiana is also mostly made up of hills. There are sand dunes running along Lake Michigan. Visit our yellow pages for more information on Indiana.

Many visitors travel to Indiana every year for the Indianapolis 500. Every May, during the Memorial Day weekend, the Motor Speedway holds a 500 mile race, which brings in a great amount of revenue for Indiana. The United States Grand Prix has been hosted by Indiana from 2000-2007. It also hosted the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix . The 500 Festival is a great way for visitors to mingle with the residents of Indiana while having fun with their own families. For entertainment, dining, and shopping the Glenbrook Square Mall is the place to go. With a variety of popular department stores to choose from, and dozens of retail stores to shop from, visitors find it hard to leave.

Purdue University calls Indiana home. Purdue influenced America's history in aviation. It was the first school to offer flight training and the first school to offer a four year degree in aviation.

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