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North Van Lines, Inc.- Based off the information provided to your consultant. We provide Binding Estimates and if you need to make any changes at all throughout your process to your order a consultant will always be there to assist, while at the same time providing quality service at competitive prices. North Van Lines perform every type of relocation service and stand committed to integrity and goodwill to customers. Our customer’s complete satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

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by WalterM on 4/8/2013

Where To Start

I want to mention as much as I could in the allowed space so please excuse my grammar. 13 companies called me, after a long process of searching on line North van lines seemed the best. Very friendly and knowledgeable customer service and sales rep. Great way of explaining everything to me. I did not have to ask any questions because everything was answered on the estimate I got by email, price may not have been the cheapest but it made sense and I was not looking for the cheapest anyway. Movers on the day they came were amazing, polite, friendly, fast, and very careful. Since i did not require the 1 month free storage they provide, the company was in direct contact with me regarding the scheduling of my delivery. I felt very comfortable and I truly felt like they have treated me like I should be treated as a paying customer. Delivery was quick which I already knew it would be. They told me that they have a truck that goes to Florida every single week, so far they didn't lie about anyt

by Krubino on 4/8/2013

North Saved the Day

I got a job transfer from NY-LA. The H&R department in my company hired the movers without checking them first. On the date of pick up, these people H&R hired showed up in a beat down truck with one driver and one helper that was hired an hour before they got to me!!. As soon as I saw that, I immediately sent them away and called H&R in irate. I looked up movers and saw North Van Lines. I gotten in contact with some of the reviewers and the responses were great. I hired them, they came the same day, right away I could tell they are professional based on the office rep, the movers, uniform, truck, packing materials that has the company name and logo on it, etc.. Real company with morals willing to accommodate everything I asked for. I could not have been happier and I gave there info to my company in order to have them as our movers for any one else moving. NORTH you have been wonderful. Thank you for saving the day.

by Jwells on 4/8/2013

My Movers From Now On

These movers were great. I got an estimate for $3050.00 before the day of my move for my 4 bedroom apt. The rep explained to me everything I needed to know and more. Everything is also in writing which is what made me feel most comfortable. I was able to stop whenever I want and not pay a penny more. They were the only movers that offered me that much control! On the day of pick up, I decided on selling some things so I knew my move price had to be less at this point. I didn't mention that to the rep because I wanted to see if they will be as honest as they claim. THEY WERE THAT HONEST!! The mover came up to me and told me that my items occupied less room on the truck then estimated and that my price went down! Can you imagine how happy I felt?! Aside from feeling extremely comfortable with these movers that are taking everything I own, I saved money, and I also felt that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I appreciate this company's honesty and great service. I will u

by Linda ann on 4/13/2013

100% Recommend and Will Use Again

This company made my move extremely easy. I called North van lines to get a quote for my move. I noticed right away the friendly and professional way of explaining everything and I also noticed how much knowledge the reps had. I felt comfortable with them and gave them my business. Everything was explained to me over the phone and also they have everything in writing in case we didn't have enough time to discuss EVERYTHING then I can read it on the estimate. No hidden fees and no foul play. They took care of my stuff and i paid exactly what I wanted to pay. Great service.; Movers that came to my house did an exceptional job with the packing of my breakables. Loading everything was like putting a puzzle together. I didn't pay for any empty space. I recommend this company to every single person tired of the ripoff movers. This is the company you want to hire. Thank you and I appreciate you for taking care of my stuff for me.

by MelissaG on 4/13/2013

I Found Them

I found my movers from now on. This company is great. I am soooo happy with my movers and I will use them for any future move or if any one I know is moving I will definitely recommend them. I got a great estimate. They went over allll of the details and asked me questions that no other mover asked. They tried to be as accurate as possible. Everything was wrapped carefully and loaded tightly. Movers were friendly and fast. Every one in the office was pleasant to speak with. This company is GREATTT

by Joan Newlin on 4/15/2013

Trustworthy Movers

I moved last year and it was the worst move of my life. I got relocated for work again but this time I know not to just get bids on my move but to actually check out the companies and only contact the ones im interested in. I didn't want to get ripped off and have my stuff stolen again. I called North Van Lines to get an estimate. I got a great quote and I liked everything that was offered. They gave me options to stay within my budget and they have no hidden fees. I had full control over the price which is one reason why I called them because many other people said that they do give the customer full control on the price. They sure do just that. I paid only what I wanted to pay. The move went great. Nothing damaged or broken. Delivery arrived in good timing. I was very happy with my choice and I will use them again. Thank you guys for being such a great company

by NoraC on 4/15/2013

North is the Best

North van lines did my move from Delaware to Virginia. The move cost was very affordable and fair for the size of my shipment on the truck. My sales representative went over everything with me and all of the details. We were on the phone for 2 hours and 17 min to be exact. I appreciated that they take the time to go over every little thing and they will remind you of stuff just to make sure the customer did not forget anything. Everything they told me over the phone was in writing on the emails I got from them. Moving day, guys that came were outstanding. Fast movers that treated my stuff with care. I tipped them real good for doing such a great job. Delivery time came and my stuff arrived in one piece 2 days after my first ready date which I was sooooo happy because although they can not guarantee the exact day of delivery, they definitely do everything to bring your stuff to you as soon as possible. I have nothing but great things to say about this company because they were just grea

by Yensing Hai on 4/16/2013

Plenty To Say, Not Enough Space

This is my 2nd move with North Van Lines. I moved with them 2 years ago and now I needed to move back. The first time I was extremely satisfied with the service. Therefore, I hired them the 2nd move. Starting with every one in the office/over the phone. Very professional, friendly, and also funny. I enjoyed many conversations with a few employees which is another thing great about them! There is ALWAYS some one to help. They are genuinely interested in what a customer has to say and needs. They do try to save the customer money by offering alternative ways of doing things that can be done at home to save on the move cost. Price is always reasonable and very close. Good thing you can stop the movers from loading any thing else if you are trying to stay around a budget! Not once was I hit with a hidden fee or felt over charged. Same great experience twice!! Delivery was done within a reasonable time as well. I can not find anything to complain about. This company and every one working th

by Pwoolsey on 4/17/2013

A Plus Service

North van lines moved us from NJ to Florida and the move went great. I looked up movers and this company was the best out of the options I had. The price almost perfect although it was out of my budget but you do pay for the space your stuff takes on the truck. I actually went in the office in person to meet with my rep and go over everything while there. They showed me the building and walked around to see the warehouse where my stuff will be stored for 1 month for free. Very clean building and offices. Looks like a professional company and they treat there customers professionally. I did everything in person and booked my move. The pick up team was beyond great. Those guys were so fast it was ridiculous but I loved it because I had the rest of the day to get things done. Delivery was so fast. I thought it would take 2 weeks or so to get to Florida but they proved me wrong. They actually arrived 1 hour before I got there and waited for me!!~ It was just wonderful to see that there is

by Dean Waller on 3/25/2017

Pet Friendly Moving Company

Honestly, they didn’t offer any package to move pets because I am supposed to keep them in my SUV. However, North Van lines crew ensured they took good care of my pet cat throughout the move. I would say they were really friendly and patient even though it took more than five hours to load them all. I was living in my home for more than ten years. So, there were too many items to pack and load. Besides, it was a four-bedroom house. My family members packed their own items but it still took time. I remember Robert being really open to suggestions and guided his entire team until the job was done.

by Marily Kaufman on 3/25/2017

Pro Moving Company

I hired them. They were on time and brought the packing materials along. It was a pleasant time because they knew what they were doing. My instructions were quite limited. Having moved so many residences, I don’t think I should teach professionals on ways to pack and load a box. The truck was clean which is something I am picky about. The move was done on a weekday which ensured the final cost was within my budget. I would love to rate and review them for their dedicated service. Highly recommended. I suggested them to friends and they were quite happy with my recommendation.

by Zean Raldone on 3/26/2017

Pleasurable Experience From Start To the End

It might sound insanely funny but I actually feel like moving again because that’s how simplified the process was with North van lines. They were at ease packing the goods, loading them and bringing them to the new residence. They just carried the job with finesse and I am totally satisfied. If I should give some additional points, I think they deserve it for keeping the job clean and using the right tools. It saved a lot of time and made it easier to remove the equipment that should have taken forever, if not for the tools. The crew were on time and had good situational awareness to not break anything while moving.

by Arthur Walls on 4/18/2017

Easy Move

I was real satisfied with my move today the guys were professional and they really handled my furniture with care I was not totally packed but they still took care of me as a valued customer i will use this company in the future as well as recommend you to family and friends I was worried but these men took very good care of me as a customer i am very satisfied with my move

by Nathan Cuncan on 3/22/2017

Thank You Reviewers

My first move to college was definitely petrifying because finding the right moving company that offers a good balance of affordability and service quality is not easy. However, I went through many reviews and found North Van lines to be an ideal choice for my requirements. They were punctual as mentioned by many of their customers. The final quote didn’t vary drastically from what was said in the beginning. The team was exceptionally professional. I would have never been able to shortlist this company if not for the many positive reviews. Thank you reviews for making my search easy.

by Sullivan Kevin on 2/18/2017

Excellent Customer Service; Totally Satisfied

These guys are easily one of the best movers around. I really couldn’t have found them if not for the time I spent in research and obviously my luck. I researched through a lot of moving companies. North Van lines had some of the best reviews and also had an amazing moving bundle. They allowed me to customize the services I actually need. It helped keep the pricing within my budget. John, Mathew and Alex – I am not sure If I remember their names right. They were part of the crew and helped move my items to the truck. They are not so cheap yet affordable and offer high quality services.

by Lamar Jackson on 3/29/2017

Highly Recommend Them

North Van Lines did a fantastic job during our move, the were on time, well planned, very organized and professional, but also very friendly. All my furniture arrived in perfect condition and my walls did not have a scratch. Highly recommend them!

by Bettyakar on 11/6/2013

Not Enough Room To Write

I finally got my furniture and I have been waiting for this day so I can express my experience with others about this company. I know how hard moving is and the stress I went through. I got a million calls and it was so hard to figure out which company is being honest and which isn't. After speaking with North, i was educated to the extreme about movers. They taught me how to look movers up and how to find the right mover even if im not going with them at the end. I got in touch with a few customers that posted reviews about this company and they were very pleased with their services. I hired this company and just as I hoped they were great. I got a guaranteed price because my pick up was in storage. I did not pay a penny more then I wanted. Honestly I paid less because my storage unit wasn't full. I can write a book about this company if given the space. All in all they are great, honest, and hard working. I recommend them to everyone moving and not looking to get ripped off.

by heyo on 11/18/2013

Very Satisfied

I have actually already booked my next move with them because my mother is also relocating close to me. I hired them to move me from philly to winter park FL. I am in FL and my pick up was in Storage in PA. They did such a great job and I didnt feel cheated. I did have a few items that I forgot to mention to them. they called me to tell me about the additional before doing anything. I felt like I had control and I'm THE BOSS and it felt good. I recommend them based on my great experience.

by Amely Luanda on 4/17/2017

Good Job

I hired North van lines based on their reputation to transport my belongings to Pearland, TX from Trenton, NJ. Their resources are huge as they very often do interstate moving. I talked to the company on the phone and they were so friendly. They gave me a quote that was so cheap. They sent 4 men and all of them were very skilled. They made my move so easy. They made the delivery on time and everything had travelled well. It was the most effortless move of my life.

by DavidMer on 4/17/2013

I'm Very Happy

I used this company for my move from Connecticut to South Carolina. We went over all the stuff I am moving and talked about packing. She brought up things I didn't even think about. Now what really made me feel comfortable is that she actually gave me great pointers on how to save money instead of just charging me extra. She explained to me how to pack things my self so I can save on packing cost and how to make sure I don't go over the estimate so I don't pay more then I want to. She also gave me great information on how to look up the movers contacting me. Didn't rush me or pressure me. Took her time with me and was very patient while I was indecisive with everything. Great customer service and great movers over all. Price and professionalization were the best. Thank you

by LauraDai on 4/17/2013

A Moving Company You Can Count On!

After many calls and emails from many movers, I decided to use this company. Lets start with the customer service/GREAT.. Then comes the going over the estimate details/PERFECT AND VERY DETAILED.. Now the price/ AFFORDABLE AND REASONABLE.. Pick up day/ PROFESSIONAL, FAST, AND FRIENDLY MOVERS... Honesty is over the top amazing. Everything that was explained to me is exactly what happened. I was not at all stressed. Delivery/ONE DAY AFTER THE DATE I REQUESTED SO OUTSTANDING.. Over all customer service was top notch, professional, and knowledgeable. Movers were friendly, careful and very sweet. Delivery time was what I really needed.. delivery crew as good as the pick up crew. I do not have one bad thing to say about this company.. all i can say is that they mean what they say and they say what they mean. They are honest and professional and they do give the best service. You want a good company, look no further since this company is the best. I recommend and if any one has questions plea

by SamBur on 4/17/2013

Very Pleased

To be honest I almost changed my mind about even hiring a mover because of how many calls and emails I was getting. I was so overwhelmed that I just stopped answering my phone and I just deleted all of the emails I got from all of the movers. I looked into doing my own move which started to stress me out so I decided to look for a moving company again only this time I will not fill out anything online and I will look for a mover my self. I checked the internet looking for a good mover. I came across North van lines and all of the reviews about them on many different sites. I started to read them and I was very impressed. I called north van to get an estimate and to also see if they actually perform as the reviews say. YESSSSS THEY SURE DO. from the second I was on the phone with the rep. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, funny, understanding, are just a few things I can say about the feeling I got while talking to my rep. She gave me an estimate which seemed very reasonable and fa

by Kellykal on 4/19/2013

North is the Best

I hired them.. I felt very comfortable. I appreciated the honesty and the great customer service.. My move day, guys are fantastic. I didn't have to do anything.. Were done very fast and saved me money.. Delivery, on time and all in the same condition. Great great great service and price. Crew is wonderful. Will definitely use them again and again. North is the best..

by Dukie Morales on 2/24/2017

Affordable Service Providers

Before hiring North vanlines, the biggest hurdle I had was we were on a really tight budget. The house is big with at least four bedrooms to cover. I sat down with the customer care representative from the start and they helped me work out the best pricing for the job. It took hours but they were patient to help me reduce costs wherever possible and I did some packing on my own to keep it under control. The crew led by Jack arrived at our house at 9 am and they started to work right away. We had most things packed but all the big household items were loaded by them. Totally satisfactory.

by Stephane Syrus on 2/27/2017

No Damages Done

It’s not every day you say that a moving company did their job to their best efforts but North Van Lines does it every day without fail. I came to know their dedication after hiring them for three times at least including this one. Once I had to hire them for a friend of mine and twice for myself. The team handled the job with great dedication and they were really responsive. The team’s head was really courteous. I was constantly in touch with the customer care representative. They called me now and then to ensure things are going smooth. The goods were delivered without any damages

by Lydia Brown on 2/21/2017

Well Deserved Stars Here!

I can easily recommend North Van lines to anyone including my friends and family. I did some research, asked people and finally shortlisted the moving company for my needs. It was all that they promised and much more. Goods were totally packed and loaded with great care. There were no complaints at all. They were all safe in the delivery point. The guys were friendly. Customer care reps attended my calls and sorted out all the issues we faced during the initial phase. They deserve all five stars for sure. Every moving company should offer the same level of perfection, professionalism and friendly approach to their customers.

by Orvis Frank on 3/10/2017

Hard Working Crew

The guys who came to my home for a move were definitely hard working and really professional throughout the task. The customer service was simply on par with my expectation. They took time to talk to me and understand what I need without offering a package of their own. Packing quality is something we were really concerned about. Our last move was not just a memorable experience but these guys ensured to clear all our doubts. They were supportive of our requirements. The packing was definitely good and the goods were delivered in a safe condition. It took an hour to unload them at a leisurely pace.

by malinda on 4/22/2013

From a To Z

This company did a fantastic job. I learned from past experience to never go with the cheapest because there is a reason why one company's price is lesser then all of the other prices I got... They will be cutting cost on something and I know for a fact it will become a problem. That is why I hired North Van Lines because they were not the cheapest or the most expensive. The movers were great and so was everyone else in the office. I will definitely use them again.. From A to Z this move went smooth and great.

by Salmal225 on 5/7/2013

Got My Stuff

after many calls and online searching, I choose this company. The customer service is perfect. All questions were answered before I asked them! What I needed was included and they mentioned anything that may be extra so there won't be any surprises. Great service and great movers. I will use them again.

by Dominicia Parker on 5/31/2017

Start To End Satisfactory

I actually paid for two guys to help me move my room as I had to change my university. But, surprisingly, the team sent three of them. The extra hand was really helpful to get the job done especially when handling fragile, large items. No damage was done. It was a welcome relief for me and my roommate. The quote was very affordable. Service was quick and clean. They helped us till the end of the day, quite happy with the company. I am sure to say them to anyone who might be looking to relocate to the regions they serve.

by Lassiter Jacob on 5/31/2017

A Moving Experience

Just kidding! We were really happy as a whole because with a family of seven, it ain’t easy for any company to handle the stuff we have. A total of five guys came in and despite the bad weather conditions, they managed to get the job done in time. Separate wrapping was done for most items, especially those that are pricey or fragile. The job was done on a weekend with nominal additional charges. There’s nothing more we could ask for. North vanlines is a cool company to opt for! A moving experience that left good memories with all of us.

by Kimar Ledgie on 5/31/2017

Excellent Customer Service

I really couldnot pinpoint just one best aspect about North vanlines because they had a bunch of positive things to talk about. The customer service was simply brilliant and the sales person with whom I was in touch throughout the move took care that the job was done in time and with perfection. She was prompt to respond to my e-mails and phone calls. The crew compromised of four people which was more than enough to pack my belongings and load them into the truck. I think their efficiency made it possible to do everything in just 3 hours. Superb, guys!

by Margret Coxian on 5/31/2017

On Time, Responsive and Responsible

Alex, Mathew, Brenner and Rob were the four men team who arrived at my home from North vanlines. They came at least ten minutes earlier and scanned the items to plan things beforehand which was a wise move. Packing was exactly clean and utmost attention was given to fragile items. The crew was not only on time but were responsible in handling my goods as their own and responded to my every query patiently. They were quite aware of a lot of ways to pack things which us, common people may never knew off. Being a pro company, I am sure they would satisfy any customer.

by Guy Sertima on 5/15/2014

Great Moving Service

I hired this company to move me from NJ to TX. I found this company online after many nights of searching for a good company. I was very satisfied with all of my pre-move experience with the sales rep and the fact that everything is in writing. They did not surprise me with any fees after they took my things. Overall, I am satisfied with the service and I will recommend them and use them again. Thank you

by Cathy Krueger on 5/15/2014

No Problems Here

Company did a great job for me. Price was reasonable and the movers were outstanding. I will recommend them to family and friends and will use them again in the future if I decide on another move. Although, I hope i never have to move again but if i do, they will be my movers

by E Sweetmann on 5/15/2014

Pa To Ca Move

Hired them for my move from PA to CA. can't complain about anything because they were pretty honest and upfront which is the reason why I hired them. Great team that came to my house. I am very satisfied with the service I received and will definitely use them again.

by Marty Philipo on 2/23/2017

Quick Movers, Reliable and Solid Experience

North Van lines did a cool job! I had to move right across the street. They just sent two guys to my home which was more than enough. My last home was kind of small and it didn’t take more than two hours to get the task done. They were working really hard and managed to pack them all so quick. I was really surprised by their approach. They were professional yet friendly at the same time. We managed to get to the new home before lunch time. It also helped me save a lot of cash. The move was done within my budget, great going people!

by Jeff Fracbon on 3/13/2017

I Think I Finally Found the People I Need

Working with North Van Lines was an amazing experience and I am glad that I found them over the web. Finding a good moving company is not so easy with so many out there. I managed to come across them by reading reviews and they totally lived up to the hype in all manners. The guys, I don’t remember their name exactly, responded to what I need in an orderly fashion. They made sure I was questioned every time a doubt came up. The goods were packed and loaded without hurry. Even though, I am going to pay them on an hourly basis, it was never delayed or done in haste.

by Sergio Royster on 2/22/2017

Great Job Guys

The packers came the day before and were very helpful and expert in packing any delicate items. They finished packing all the items in record time. The move itself was made as easy as it can be. Movers were courteous, considerate and above all very clever! I have moved home six times in the last 10 years and have used some of the big names in moving business as well as small companies. I have had awful experiences with both. But this time I was really so lucky and North van lines was completely different than the others. They delivered everything before the expected time and there were not a single scratch on any of my possessions. Really a great job!

by Watkins Hubert on 4/7/2017

Very Good Moving Services

I was completely panicked given how hastily I had to move. But they made my moving experience very pleasant. They are not your average moving company that is made up of inexperienced yet strong looking men. Their movers were very professional and knew exactly how to do their job. They were done packing and loading everything from my apartment in just 2 hours. The delivery was made on time and there were no damages. I really appreciate the high standards this company maintains.

by Rebecca Graham Rebecca Graham on 4/5/2017

Highly Recommend Them!

North Van Lines did a fantastic job during our move, the were on time, well planned, very organized and professional, but also very friendly. All my furniture arrived in perfect condition and my walls did not have a scratch. Highly recommend them!

by Peter Lee on 4/6/2017

Smooth Move

I've never hired movers before, but I'll never hire anyone else. A move-in that took me two days with a crew of friends two years ago was reduced to just a few hours by Matthew and James, who barely broke a sweat. It was a tricky move, a hundred yards down a narrow, windy, uneven path to the street, and two drop-offs. All smooth, no damage, friendly and prompt service, and under my anticipated budget.

by Myra wesley on 3/16/2017

Glad I Found This Company

These guys treated their goods as if it was their own. The last company I hired just dragged goods and damaged some of them. Trust me! Claiming insurance is no easy task which is why it is important to hire a good mover in the first place. I learned the lesson the hard way and found North Van Lines. The moving company’s head called me to ensure everything is going smooth and without any issues. Once the job is done, I got a call from the rep three days later to confirm if my items are intact. I am really impressed with what they had to offer and pricing was definitely on the affordable side.

by Harris Robert on 4/9/2017

Very Friendly

North van lines gave me the lowest quote so I hired them. They sent over four movers who turned out to be gems. They were punctual, efficient, careful, friendly and experienced. They took just 3 hours to pack and load everything from our 4-bedroom apartment. All our belongings were delivered safely and nothing was harmed during the trip. I don't have words to thank these guys properly.

by Shawn Thompson on 4/10/2017

Amazing Job

We moved from Astoria, NY to Atlanta, GA so easily only because of North van lines. These guys were just amazing. They were punctual and responsive. They listened to all our instructions and requests. All our furniture was wrapped in shrinking tapes and other stuffs were packed into boxed. It sometimes seemed like they were using too much packing materials. But it only helped safeguarding our valuables. I received the delivery on time and in great condition. I just don't know how to properly thank these guys for the amazing job they did.

by Yu on 9/16/2013


I used this company for the second time. I hired them for my first move last year from NJ to MD and they did a fantastic job. My daughter a year later scheduled her move with them to MD as well and they did just as great as the first move. I will continue to hire this company for as long as I need a mover. GREAT JOB thank you

by John Mcdonald on 2/28/2017

Great Move

North van lines were not just a moving company when they moved my belongings from Saddle Brook, NJ to Baltimore, MD. They were my moving companion. They showed up on time and worked very efficiently. In 2 hours, they finished packing and loading everything from my 3-bed house. I give credit where credit is due and these movers deserve all the credits I can give them. The delivery was made on time and everything arrived in great condition except my piano. I am absolutely elated with the amazing services they provided. But little heartbroken for the scratches on my piano.

by Isabel Sabrina on 3/20/2017

Personal Opinion

I came here to share my personal experience with the moving company North Van Lines. I am amazingly impressed by their service and support. The guys offered multiple choices with different quotes and I had the freedom to pick the one I found to be my best match. I clearly remember the name of the guy, Andy who was in touch with us throughout the move. I just can’t recommend the movers without specifying their highlights. They are inexpensive, very good people, friendly, punctual and most of all made sure our belongings were secured when loaded in the truck. Not many can make such claims but these guys could!

by Roman Smith on 4/12/2017

Good Job

North van lines didn't give me the lowest quote but they provided amazing value for the money I paid. I was well aware that the delivery might take a while since they had to cover a long way. But they delivered right on time. The credit really goes to the movers. They maintained the schedule throughout. Their packing skills were amazing and I was blown away by easily they carried everything. It really was a mighty effort by the boys. All my belongings were transported in great condition. They even unpacked everything and put them in place. This level of efficiency is so rare these days.

by Gifford Johney on 5/20/2017

We Managed To Move with Ease

My family consists of seven and that’s really a big family. We had so much of stuff to pack. There were a group of 6 guys from North vanlines as we requested more people than usual. Our house had five different bedrooms and it took almost five hours to just pack and load them. Another couple more hours to unload them in the venue. I am really happy with the quality of service rendered and the team for doing such a good job. They were dedicated to the task and worked ever since they arrived at my home. The entire family helped them but the big items were not an easy move. Really recommended for anyone.

by Alton Hayes on 3/22/2017

Long Distance Relocation

I had to move from Manhattan to Las Vegas. Our house consisted of four bedrooms and the number of items to be packed was really many. The North Van lines movers managed to get it all done within four hours. As I paid them hourly, the swift job saved me a good sum and I managed to stay within my budget. As I planned ahead and booked them three weeks earlier, there were no issues at all. However, if you are going to go for a last minute move, the pricing might be bit higher but it’s common with almost every other moving company out there. So, it’s no big deal.

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