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Here at Glendale Locksmith Service we only few companies who can service any automobile, commercial, or residential Locksmith Service, no matter the situation and the time.
What makes us better than the rest is our attention to detail and great customer service. We have such a vast selection of keys, locks, security devices, etc.

That we can offer them at a lower price than our competition. Not only that, but our rates are based on each job and not how long our technicians are there give us a call today to get more details AT: 623-850-5364.
With reliable technicians, it’s no wonder we’re quickly become the number one Locksmith Company in Glendale, AZ and off the clock. Our emergency service is the best around with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week dependability.

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by Bernadette Ross on 4/28/2016

24 Hours Locksmith Glendale, Az

I wanted a lock problem fixed, and a friend's recommendation couldn't come by until a week in the future. Glendale Locksmith Service was able to send John on the very same day - which was fortunate because I made the original problem a lot worse by fiddling with things. John did great work and was very pleasant and courteous. And I thought the final price was definitely reasonable. As with all service providers, I hope to never have a problem requiring them to come around again, but I would most certainly call Glendale Locksmith Service should the need arise. And to boot, it feels good to support a LOCAL Glendale, AZ business!

by Paul Lucero on 2/14/2017

Affordable Locksmith in Glendale, Az

Couldn’t be happier! John was a total pro! The guy from the local locksmith shop told me that my locks were completely hopeless and must be replaced. Just to be doubly sure, I called up John from Glendale Locksmith Service. He took one look at my locks, told me he could fix it, gave me a price, and started working. Within ten minutes he was done! The locks which I was most likely to have thrown away were now working in perfect order. And it’s all thanks to John who worked pure magic on them and saved me from spending on replacements. Being absolutely clueless about how this stuff works, John could have easily convinced me into buying a new lock and make some cash out of it. But he didn’t! Integrity does shine through and that’s why I’ve stuck with Glendale Locksmith Service for the last four years. I don’t think there’s any other firm in Glendale, AZ that could compete with these guys! If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for an honest locksmith, these guys are your best bet. Highly-recommend them! You can reach them on 623-850-5364…

by Charleen Whittier on 9/14/2017

Fantastic Locksmith Company

It’s ironic how we’re left helpless when something as simple as a key goes missing. Recently, my wife (being the forgetful person that she is) had locked herself out of our home when she went out to get the morning paper. When she called me up, I was already at the office prepping for a meet. There was simply no way I could go back home. A colleague suggested that I hire a locksmith. Having had a zillion bad experiences with them in the past, I wasn't too keen on the idea. But I had no other choice. He recommended that I call Glendale Locksmith Service. After extracting their contact details from their website, I handed them over to my wife. Less than 30 minutes later, she called me up, happily proclaiming that she was back inside. I couldn’t believe it! I had already informed my boss and was preparing to head home, somehow knowing that she wouldn’t get the help she needed. I just had to share my story so if you guys ever had a friend, or a loved one caught up in a messy situation, they're never left without help. Hands down, Glendale Locksmith Service is simply the best in Glendale, AZ!

by Arielle Gurule on 1/10/2018

Thanks Glendale Locksmith Service

There were around 15 apartments in the entire building and it was getting hard to manage all the keys. I decided to get a master key system installed. I made enquiries in different places. Most of them refused to give an upfront quote, while a few quoted ridiculously high prices .Finally, I found They listened patiently to my requirements, and offered me a fair price. I instantly agreed and called them over. They were super quick with the job, and briefed me in on how the system works. Instead of fifteen keys, there’s now just one master key, making key management that much easier - and it’s all down to Glendale Locksmith Service! If you live in AZ, they’re hands down the BEST. I give them FIVE STARS!!!

by Matthew Rosario on 8/11/2017

24 Hours Locksmith Glendale, Az

I’m not exatly what you’d call a review person. In fact this could easily be the first ever detailed review that I’m posting online. A few weeks ago, I ended up misplacing my key bunch. No matter how much I racked my brains, I couldn’t figure out where it’d gone. I strongly suspected that someone had stolen it and being as paranoid asI was, I dropped by a hardware shop for advice. The guy over there told me I needed to get all my locks replaced and was trying to convince me into buying a whole bunch of locks. Not entirely convinced and wanting to get second opinion, I looked online and landed up at These guys had a bunch of positive reviews and I decided to call them up. To be honest, it was one of the best things I’d ever found online. The technician who came to my place was a pure professional! He laughed off my idea of replacing the locks and suggested getting the locks rekeyed instead. He was done in about an hour, handed me new keys, installed a key safe to make sure I never lose my keys again. Best service firm in Glendale, AZ. And the bill – I don’t think I’d have found a better deal than them at such a reasonable price.

by karl bolch on 3/5/2018

Great Locksmith Service in Glendale, Az

Very friendly and very helpful! I’d recently purchased a DIY lock rekeying kit from a nearby store but didn’t know how to get the job done. I spent nearly two hours trying to figure it out before finally giving up and surfing the web for assistance. I found this website and called Gary. He instantly agreed to come and help me. I took him 15 minutes to get there and less than 5 minutes to rekey the lock. Wish I’d just hired Glendale Locksmith Service in the first place instead of wasting so much time. Affordable and quick, these guys are the best in Glendale, AZ 85305.. FIVE STARS!!

by Adrian Harris on 5/30/2016

Amazing Locksmith Service

It seems too good to be true, right? Everybody gives this guy 5 stars? I went searching for a new locksmith for the building I manage in Glendale after the famous local shop pissed me off one too many times. Henrry was friendly, knowledgeable, and quick. I hope his business grows, and I will never use anyone else! Call them Glendale Locksmith Service , 623-850-5364 the best in Glendale, AZ 85305.

by Molly Nolan on 3/10/2016

Locksmith Service

Glendale Locksmith Service could not have made rekeying my deadbolt easier -- Jerry worked around my work schedule, came out and completed the job on the same day, and their cost ($100 total) was less expensive than other locksmith quotes. I really appreciated the efficiency and ease of completing this job, especially since I had to have it done because my keys had been stolen. Definitely call Glendale Locksmith Service for rekeying projects -- I highly recommend Jerry and his team. wonderful service in Glendale, AZ

by Dylan Bower on 7/20/2016

Great Locksmith Service in Glendale, Az

I was blown away but the level of customer service I received from Glendale Locksmith Service. Not only did Mark call me within an hour to set up a time, he called again later to see if I wanted him to come earlier (I had asked for instillation as early as possible that day but he was booked until 3). When he arrived he showed me my options, and after we decided, he had the deadbolt installed in less than 20 minutes. He then swept the floor and charged me electronically. Overall, he was in and out in less than 30 minutes and now I feel a lot safer in the apt!Great Locksmith Company. NO' 1 Locksmith company in Glendale, AZ, Call them at 623-850-5364.

by Thelma Burcham on 2/5/2018

Friendly Fast & Effective Locksmith Company

Glendale Locksmith Service have raised the bar, and I’m sure none of the other locksmith firms in Glendale, AZ can compete with them. From their excellent communication over the phone or through their website to the task completion, everything is carried out with an unmatched finesse. I’ve hired them around 3 times in the last few months, and I’m 100% satisfied with their service. Will highly recommend to all in Glendale, AZ…

by Antonio Hall on 6/19/2017

Affordable Locksmith in Glendale, Az

It’s ironic how we’re left helpless when something as simple as a key goes missing. Recently, my wife (being the forgetful person that she is) had locked herself out of our home when she went out to get the morning paper. When she called me up, I was already at the office prepping for a meet. There was simply no way I could go back home. A colleague suggested that I hire a locksmith. Having had a zillion bad experiences with them in the past, I wasn't too keen on the idea. But I had no other choice. He recommended that I call Glendale Locksmith Service. After extracting their contact details from their website, I handed them over to my wife. Less than 30 minutes later, she called me up, happily proclaiming that she was back inside. I couldn’t believe it! I had already informed my boss and was preparing to head home, somehow knowing that she wouldn’t get the help she needed. I just had to share my story so if you guys ever had a friend, or a loved one caught up in a messy situation, they're never left without help. Hands down, Glendale Locksmith Service is simply the best in Glendale, AZ!

by Wanda Edmunds on 8/18/2016

Emergency Locksmith

Never thought I could feel strongly about what locksmith to use. But after having experienced the laid back, cool, efficient professionalism of Tom at Glendale Locksmith Service , I can't imagine using anyone else. He seems to always answer the phone and be available. And he was prompt and reliable about showing up and coming equipped with all the supplies he needed without knowing much about my particular situation. Payment was easy too - he takes credit cards.Glendale Locksmith Service A COMPANY THAT YOU CAN TRUST 623-850-5364.

by Georgia Sterling on 12/21/2016

Emergency Locksmith

We recently moved and wanted to re-key our new place. Edwardo was very responsive on the phone; Mike came as scheduled; and everything went very smoothly. Mike was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous, and explained everything he was doing (including improving on the original installations). Because of our mistake, we missed one of our doors and had to call Mike back out on a separate appointment. He was very accommodating and just as professional as before. We couldn't ask for more. So if you will need a Locksmith Company i really recomend this company they are the best Locksmith Company in Glendale, AZ.

by Delores Castillo on 1/17/2017

Thanks Glendale Locksmith Service

No one deserves all the praise, more than these guys from Glendale Locksmith Service! The first time I called them up was to get my doors replaced. Support arrived right on schedule, the prices seemed reasonable, and the technician knew his job well. I’ve since called them up to rekey my locks after a bitter spat with my neighbors. I’ve also called them up to install an automatic lock on my garage door! Every time I’ve called them over, their pricing, timing, and the quality of services has consistently remained the best. Will I call them in the future? YEAH! And if you live in Glendale, AZ, I don’t think there’s any company that’s better than this! Give them a try by calling 623-850-5364, you won’t be disappointed….

by Gilbert Meyers on 4/19/2017

Thanks Affordable Locksmith Services

Glendale Locksmith Service is the BEST in Glendale, AZ! I know this might sound too biased, but nevertheless, I’ll give you three reasons why I think there’s no match for it: #1: They’re always on time – I’ve called them up around 6 times (once past midnight), each time they’ve either been early or right on time, but NEVER late. #2: They’re way too skilled – The technicians are really good at their job and fix up even the most complicated issues with ease #3: Their prices are the lowest – From personal experience, I know for a fact that Glendale Locksmith Service offers the best rates in the entire Glendale, AZ area. Will I recommend them? Highly! Give their services a try by calling 623-850-5364! I’m sure they’ll have an affordable solution to whatever requirement you have..

by Beverly Muncy on 4/4/2018

Fast & Response Locksmith Service

Carried away by the advertising, I purchased a digital lock. Barely a month after installation, it started malfunctioning. I wasn’t willing to throw it away having spent over 200 bucks over it. So, I looked on the web for solutions and landed up on They offered lock repair solutions and it was exactly what I needed. David from Glendale Locksmith Service managed to fix the lock in a trice but advised me against using it for long, since it was a poorly-made duplicate of the original. I’m planning on getting the real one installed sometime around next month. And guess who I’m calling? Glendale Locksmith Service of course! They’ve got no competition in Glendale, AZ…

by Stephanie Mills on 6/16/2016


During my first 4 months of living in Glendale, AZ , I found myself locked out of my railroad apartment more times than not. When calling a locksmith for rescue is as commonplace as ordering a cup of coffee, the realization does not take long: this city is crawling with locksmiths who prey on the desperation inherent to being locked out. Take it from me- keyless at 2am on the street corner in freezing cold weather is tough ground for bargaining. Mike at Glendale Locksmith Service gets it. When regaling him with horror stories of my locksmiths past, he shook his head and said "that just ain't right". He seemed like a genuine guy who actually cares about fixing the problem and keeping people safe without taking advantage of the dire situation. I found Glendale Locksmith Service after moving into a new place and struggling with the stickiest, moodiest lock that oftentimes refused to let me in at all. Mike accessed the situation quickly, actually explained to me what the problem was, and fixed the lock perfectly without shrinking my piggy bank! I don't usually write reviews online, but I was moved to do so because I know all too well that a good locksmith is hard to find in Glendale, AZ. Mike can handle even the most persnickety of locks, but more importantly he operates an ethical business and offers reasonable flat rates and prompt arrival time. My days of calling a random locksmith from a business card slipped under my front door are over. Superior, honest, handiwork from a local locksmith deserves my rave reviews and future business alike. Thanks, Glendale Locksmith Service ! Call them 623-850-5364.

by Raymond Alston on 5/12/2017


100% satisfaction! That’s something I’ve experienced every time I’ve called Glendale Locksmith Service up for service. Not once have they missed an appointment or bailed out making excuses like some other locksmiths do! The pricing is also reasonable and will fit well into the budget of the working class. Glendale Locksmith Service is the number 1 company in Glendale, AZ, that’s for sure!

by Kevin Szabo on 3/14/2017

Excellent Experience with Glendale Locksmith Service

So, I needed a new lock. After enquiring in several stores, I finally struck a good bargain down at a hardware shop. But what came after was something I didn’t anticipate! I’ve attempted lock installations on my windows a couple of times, and was confident I could nail this one too. An hour later, as I looked down at the now-completely-ruined-lock, it was clear that I shouldn’t have been this over-confident at my abilities. I decided to call a locksmith from Glendale Locksmith Service to take a look at the damage I’d done on the lock and the door. Turns out, it wasn’t entirely my fault. The lock I was sold was a completely useless one to begin with. That was 50 bucks right down the drain! Thanks to David from Glendale Locksmith Service for all the help! He installed a good quality lock on my front door within minutes!!! The price for the lock and the service fee didn’t cost me as much as it did earlier! Should have called David up on 623-850-5364 the first time, instead of wasting my time, energy and money….The BEST in Glendale, AZ! Make the smart choice and leave the locksmithing to the experts from Glendale Locksmith Service!

by Julia Fuller on 10/13/2017

Great Customer Service

I have a million reasons to be grateful to Joe! The dedication he shows and his skill is something other locksmiths in Glendale, AZ ought to take a cue from. I was on my way to the neighboring locality from Glendale, AZ when a short break I took spelled out doom for me. I’d inadvertently locked the keys in the car and there was not a soul in sight who could give me a ride or get assistance. After dialing the dozenth number, there was absolutely no locksmith who was ready to get there for assistance. While a few stated that they’re closed for the day (it was 10:00 pm), others bailed out stating serviceability issues in the region. Glendale Locksmith Service was the only firm that was ready for assistance and a huge shout out to Joe who sped to the site within twenty minutes. After facing such a bitter experience with other locksmiths, Glendale Locksmith Service’s number 623-850-5364 is going down on my contact list for good. With Joe and his stellar team on my side, I don’t think I’ll ever have to deal with such a mess again. Thanks again for helping me out when no one did! I owe you one!

by Mark Patel on 11/13/2017

24/7 Locksmith in Glendale, Az

There are a few embarrassing things that you can’t admit to anyone, let alone to your boss. After locking myself out of my cabin, I spent hours retracing my steps to figure out where I’d dropped the keys. When that didn’t work out, I called up my family to check if they had a spare back home, but nope, there wasn’t any to be found. Having exhausted all the options, I turned to the only one that seemed plausible at the moment – I decided to call a locksmith. I googled for a locksmith in Glendale, AZ. I chose Glendale Locksmith Service because they had nearly perfect reviews just about everywhere! Let me tell you this, they were indeed as amazing as the reviews claimed they were! When I expressed my concerns to, I think his name was Johnson, he assured me of immediate help and got there within a few minutes. He needed to take a look at the cabin lock. He was in and out of the office before anyone knew it! The entire process took him less than ten minutes! Super quick and very professional! Thank you Glendale Locksmith Service! If I ever need a locksmith again, I’ve got your number 623-850-5364 saved! Highly recommend!

by Mary Dowd on 9/20/2016

Fantastic Locksmith Company

Excellent, friendly & speedy Locksmith service at reasonable prices! Edwardo was awesome! - Call them 623-850-5364.

by Phil Pullman on 10/20/2016

Amazing Locksmith Service

Another 5 star review for these guys... locked ourselves out of a friend's apartment in Glendale, AZ that we were staying at. Luckily with Online on my smartphone I was able to see what consistently good service these guys provide and gave them a call. Dave came along within an hour (only reason it took a while was due to the bad weather), and had us inside within 5 mins. The locks on the door seemed quite stubborn but Dave seemed quite the expert! Only sorry that I didn't have more cash on hand to give him a better tip. Polite, responsive, and professional. Thanks guys! if someone need a Locksmith Call: 623-850-5364.

by Leah Forsyth on 11/16/2016

Mobile Locksmith in Glendale, Az

called Glendale Locksmith Service because my lock had become somewhat corroded... Keys were not fitting in easily. A receptionist answered the phone and promised a call back from the locksmith within a few minutes. Sure enough, 2 minutes later Paul was calling me and after explaining the issue, he suggested I save myself some money and just spray with wd40 and to call him back if that didn't work, he could have someone out by the end of the day. I'm completely embarrassed I didn't think of that myself, but I tried it and it worked like a charm. So, I have no in -person experience with them, but the honesty and promptness was greatly appreciated. This will be my go-to locksmith the next time I have a legitimate issue ;)

by Scott Powe on 7/14/2017

Affordable Locksmith in Glendale, Az

Got a couple of key copies made at a hardware store at a cheap price. None of the keys worked and one got stuck in the keyhole of the front door. Contacted Glendale Locksmith Service and spoke to Eric who offered me a quote. This happened around 10 pm and Glendale Locksmith Service was the only firm that had agreed to my service request. Eric arrived quickly and had the troublesome key removed. Since I was now left without any spare keys, Eric was kind enough to make new copies on-the-spot. It took him less than thirty minutes and the keys worked flawlessly. Extremely satisfied and happy with the services! If I ever need a locksmith in Glendale, AZ, I’ll turn to Glendale Locksmith Service for help! Highly recommended!

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