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Many states are known for their uniqueness—from their geographical distinctions to their historical significance. One state is full of these standout qualities and many more; the characteristics are renowned worldwide and could stand on there own, and the state, in question, is Louisiana.

Louisiana is known by a plethora of nicknames, and rightfully so. It has been referred to as “The Child of the Mississippi,” “The Creole State,” and a “Sportsman’s Paradise,” among several others. Several staples of this historical state’s fabric have French origins—from one of its native tongues (French) to parts of the state motto “Union, justice, et confiance.”

Here is a bit of information for all of the history buffs. As you might have guessed, Louisiana was named after King of France Louis XIV.  After the Seven Years’ War, many French-speaking people from Acadia took refuge in Louisiana. You may known the descendants of the Arcadians by a different name—Cajuns.

The only U.S. state divided into parishes instead of counties, Louisiana is ranked 31st in total area—a great deal of which is by its 19 state parks, 16 state historic sites, and one state preservation area.

Though the state capital is Baton Rouge, its largest city, and probably most famous, is New Orleans. There is a lot to see in Louisiana, like the Blue Bayou Waterpark, The Alexandria Zoo, and Carousel Gardens. The state houses 13 interstate highways and 16 U.S. highways. Whenever you have an opportunity to visit Louisiana to catch the festivities of the Mardi Gras celebration, watch the Bayou Bengals of Louisiana State University do battle in NCAA division 1 sports, or just to enjoy some Cajun cooking and jazz, you will not be disappointed.  When you get there, the yellow pages can point you in the right direction of a good time like no other.

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