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Welcome to A New Beginning - Arizona Paralegal. I am Elaine Kaufman and I specialize in paperwork for family based issues.

Contested divorces may eventually require the assistance of an attorney since this is a case where the parties cannot agree. I can prepare the initial paperwork to begin the process and prepare subsequent documents depending on whether the party is going to retain an attorney or represent themselves. I would be preparing the same type of paperwork your attorney would be preparing for you.

Uncontested or consent divorces are when the parties agree on all issues and just wish to dissolve their marriage. I can prepare the paperwork from beginning to end and the parties, in most cases, never have to attend court. Also, the division of property and assets is exactly how they agree. They save a lot of money paid to attorneys and their divorce is final in about 60 days from service.

A Legal Separation is not a divorce. You can separate property but you are not divorced. Generally people opt for a legal separation for reasons of insurance retention by one of the parties. People sometimes choose this because they want to try to live apart first and see if that's what they want to do. The choice is up to the parties. If, however, you file for a Legal Separation and then later decide to divorce, there are additional costs involved, both in preparing documents and with the court.

Paternity - There are many couples who have children out of wedlock and need to secure their rights. A paternity action is very similar to a divorce proceeding. Without establishing paternity, most generally the rights are implied for the mother. A paternity action provides parental rights for both parties. It can establish custody, visitation and child support.

Family law Issues -
(Child custody, child support , visitation, and other issues)
I prepare documents related to most all family law issues. Whether it be to establish or modify child custody, support and visitation. If there is a substantial change in circumstances that warrants a modification, I can prepare the documents you would need for court to initiate the procedure, give proper service and set up a hearing. You may be unsure which document you would need, however, after I listen to what you are trying to accomplish, I can prepare the document. If your family issues involve a very difficult issue, I will suggest some qualified professionals for help.

If you would like to move to another area with the child, you are required to file proper paperwork providing notice. If the other party opposes, there are follow up documents required prior to a court hearing. I can assist you with those documents.
Documents for other issues may also be prepared.

Why use a paralegal document preparer ?

The reason is simple. You have a specific need and do not know exactly where to start? A Paralegal/Document Preparer has been preparing documents for legal professionals to use in court for years. You have specifics you'd like in your document: With a Paralegal/Document Preparer, you have someone listening to exactly what you are trying to say. You don't have to wait weeks to get an appointment so you can get your case started. Most paperwork is prepared in less than a week and ready for filing.
Let me be your Family Issue "self help" guide!



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