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621 El Cajon Boulevard El Cajon, California 92020


El Cajon Lock & Key is located at the address 621 El Cajon Boulevard in El Cajon, California 92020.

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by Rickey Lockett on 12/19/2016

24 Hours Locksmith El Cajon, Ca

just had the cylinder changed on my apartment door lock because my former super was recently arrested for using duplicate keys to break into apartments. Creepy, right? I went with El Cajon Lock & Key after seeing all these positive Online reviews, and it was such a positive experience I feel like I have to chime in and give him five stars too. Shon was right on time for our appointment, worked quickly, did the whole thing for exactly what he quoted me, and it turns out he got his dog from the same rescue place where I got my cat! I guess that last part doesn't really reflect on his locksmithing skills, but he was super-nice. If I ever need a locksmith again, no question about who I'll call. El Cajon Lock & Key - 619-213-1458.

by Kathleen Kent on 1/13/2017

Great Customer Service

For the first time in my life, I was left utterly helpless and that too by a faulty lock! No matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t get the lock to open. It was an hour’s journey to the nearest hardware store in El Cajon, CA and I did not have the strength to make it. I decided to call a locksmith for an onsite visit instead. I knew it was gonna cost me more, but I went ahead anyway. I found this place on the site http://www.elcajonlockandkey.com! They had great reviews and had serviceability throughout El Cajon, CA. After I called them up, they reached within fifteen minutes! The lock was fixed up within minutes, and the price? Surprisingly, it cost me very less! They charged flat rates and hadn’t added extra costs for making a house call. GREAT SERVICES! I’m 100% satisfied! Will recommend them to all!

by Sarah Lopez on 3/10/2017

Locks & Locksmith in El Cajon, Ca

I simply must share this one! Best experience I had with these guys over at El Cajon Lock & Key! I needed to replace a busted deadbolt right away. I looked online and found a couple of firms, but none of them worked after 5 pm. Seriously??? Who gets back home at 5 pm these days? Somehow I landed up on http://www.elcajonlockandkey.com, which offered 24/7 service. I heaved a sigh of relief and called them up. I didn’t even care much for the pricing, as all I cared about was the safety of my property. But the dispatcher insisted on stating my problem and gave me an upfront price right over phone! Wow! John came over within a few minutes and replaced the lock with a new one. I couldn’t believe that the cost for the new lock, the call-out fees and the installation charges barely added up to $60. Definitely opting for El Cajon Lock & Key again! And I recommend that you give them a try too if you happen to live in El Cajon, CA!

by Sharon Patterson on 5/11/2017

Mobile Locksmith in El Cajon, Ca

It had been nearly six years since I’d changed the locks on my door and what ensued was an eventuality I could have prevented, but I didn’t. One night, after a regular day at work, I reached home only to be greeted by a broken lock. This was my worst horror come true! A couple of my things went missing, including the stereo system and the silverware, but thankfully, there wasn’t much gone. After the police came in and registered a complaint, I decided to ring up a locksmith for assistance. I found positive reviews online for El Cajon Lock & Key and found their contact details on http://www.elcajonlockandkey.com. Few minutes later, a team of locksmiths landed up at my place, carried out a survey and presented options for a security overhaul. I was surprised by their thoroughness and complete professionalism. Also, their prices were quite reasonable and as a bonus, I did find a couple of coupons on their website that I exchanged for discounts. Half an hour later, I had newlocks on my front door and windows and had a sturdy door installed. Thanks to the guys at El Cajon Lock & Key, I’d never felt safer. Highly recommend them, if you happen to live in El Cajon, CA!

by James Williams on 2/10/2017

Best Locksmith in El Cajon, Ca

Thank you El Cajon Lock & Key for being so understanding of my situation! Nearly 4 firms denied service past midnight, stating reasons such as my concern not being important enough or that my home was too far off from the city! How was it not important enough? I needed a lock fixed before I left town in a couple of hours. And when they’d clearly mentioned extensive serviceability, the excuse that my house wasn’t quite accessible seemed in poor-taste. I’m so glad I came across http://www.elcajonlockandkey.com during an online search. These guys are incredible! I wasn’t even asked a million questions on why I needed them at such an odd-hour. Within fifteen minutes, Eric from El Cajon Lock & Key came over and I had the lock fixed in no time. And the charges? They charged me a flat rate with no extra fee for calling them out past midnight. Can it get any better than this? I don’t think so! Thanks again for helping me out when I needed it the most! Highly-recommended if you live in El Cajon, CA….

by Sean Clarkson on 11/11/2016

24 Hours Locksmith El Cajon, Ca

I got locked out and called El Cajon Lock & Key tonight. Took them a bit longer to arrive than expected, but they more than made up for it with some of the best customer service I've ever had in El Cajon, CA. Guys were very friendly on the phone and in person. Scott did battle with an incredibly stubborn lock that would not give, and even made things harder for himself by not drilling out the protective plate. He could have easily have just insisted on drilling it out to make things simpler, but he worked around it. Then he took just as much time to make sure the new lock worked perfectly, even breaking out a small metal file to trim off a bit on the strike plate at one point. Through all the frustrations he was upbeat and friendly. I would have been throwing things and cussing up a storm. Definitely give these guys a try. I can't imagine you'll be disappointed. Call 619-213-1458 , El Cajon Lock & Key.

by Felicity Alsop on 6/14/2016

24 Hours Locksmith El Cajon, Ca

Was very helpful and quick onsite. Jeffrey had everything he needed to get me back into my car with him when he arrived. I will definitely El Cajon Lock & Key services in the future since I know I will lock my keys in my car again.

by jane brown on 8/12/2016

Affordable Locksmith in El Cajon, Ca

I can't say enough wonderful things about Jeff at El Cajon Lock & Key. Incredibly efficient, reasonable and so nice! I will definitely use Jeff again!

by Timothy Young on 2/5/2018

Amazing Locksmith Service

I’m all praises for El Cajon Lock & Key. Responded quick and sent a technician to my place within twenty minutes. I was in urgent need for spare keys as I was about to leave town and needed to ensure that the maintenance workers had access to the place. Thank you for coming out to help me at a moment’s notice. Excellent service in El Cajon, CA. Keep up the good work!!!

by Leonard Murray on 3/2/2018

Fast & Professional Locksmith

Though I’d called El Cajon Lock & Key on a busy weekend, they managed to arrange a technician visit to my place in El Cajon, CA 92020. I was going away on a vacation, and a break-in next door had left me rattled. I needed to ensure that my locks were in perfect order before I left. Jack got there in less than half an hour, and he immediately got down to the job. The lock worked perfectly, but Jack highly recommended upgrading the lock, since it was now around 6 years old. He even offered me a great price on the new lock that I just couldn’t refuse. Thanks for all the help! Now I can get on with my holiday with a complete peace of mind. Highly recommend! Call them on 619-213-1458.

by Luca Ramos on 5/3/2018

Fast & Response Locksmith Service

I just want to start off by saying that El Cajon Lock & Key is awesome!!! In fact, this firm is the best you can find in and around El Cajon, CA 92020. I wanted a new set of remote car keys since the existing one was giving me trouble for quite some time now. Ronnie tried to fix the existing one instead and succeeded, thus saving a whole lot of money. If you need repairs or new car keys, don’t go to the dealer! Ronnie is the man! Highly recommend El Cajon Lock & Key...

by Anna Sims on 6/15/2017

Friendly Fast & Effective Locksmith Company

When I’d locked my pet cat in the car, I was on the verge of tears. How could I have been so stupid? I’ve heard how dangerous it could be and I contemplated breaking down the window in a bid to rescue her. A passerby who’d stopped by to help was strongly against it and suggested I call El Cajon Lock & Key instead! A locksmith? Seriously? They take ages to answer a house call, how would they fare in an emergency? Despite my doubts, I called them up on 619-213-1458. Twenty minutes later.. I couldn’t be happier! El Cajon Lock & Key is just awesome! A technician got there super quick and within minutes, managed to rescue my cat. Thanks to the kind stranger for introducing me to this phenomenal locksmith company in El Cajon, CA.. FIVE STARS!!!!

by Ben Griffin on 8/2/2018

Locks & Locksmith in El Cajon, Ca

There are several reasons why I hesitate before hiring locksmiths, with the primary one being – the prices! I’d been fleeced by several locksmiths in El Cajon, CA previously so now when I needed assistance, I decided to make enquiries before hiring a firm. Emailed nearly a dozen firms but was unsatisfied with the prices offered. Finally an email to info@ElCajonLockAndKey.com reaped the results I was seeking and I was offered a price that was a third of that offered by others. I instantly agreed and hired El Cajon Lock & Key… So, how good were they? Exceptional! Fitted the house with new locks in less than an hour and to be honest, for the level of service they offer, they’re definitely underpriced. If you want to save some bucks, yet require quality service, El Cajon Lock & Key is your best bet!!!

by Erin McDaniel on 7/13/2017

Best Locksmith in El Cajon, Ca

Friendly staff and the upfront pricing they provide is a plus! I’ve received several shockers from locksmiths in the past. They’ve got this innate talent to add up ridiculous charges to the final bill. In fact, one of them charged me extra because I called him up at 5:30 pm, thirty minutes after regular business hours. It was insane! Luckily, El Cajon Lock & Key is different! Their charges are very nominal and their timeliness impresses me even more! Check out their site http://www.elcajonlockandkey.com, they’ve got a long list of services and I’m sure they can any issue you might have! You guys are awesome! The number 1 locksmith in El Cajon, CA!!!

by Ann Smith on 10/11/2017

Fast & Response Locksmith Service

Can’t complain about anything when it comes to El Cajon Lock & Key! Found their service to be flawless! The rates are low which came as a huge surprise to me. I owned several apartment buildings across El Cajon, CA and I knew the standard rates charged by most locksmiths. How these guys manage to provide their services at such low rates is beyond me!!!! I’ve called them over nearly four times now, and each time I’ve struck a really good deal in terms of the prices. Has greatly reduced the budget I set aside each year for lock changes, rekeying etc etc! With El Cajon Lock & Key, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for at great prices!

by Carl Ries on 4/3/2018

Excellent Experience with El Cajon Lock & Key

Phenomenal on every count! All the positive reviews they have are completely true - El Cajon Lock & Key truly exceeds customer expectations and goes the extra mile to make the customer happy. Hired them last weekend to fix a problematic lock at my door. Arrived at my doorstep in less than 15 minutes and fixed the lock in no time. He even checked the door, identified an issue with the door hinge and fixed it for free. No doubt, will hire them again if I need a locksmith in El Cajon! Good job! FIVE STARS!

by Karen Cotter on 10/4/2018

Reliable Locksmith in El Cajon, Ca

"Excellent service, fast, efficient, professional and reliable! The door locks on my Civic was jamming up and had to be replaced. El Cajon Lock & Key accomplished the task in less than an hour and got the new keys cut as well. They also gave me a great price compared to what my dealership had to offer. Plus, the job was done at my place, which meant that I didn’t have to take a day off from work. Super convenient and affordable, I’d recommend them to all in El Cajon, CA 92020.."

by Matt Piper on 3/8/2016

Thanks Affordable Locksmith Services

The ignition cylinder in my car was broken and wouldn't turn, preventing it from starting. After calling around, Paul by far sounded the most friendly & knowledgable, so I decided to give them try. James came in a short amount of time and was finished working in under an hour. He even had a great sense of humor and had me laughing while he worked. My car is now fixed and I paid about half of what another locksmith quoted me, Call them the best Locksmith Company in El Cajon, CA.

by Alan Vaughan on 7/18/2016

Best Locksmith in El Cajon, Ca

Very fast- came to the rescue Lockout of my house, and had great customer service. Thank you El Cajon Lock & Key NO' 1 in El Cajon, CA.

by Andrew Stewart on 6/4/2018

Excellent Experience with El Cajon Lock & Key

Answered the phone right away when I called their number 619-213-1458 and provided me an ETA. The technician arrived as per schedule. Drives up to my place on a well-stocked mobile workshop that had all the tools he needed. I needed a replacement key for the lock, and he managed to find the right key blank and crafted one right in front of my eyes. He also stuck to the quoted price and didn’t charge a penny more. Would definitely call El Cajon Lock & Key again! Number one in El Cajon..

by Amy Haynes on 8/10/2017

Awesome Locksmith Company

No extra charges, no hidden fees – just plain, upfront pricing! Complete satisfaction – not just with the prices, but with the quality of their services as well! The guy who came over, Tony, was a complete pro. He knew his job really well. There was no way any other locksmith could have fixed up my MulTlock within minutes the way he did. Have saved their number 619-213-1458 and am definitely calling them in the future.

by Patricia White on 9/13/2017

Awesome Locksmith Company

When I’d locked my pet cat in the car, I was on the verge of tears. How could I have been so stupid? I’ve heard how dangerous it could be and I contemplated breaking down the window in a bid to rescue her. A passerby who’d stopped by to help was strongly against it and suggested I call El Cajon Lock & Key instead! A locksmith? Seriously? They take ages to answer a house call, how would they fare in an emergency? Despite my doubts, I called them up on 619-213-1458. Twenty minutes later.. I couldn’t be happier! El Cajon Lock & Key is just awesome! A technician got there super quick and within minutes, managed to rescue my cat. Thanks to the kind stranger for introducing me to this phenomenal locksmith company in El Cajon, CA.. FIVE STARS!!!!

by Raymond Dickson on 9/4/2018

Friendly Fast & Effective Locksmith Company

El Cajon Lock & Key offered me same day service which easily matched my needs. The technician, Dave, arrived fully prepared on location. I had actually called him in for a lock repair and when I asked him about a possible upgrade, he was prepared for that too.If the need arises, I would definitely use this firm again. And I would recommend them to you as well. You can’t find a better firm for your locksmith needs in El Cajon, CA…

by Chase Brooks on 11/9/2017

Amazing Locksmith Service

CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? I don’t think so! James from El Cajon Lock & Key was right on schedule, in fact, he was five minutes early. And the whole thing took him less than an hour to finish up. This included repairing an old lock, installing a new lock on my screen door AND installing a security chain on my front door. Very professional and quick! I had set aside a couple hundred bucks to hand it out to James, but turns out, I didn’t need as much. Their rates are nearly half of what other locksmith companies in El Cajon, CA charge. That’s just given me another reason to make El Cajon Lock & Key my go-to locksmith! 10/10

by James Sawyer on 1/9/2018


If you’re looking for highly qualified locksmiths in CA, then I’ve got the perfect name for you - El Cajon Lock & Key. All their technicians are very passionate about the job and this passion coupled with technical excellence translates into solid results. I’ve hired them to set up a master key system, to rekey locks, program transponder keys and more – and they’ve had a high level of success with all the jobs assigned. I would say that 619-213-1458 is the only number you’ll need to find the solution to all your lock & key troubles!

by Carl Jones on 4/25/2016

Reliable Locksmith in El Cajon, Ca

Just moved into a new home in El Cajon, CA and needed to have the locks rekeyed. Getting the appointment set up with Paul was very easy; we were able to get same day service. James was the one who came out and was very polite and professional. Very happy with our decision to go with this outfit and would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Paul and James! if need a Locksmith call to: El Cajon Lock & Key in El Cajon, CA.

by Wanda Piper on 5/25/2016

Great Locksmith Service in El Cajon, Ca

I needed a new lock. I called El Cajon Lock & Key and could not have made a better choice. It is great to find an honest and capable locksmith. Joel arrived on time and did a great job. A real 5 star experience. El Cajon Lock & Key reach at: 619-213-1458.

by Joshua Ferrill on 4/17/2017

Mobile Locksmith in El Cajon, Ca

No one deserves all the praise, more than these guys from El Cajon Lock & Key! The first time I called them up was to get my doors replaced. Support arrived right on schedule, the prices seemed reasonable, and the technician knew his job well. I’ve since called them up to rekey my locks after a bitter spat with my neighbors. I’ve also called them up to install an automatic lock on my garage door! Every time I’ve called them over, their pricing, timing, and the quality of services has consistently remained the best. Will I call them in the future? YEAH! And if you live in El Cajon, CA, I don’t think there’s any company that’s better than this! Give them a try by calling 619-213-1458, you won’t be disappointed….

by leah parr on 9/15/2016

Emergency Locksmith

We managed to get ourselves locked out of an interior door in our house, and we called El Cajon Lock & Key of course, based on the reviews online. The tech quickly gave us a call back from our message and gave us a reasonable price which was way cheaper than some other places we called before him. I don't anticipate needing a locksmith again (fingers crossed), but if I do, I will definitely be giving El Cajon Lock & Key a call again when i need them.

by Ian Marshall on 10/14/2016

Day & Night Locksmith Service

There is not a lot that I can add to the long list of great reviews this Locksmith Company has earn. They are quick, reliable and affordable. They rekeyed all the locks at my home and now I have a single key for all doors. Glorious! The best Locksmith Service in El Cajon, CA.

by Darren Yang on 7/3/2018

Fast & Response Locksmith Service

So glad that I found El Cajon Lock & Key! Compared to the price offered by other locksmiths in the El Cajon, CA region, what they have on offer is on the lower end. And if you think they make a compromise on quality, think again. I’ve hired them around three times now, and every time their service level and workmanship has left me amazed. Enquire via email info@ElCajonLockAndKey.com if you want to check how low their prices are. Highly recommend their service!!!

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