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In Cypress Locksmiths has an experienced team of Locksmiths on call 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week including nights, weekends and holidays. In the event of an Emergency Locksmith Services, please call us and one of our professional Locksmiths will be dispatched immediately to assist you with your problem. We are fully bonded and insured in compliance with the regulations in Cypress, CA.

Our Services Include:

Locksmith Service, 24 Hour Locksmith, Mobile Locksmith, Residential Locksmith, Commercial Locksmith, Automotive Locksmith, Emergency Locksmith, Locks & Locksmiths, High Security Locks, Houses Unlocked or Opened, Locks Changed, Locks Re-keyed, Locks Repaired, Emergency Lockouts, Car Door Unlocking, Computer Chip Keys Programmed, Keys Made, Ignitions Repaired or Replaced, Transponder Keys Made, Business Lockout, Safe Lockout, Storage Lockout, Car Key Make, Ignition Change

We Cary all major Brands including:

Medeco Locks, Mul-T-Lock Locks, Schlage Locks, Arrow Locks, Kwikset Locks, Von Duprin Locks, Master Lock Locks, Assa Abloy Locks, Magnitc Locks, Buzzer System Locks, Yale Locks, Kaba Locks.

Our Specialties:

Access Control Systems, Antique Locks, Barrel Bolt, Buzzer Systems, Card Access Systems, Combination Locks, ,Cylinder, Deadbolt, Digital Locks, Door Locks, Doorknobs, Electric Locks, Electronic Access Control Systems, Electronic Locks, High Security Locks, Key Coding Systems, Keycard Locks, Key Control Systems, Keyless Entry Systems, Keyless Entry, Keypads, , Locksets, Magnetic Locks, Mailbox Locks, Master Key Systems, Mortise Locks, Transponder Keys, Changed Locks, Re-keyed Locks, Repaired Locks, Car Door Unlocking , Computer Chip Keys Programmed, Ignitions Repaired or Replaced, Medeco Locks, High Security Locks.



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by Deirdre Metcalfe on 7/13/2016

Fast & Response Locksmith Service

OMFG... thank you, thank you, thank you Cypress Locksmiths!!!! literally turned what could have been a mini meltdown and a horrible day into sunshine and butterflies. Tony the guy who came to help me out from Cypress Locksmiths only left me waiting like 20 minutes even though when I called he was on the UES. He was so nice and popped the door open in a jiffy for a flat rate of... wait for it... 49 bucks. that's kind of amazing. he even fixed my door so that I never automatically get locked out again. Huzzah!!! but Cypress Locksmiths is the company to call when you need them. 714-230-6275.

by Earl Miller on 7/10/2017

Day & Night Locksmith Service

ok, here it goes: Every other office on the block now had those state-of-the-art digital locks! That is, every other office, except for mine! I finally took the issue up with the rest of the directors and after a heated discussion, we all agreed that a security overhaul was in order. We called a technician from the shop down the block, who came in, changed all the locks, replaced the door hardware, charged us $500 and left. Exactly one week later, the lock he claimed carried ‘3 years warranty’ lay broken in pieces. Thankfully, the intruders hadn’t done away with much of the office’s property. What irked me the most was how those new locks had barely lasted. Furious at what had just happened and determined to set things straight, I looked online, found a reputed firm on and called them. Getting in touch with Cypress Locksmiths was the best that I’ve ever done! These guys are total pros! They confirmed my suspicions that the lock which had cost me fifty bucks wasn’t even worth ten. John assured me he’ll get things under control and after a careful assessment of the damage, the work commenced in full swing. It took them barely 2 hours to finish up with the repairs and the replacements. Charges are nominal! If you don’t wanna be scammed by some con-artist pretending to be a locksmith, choose Cypress Locksmiths. These guys are the BEST in Cypress, CA..

by Carlos Flores on 8/7/2017

Professional and Fast Locksmith

Moving into a new home robbed me of what little money I had left. On top of it, I knew I had to get my locks rekeyed. The home had switched hands at least three times and I wasn’t sure how many copies of keys to my home were out there. I couldn’t risk my safety for anything! Out of pure desperation, I began a hunt for a cheap locksmith service online and landed up on They had good reviews and even had a coupon enlisted online that entitled me to a discount. That’s exactly what I needed and decided to call them up! An hour later, the job was done and when the final bill was handed out, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! Cypress Locksmiths is perhaps the only firm in Cypress, CA that lives up to its claims of being affordable! Thanks Cypress Locksmiths for saving my day and my money…

by Kelly Joyner on 10/10/2017

Great Customer Service

If you’ve never been in a car lockout before, well, I envy you! It was one of the worst I’d felt my entire life. The helpless feeling and the frustration at my own stupidity (I locked the keys in the car) kept mounting every passing minute. I tried prying it open, sliding a credit card and every other trick the internet mentioned, but it just didn’t work. My fiancé’s birthday party was in another hour and here I was cursing my luck! I finally gave in and decided to call a locksmith from Cypress Locksmiths. The firm had enlisted lockout assistance as part of the services offered on their website I’m writing this review right after the birthday party. Yes, I did make it! The locksmith got me back on the road within half an hour and didn’t even charge me a hefty sum for it! You’ve earned yourself a loyal customer Cypress Locksmiths! You are the best in Cypress, CA! Five stars!!!

by Mateos Garza on 7/2/2018

Best Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

Cypress Locksmiths is the best!!! There are no words to express my gratitude. Came right out to help me in the middle of the night, when no other locksmith in Cypress was available. Johnson unlocked the car door in seconds and didn’t inflict any damage in the process. What’s the best part? The prices! They didn’t add on any extra charges to the bill and charged me a base rate. If you don’t believe, email them on and you’ll know how nominally priced their services are.

by Santiago Robinson on 4/12/2017

24 Hours Locksmith Cypress, Ca

I should have probably called Cypress Locksmiths first like my fiancé recommended! But I chose to trust a neighbor instead who suggested that I call the guys from the locksmith store down the road. After wasting over 3 hours of my time, they’d only managed to get half the job done and said they’ll come the next morning to finish up the rest. Seriously? Was I supposed to a half installed door hanging wide open with no lock on it? To top it off, I had to pay them two-hundred bucks for doing a botched-up job. Furious, I called up Cypress Locksmiths! These guys are just incredible! It barely took them an hour to set things straight. And the whole thing was done at an unbelievable price… Always choose a reputed firm like Cypress Locksmiths! Do not fall for the cheap marketing gimmicks deployed by other locksmiths, or you might end up wasting money like I did… Highly recommend Cypress Locksmiths! Call them on 714-230-6275 if you wanna know more!

by Brian Folkerts on 6/13/2017

Affordable Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

As I was driving back home, I got a call, pulled over to answer it and stepped out to speak. It was then that I realized that I hadn't taken the keys with me and was now locked out of my car. I was in the middle of nowhere and frantically called my boyfriend who handed out a locksmith's number to me. I called 714-230-6275 and told the technician where I was. I don't know how he found me so quickly! Within the next few minutes, Dave opened my lock, without causing any damage to my car and also made sure that my car didn’t lock automatically in the future. Thank you Cypress Locksmiths! You guys are awesome!! If you happen to live in Cypress, CA, there's no one better than Cypress Locksmiths!!!

by Tim Harris on 5/19/2016

Friendly Fast & Effective Locksmith Company

I found myself locked out of my apartment and just needed to get back in since my keys and spare were BOTH inside. My friends all quickly jumped in with horror stories about how much they had to pay when this happened to them, but after a little yelping, I came upon Cypress Locksmiths. Kobbi called me back that morning and despite it being the friday before Labor Day, said that he would stop by on his way out of town. While waiting for Jay I'd run into a neighbor who'd told me his sob story about how this had just happened to him and he had to pay something like $120, but even though my door had some crazy security bar on it, Kobbi managed to get it open and for only $50! I'm so grateful - it was quick and painless and I'd recommend them to anyone who finds themselves locked out. Lifesaver Cypress Locksmiths call them 714-230-6275.

by Elizabeth Hansen on 11/7/2017

24/7 Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

Here’s a lesson or two other locksmiths could learn from Cypress Locksmiths. First, you never make a customer wait, especially not in an emergency! It took Carl from Cypress Locksmiths just about ten minutes to get to my location. Awesome, right? Second, you shouldn’t overcharge them! We’re not stupid! We know that the service you’ve just provided isn’t worth even half of what you’ve just charged, yet, the attempt to rip us off always prevails. Thankfully, with Cypress Locksmiths I didn’t have to face all that! No hidden fees, no lame extra charges, nothing! Just an upfront flat rate! How great is that? I don’t know about others, but speaking from experience, I don’t think there’s a better locksmith company in Cypress, CA than Cypress Locksmiths. I’ve even put down their number 714-230-6275 on my contacts, just in case!!! FANTASTIC SERVICES!!!

by Hannah Blake on 9/12/2016

Emergency Locksmith

What can i say about these guys that hasn't already been said? They were able to squeeze me in the day that I called and didn't charge me an arm and a leg for it. Honest to God, it doesn't get better than Cypress Locksmiths. Tech was on time, he's quick and efficient, he's cheap, and he's REAL pretty. Seriously- you can't find anything better from this company, Cypress Locksmiths is the Locksmith Company to call 714-230-6275.

by Sally Rutherford on 11/9/2016

Fantastic Locksmith Company

Had a great experience with Cypress Locksmiths today -- fabulous service, and on a Sunday, too! Todd was prompt, courteous, efficient, and explained everything very well as he did his work. I liked that they promptly emailed me a receipt -- a nice touch. I would not hesitate to recommend them, and would absolutely use them again Cypress Locksmiths is the company to call.

by Larry Crouse on 1/10/2017

Friendly Fast & Effective Locksmith Company

There are times when life decides to mess things up for you – and I’m like a magnet for mishaps! Right before a presentation, I realized that I’d misplaced my cabinet keys somewhere. The presentation was in another half an hour and all my files were stuck inside!!! It was the first big responsibility I’d been handed and I just didn’t want to mess it up! A friend told me to call up Cypress Locksmiths. I found their number on and called them up. In less than 20 minutes, I had regained access to my cabinet and also had a new set of keys handed out to me. Cypress Locksmiths saved my day – and my JOB! If you’re in a fix, they’re your best bet if you live around Cypress, CA!

by Jonathon Harris on 4/3/2018

Great Customer Service

Cypress Locksmiths is my go-to locksmith. I called them with a door lock problem. It wasn’t an emergency so I asked them to take their own time and send a technician to my place before evening. Ed texted 30 minutes before arriving on location to inform me that he was on his way. He fixed the issue in no time and charged me barely anything for it. Good job Ed! The best locksmith in Cypress, CA..

by Victoria Cameron on 6/9/2016

Mobile Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

I can't recommend Cypress Locksmiths enough. Jay is honest and affordable about his pricing, prompt to appointments, intelligent, fun to chat with while he works, and you can just tell is a sincere, nice, really good guy. He's one of the few businesses I recommend without hesitation and sometimes without even prompting to anyone I know who's just moved into a new place or is having any kind of lock issue. He's done two units and the main doors in my building so far, and is the go-to guy for me with any lock / door / security issues. Call them: 714-230-6275.

by Molly Mackay on 8/9/2016

Affordable Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

Is it weird I almost want to get locked out again so I can call Lockbusters? Yeah, my experience was that great. After coming home at 2am beers may or may not have been involved, I soon realized that a lock on my door that I didn't have a key for had decided it didn't like being taped down, and chose to unlock itself at that very inopportune moment. That next morning, kicking the door in with my boots, attacking it with pink screwdrivers and attempting to scale the fire escape all failed. Defeated, I looked up a lock smith online to come rescue me. I called Cypress Locksmiths and reqwest a service the tech called me right back, told me he would be there in 20 minutes. He was at my apartment right on the dot and busted my door open in literally less than 2 min. I was sorta embarrassed at how easily he did it though he assured me the lock had definitely flipped. For a little extra he sorted me out with a new lock and keys in less than 3 minutes and also fixed my sticky door knob. 5 minutes TOTAL I was back in my apartment with my feet up and had also gotten to check off a niggly to-do off my apartment repair list. No muss, no fuss and an A+ experience to cap off what had been a pretty shizzy night of homelessness. I wouldn't call or recommend anyone else. Thanks, Cypress Locksmiths. # 714-230-6275 if you will need any Locksmith Service.

by Honorina Lozano on 5/3/2018

Fantastic Locksmith Company

There was a minor issue with the lock and I called Cypress Locksmiths on 714-230-6275. The technician, who answered the call, fixed my issue over the phone. Eric was so knowledgeable that he didn’t even need to take a look at the lock to identify the problem. I tried to pay Eric but he flatly refused stating that it was a ‘super easy fix’. Thank you so much for all the help. Will call again! You guys are the best in Cypress, CA 90630…

by Kristen Estes on 8/1/2018

Great Customer Service

Within 20 minutes of calling them on 714-230-6275, they’d sent a technician to my location. Jack removed the broken key from the front door lock quickly and he did it without causing any damage to the lock. He even had this complete workshop in his van out of which he made me an extra set of keys in less than ten minutes. It was a pleasant experience working with Cypress Locksmiths. Professional and fairly priced, they deserve a full 10/10. Highly recommend to all in Cypress…

by Marietta Rodriguez on 9/8/2017

Thanks Affordable Locksmith Services

As I was driving back home, I got a call, pulled over to answer it and stepped out to speak. It was then that I realized that I hadn't taken the keys with me and was now locked out of my car. I was in the middle of nowhere and frantically called my boyfriend who handed out a locksmith's number to me. I called 714-230-6275 and told the technician where I was. I don't know how he found me so quickly! Within the next few minutes, Dave opened my lock, without causing any damage to my car and also made sure that my car didn’t lock automatically in the future. Thank you Cypress Locksmiths! You guys are awesome!! If you happen to live in Cypress, CA, there's no one better than Cypress Locksmiths!!!

by Dominic Watson on 3/2/2018

Mobile Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

Cypress Locksmiths is just AMAZING! I can’t thank these guys enough. Someone stole my home keys and that got me really upset. The worst part was not receiving any support from the locksmiths in Cypress. However, Gary from Cypress Locksmiths was so understanding! Not only did he arrive at my place quickly but he also listened intently to me rambling on and on about how the keys had been stolen. He cheered me up, reassured me that no one was going to misuse those keys and rekeyed the locks. Worth more than FIVE stars.. I highly recommend!

by Jewell Jackson on 10/4/2018

Awesome Locksmith Company

Cypress Locksmiths is the best! They send technicians right away (usually in less than 20 mins) and the work done is impeccable. I’ve hired locksmiths from this firm around six times now for multiple reasons, and I’ve only received 100% satisfactory service each time. The best part of hiring them is that I don’t have to go looking for services anywhere as they run mobile operations in and around Cypress to deliver on the spot service. Highly recommend them!

by Nickie Moris on 9/4/2018

Locks & Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

Cypress Locksmiths was the epitome of professionalism. Great experience from start to finish! I lost my car key and was ready to splurge out almost triple the amount to tow my vehicle to the dealer, but David came to my rescue. He got there within half an hour and cut a key on the spot. Saved me a lot of time and most importantly, money! Affordability, excellent service and fast work – all bundled into one. I recommend this company to all in Cypress, CA. Trust me, 714-230-6275 is the only number you’ll need for all your lock & key woes…

by Wanda Piper on 10/12/2016

Fantastic Locksmith Company

Fast, efficient, relatively cheap, and to make things better, Gorge is a super nice guy - he'll even walk you through what he's doing, step by step. A great experience! Cypress Locksmiths the best Locksmith Company in Cypress, CA.

by Anthony Carpenter on 12/16/2016

Locks & Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

We needed a deadbolt installed from scratch on a hollow metal door and metal frame and after looking around with no luck to have someone install the thing, Dave was all "no problem" and quoted a very fair price, So we go with Cypress Locksmiths. He banged it out in no time at all and was such a sweet guy (and a cutie) that I was a little bummed he was done so quickly. We have a dog who is kind of a pest (read: a really mouthy little and most strangers who come by to do work in our house find him at least mildly annoying (with good reason.) But not Dave. He was absolutely darling to him and took out his phone to show me a pic of his own super adorable furry bundle of joy. Can't recommend Dave highly enough for all your lock needs. Don't hesitate, just call Cypress Locksmiths. You'll be in very good hands.

by Stella Williams on 3/8/2017

Locks & Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

I purchased a used Audi recently. While the car is great, unfortunately, it came with only one key fob. Considering my track record of losing stuff I knew I needed a spare. I visited a few dealerships in town asking for quotes and was in for a rude shock. The rates were absurdly high! I decided to explore other alternatives and based on a friend’s suggestion I called Eric from Cypress Locksmiths, and he was able to get two spares made at quite a reasonable price. Also, he got the job done in around 30 minutes, while a couple of dealerships I spoke to needed over a week. Wow! That’s super fast service from Cypress Locksmiths. 10/10 definitely! The best in Cypress, CA.. Can’t recommend them enough!

by Joe Paige on 3/3/2016

Great Customer Service

I don't normally write reviews but I was so impressed by the service I figured I had to share. Found Cypress Locksmiths online because of their rave reviews, loved that they displayed prices online, and after writing then about setting up an appointment, Jerry replied almost immediately and we set up an appointment for the next day. Jerry showed up on time actually 3 min early and went to work. Apparently my door has some issues because it is crooked but Jerry made it work and reassured me that it was still super safe. Price was exactly what was displayed online so there were no surprises. I would 100% recommend them to anyone, Cypress Locksmiths are the BEST in Cypress, CA !!!!

by Julia Thomas on 2/7/2017

Day & Night Locksmith Service

Super quick services! Ben from Cypress Locksmiths finished the task within minutes! I can only imagine how fast these guys would get if it was an emergency. Fortunately, I’ve never been in one! But if you ever find yourself in an undesirable situation, Cypress Locksmiths is your best bet! They’ve got the best locksmith network across Cypress, CA and these high-end vans, so that you don’t have to go looking for services. Cypress Locksmiths brings the service right to your doorstep.. Highly-recommend them to all in Cypress, CA and other areas! 10/10 for service! 10/10 for timeliness!

by Leonardo Cortes on 1/8/2018

Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

Incredible work!!! If you need a locksmith in Cypress, trust me, Cypress Locksmiths is your best bet. I had a tricky rekeying job on a high security lock and it was the only locksmith firm in the entire region that said the job could be done. They sent Eric, a friendly and extremely talented technician who rekeyed the Schlage lockset in less than 10 minutes. If he can do this, he can do just about anything. Excellent service! Do call them on 714-230-6275 for details..

by Jeff Brooks on 2/2/2018

Mobile Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

Gave Cypress Locksmiths a call because I had a cranky ignition switch in my Prius. The dispatcher had a few questions about the car after which he sent a technician to my place within twenty minutes. David had the replacement with him and was able to apply the fix right in my driveway. Well worth the price! If I have future lock problems in Cypress, there’s no doubt I’ll dial 714-230-6275. Amazing service!

by Barbara Roper on 6/1/2018

Reliable Locksmith in Cypress, Ca

I never give reviews, but this time, I just had to… Cypress Locksmiths is amazing! I had enquired with other locksmiths in Cypress for rekeying service but they weren’t familiar with the lock I had. When I sent pictures of the lock to Cypress Locksmiths, they instantly knew what make it was and told me they had the parts needed for the job. Kobe was super quick, efficient, and the service was excellent! Charges were reasonable and seemed lower than most. Highly recommend!

by Andrew Newman on 4/19/2016

Great Locksmith Service in Cypress, Ca

Pretty much the best experience I've had in the city, period. They were friendly and accommodating towards my schedule. Arrived on time, installed my top lock in 20 minutes, barely made a mess, and didn't mind me asking questions about the whole process. $100.00 + Tip = totally worth it. I would recommend them to everyone I know.

by Anna Irby on 5/9/2017

Fantastic Locksmith Company

Adding on to the countless positive reviews, I must say that I haven’t found a firm that offers such professional, prompt and competitively priced services as that provided by Cypress Locksmiths. I found them online at nearly two months ago, and since then I’ve called them up twice. Each time, I was greeted by a polite and courteous technician who went out of his way to put me out of my misery. The new lock I needed fixed on my door the second time only took the locksmith around 10 minutes. Overwhelmed with how they offer so much for so little! In a nutshell, excellent service at pocket-friendly prices! Cypress Locksmiths is definitely the No:1 locksmith company in Cypress, CA!

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