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Colorado was declared as a state in 1876 by President Ulysses Grant. It is known as the "Centennial State" because its declaration was one hundred years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is bordered by Wyoming, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. It is known for its scenery of mountains, rivers, and plains. Colorado has one of the highest elevations and is well known for it. An interesting fact, when the Denver Broncos play in the Mile High Stadium, they have to wear oxygen masks because the air is so thin. Fifty-one out of eighty mountains run through Colorado. The famous Rocky Mountains runs through this state as well. But elevations isn't all that Colorado has; the eastern third part of the state grows corn, hay, potatoes, wheat, and sugar beets. Our yellow pages can provide you with more information on the state of Colorado.

The Rocky Mountain National Park is popular amongst tourists in Colorado. Tourists can enjoy family time roasting marshmallows near the camp fire, attend a ranger walk, go horseback riding, and even go river rafting. Enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Rockies have to offer in the summer time. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is the second largest art center in the United States. One thing that tourists may notice is that Colorado provides its residents with an environment for a healthy lifestyle.

Colorado is also home of the United States Air Force Academy and defense headquarters. Nearly 1,200 feet under the Cheyenne Mountain is the North American Aerospace Defense Command. The U.S Government controls lodging, mining, and grazing over three fourths of Colorado's land.

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