Seattle, WA Property Management Company

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Urban Self Storage Logo

Urban Self Storage

Property Management Company

918 S Horton St, Ste 1000 Seattle, Washington 98134
Kevin Aichler

Excellent customer service, and very thoughtful help navigating my choices through my new rental process. I have been a tenant for almost 5 years and I'm always knocked o ... more

( 33 Reviews )
Smith & Burns Logo

Smith & Burns

Apartment Building, Apartment Complex, Property Management Company

4455 Interlake Ave N Seattle, Washington 98103
Anton Belyy

Great location and community, bad management. They raised my rent up 7% from last year, despite already being one of the most expensive apartment complexes in the neighbo ... more

( 176 Reviews )
Full Service Property Management Logo

Full Service Property Management

Property Management Company

12418 83rd Ave. .S, Post Office Box 78358 Seattle, Washington 98178
Erin Lane

Update: Mike was also very helpful! Super prompt responses & fixed our issue quickly! Really appreciate the responsiveness! Brandon was incredibly helpful and friendly fo ... more

( 57 Reviews )
Seattle Rental Management Logo

Seattle Rental Management

Property Management Company

1607 Dexter Ave N # 2A Seattle, Washington 98109
Teresa CC

Responsive and always helpful. First class.

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North Pacific Property Management Logo

North Pacific Property Management

Property Management Company, Real Estate Agency

2220 Queen Anne Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
Rachael Saylors

I have lived in a home thru this company for almost 7 years. Angelo, my property manager, has always been responsive and respectful. It's been a good experience.

( 22 Reviews )
Utopia Property Management | Seattle, WA Logo

Utopia Property Management | Seattle, WA

Property Management Company

1420 5th Avenue #2200 Seattle, Washington 98101
Mariaguadalupe Montreal

With ongoing tech experiments, Utopia ensures seamless communication channels,fostering strong tenant relations and satisfaction.

( 292 Reviews )
Guide Property Services Logo

Guide Property Services

Property Management Company

1500 Westlake Ave N #212 Seattle, WA 98109
Cody Edwards

Michael was very kind and helpful. He fixed the problem quickly and efficiently.

( 6 Reviews )
Keyrenter Property Management West Seattle Logo

Keyrenter Property Management West Seattle

Property Management Company

3215A California Ave SW Seattle, Washington 98116
Santiago J Santamarina

Cliff and his whole team at Keyrenter are *fantastic* - knowledgeable, dependable, and honest. Theyve really helped me scale my rental business in a way that I didnt know ... more

( 37 Reviews )
Blueground | Furnished Apartments Seattle Logo

Blueground | Furnished Apartments Seattle

Apartment Rental Agency, Property Management Company

500 Yale Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
Kristin Royer

Really loved our apartment building, not my experience with Blueground. We stayed in a Blueground unit for the last three months. Upon checking in, I was disappointed at ... more

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Capitol Hill Station Logo

Capitol Hill Station

Property Management Company

123 10th Ave. E, Unit 106 Seattle, WA 98102
Tyler Rognlin

The property manager, Kristin, was great through the whole process of touring to questions to signing the lease and getting keys. Just moved in today and very impressed s ... more

( 33 Reviews )
Boxcar South Lake Union Logo

Boxcar South Lake Union

Property Management Company

975 John Street Seattle, WA 98109
Solomon J. Babani

My experience living at boxcar was so lovely. I’d like to single out the leasing manager especially for making my stay there so amazing. She is helpful, so friendly and ... more

( 156 Reviews )
North Pacific Property Management Logo

North Pacific Property Management

Property Management Company, Real Estate Agency

2220 Queen Anne Ave N Seattle, Washington 98109

This company is a FRAUD. They decieve on their clients and those who interested in their properties, made us apply for their properties, and just disappear. They also hav ... more

( 52 Reviews )
Apple Property Management Logo

Apple Property Management

Property Management Company

3050 15th Ave W Seattle, WA 98119
Corean Barnes

Been with apple property management Five plus years and they have helped me tremendous Lisa is a true angel. Her staff Was always willing to help me especially when I fac ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Prospector Property Management Logo

Prospector Property Management

Property Management Company

3201 1st Ave S Suite 214 Seattle, Washington 98134
Anthony Cecere

As a contractor, I had done some work for Jack and his team in the past. I was asked to do a small bathroom remodel on the fly because they couldn't find anybody else to ... more

( 364 Reviews )
Real Property Associates Inc. Logo

Real Property Associates Inc.

Property Management Company

7500 Roosevelt Way Northeast Seattle, Washington 98115
Karen Penewell

Rob is professional and communicated well with us throughout the repair process. He did a great job repairing our drywall after a leak.

( 4 Reviews )
Bigpines STR Property Management - Seattle Logo

Bigpines STR Property Management - Seattle

Property Management Company

1400 Hubbell Pl Seattle, WA 98101
( 3 Reviews )
Better Properties-Metro Logo

Better Properties-Metro

Property Management Company, Real Estate Agency

The EastBay, 3232 15th Ave W #102 Seattle, WA 98119
Landon Murie

Jen has been pleasant to work with and I'd recommend her for any rental property needs in the Seattle area.

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Chandler Symons Logo

Chandler Symons

Miscellaneous, Property Management Company

11300 Pinehurst Way NE Seattle, WA 98125
Suzanna Westhagen

Chandler is awesome! Extremely responsive and knowledgeable. Friendly and fun to talk to. We are super happy with our experience and highly recommend working with Chandle ... more

( 37 Reviews )
Ewing and Clark, Inc. Logo

Ewing and Clark, Inc.

Property Management Company, Miscellaneous

2110 Western Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Colin White

Marie did a fantastic job guiding me through the buying process and I would recommend her/Ewing & Clark to anyone in the market

( 2 Reviews )
Tahoma Realty Logo

Tahoma Realty

Miscellaneous, Property Management Company, Real Estate Rental Agency

9030 4th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117
Erin Tarampi

Tahoma helped us purchase our first house and was extremely accommodating, working tirelessly while on his vacation to keep our process moving forward. We are so grateful ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Georgetown Yards Logo

Georgetown Yards

Real Estate Developer, Property Management Company

4634-4636 E Marginal Wy S Seattle, WA 98134
Rich Finn

LPC-West is doing a great job with the property!

( 1 Reviews )
Blue Horizon Properties Logo

Blue Horizon Properties

Property Management Company

1414 NW 85th St Seattle, WA 98117
Samantha Boshoff

we love our apartment! its nice, spacious, and well maintained. our particular unit is a little less updated, but the company is working to update each unit! the neighbor ... more

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Watershed Community Development Logo

Watershed Community Development

Property Management Company

6562 5th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108
Lisa Cathey

Doing great things!!!

( 80 Reviews )
Belong Logo


Property Management Company

720 Seneca St ste 107 #1082 Seattle, WA 98101
Paul Carr (PJC3)

As usual, service was very responsive and prompt. Thank you again!

( 8 Reviews )
Cushman & Wakefield - Commercial Real Estate Services Logo

Cushman & Wakefield - Commercial Real Estate Services

Commercial Real Estate Agency, Real Estate Consultant, Property Management Company

1420 5th Avenue, Suite 2600 Seattle, WA 98101
Angie A

Update: your reply is comical . If I could get help at my local office I would not have posted this review!! Cant get a call back to save my life. Cant get maintenance is ... more

( 86 Reviews )
Ballard Realty Property Management Logo

Ballard Realty Property Management

Property Management Company

1700 NW Market St Seattle, WA 98107
Myriah Key

Unprofessional. Poor communication. Do yourself a favor and do not rent from Ballard Realty. I definitely dodged a bullet!

( 5 Reviews )
RealManage Washington Logo

RealManage Washington

Property Management Company

500 Yale Ave N Suite 100 Seattle, WA 98109
Vishnu Radhakrishnan

Useless service . Their website and payment portal is the worst

( 24 Reviews )
Ziprent Logo


Property Management Company

1455 Leary Wy NW Suite 400 Seattle, WA 98107
Kimberly Bell

Ziprent has been one of the best decisions we ever made! We hired Ziprent to manage a single-family residence we own in Oakland. From the first contact, we received timel ... more

( 10 Reviews )
Holly Furen Real Estate Logo

Holly Furen Real Estate

Property Management Company

410 Boston St Seattle, WA 98109
Austin Mumford

We worked with Holly for four years managing the property we were renting. She was efficient, timely educational and always fair to both parties - it was such a pleasure ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Tapestry Associates LLC Logo

Tapestry Associates LLC

Property Management Company

Serving Seattle, WA 98103
Patrick Williams

This is an intelligent business run by some people who know what they are doing. If this service is relevant to you use it.

( 1 Reviews )
Flatiron Properties Logo

Flatiron Properties

Property Management Company

807 3rd Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
( 197 Reviews )
Greystar Logo


Corporate Office, Property Management Company

800 5th Ave #4000 Seattle, WA 98104
Vivi Gotoe

Im sure you guys are aware of how yall property at the MIRO apartments. Almost killed me and my son at the Miro apartment when our ceiling collapsed. And your management ... more

( 17 Reviews )
1806 23rd Logo

1806 23rd

Property Management Company, Apartment Complex

1806 23rd Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Raquel Kruh Petry

Smells like smoke.

( 251 Reviews )
Full Service Property Management Logo

Full Service Property Management

Property Management Company

& PO Box 78358, 12418 83rd Ave S Seattle, WA 98178
Beo Carmel

When I was able to tell Daniel Phare that I need the apartment but only for the end of the month, never expected that he can caught me on my own words.. and made it real. ... more

( 42 Reviews )
Westin Building Exchange Logo

Westin Building Exchange

Property Management Company

2001 6th Ave #300 Seattle, WA 98121
( 71 Reviews )
Weisbarth & Associates Real Estate Logo

Weisbarth & Associates Real Estate

Real Estate Agency, Mortgage Broker, Property Management Company

7000 Greenwood Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Lori Westerlund

Mary Cha is top notch awesome in every way! She helped us prepare to sell our home and move out and sold our home in record time selling our home above list price!! Her w ... more

( 440 Reviews )
Phoenix Investors LLC Logo

Phoenix Investors LLC

Property Management Company

827 NE 201st St Seattle, Washington 98155
Jonas Winn

10/10 - quick, professional and knowledgeable. A1morris will get you the right system for your needs and get it installed in a quick and professional manor.

( 2 Reviews )
Bainbridge Property Management Logo

Bainbridge Property Management

Property Management Company

High School Rd NE Seattle, WA 98110
Julie Brutocao

We rented our 4 bdrm,3 bath Bainbridge Island home for 15 years & used 3 different property managers: Cathy Weiss was by far the best property manager ever. Cathy was alw ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Apple Property Management Logo

Apple Property Management

Property Management Company

408 Raye St Seattle, WA 98109
( 3 Reviews )
The Lynn Mar Logo

The Lynn Mar

Property Management Company

5227 Brooklyn Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105
tahlia bolden

An older apartment building that is now surrounded my new modern buildings. Just two washers and dryers for the entire property, no gate for security and hard to reach pr ... more

( 21 Reviews )
Bode Greenview by Common Logo

Bode Greenview by Common

Property Management Company, Apartment Complex

8558 Nesbit Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Greg Tauti

This place is a absolute HORROR Do not live here!!! Management is a revolving door therefore they do not attend to any issues. 24/7 chaos in the pavilion and outside the ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Isabella International Domestic Search Firm Logo

Isabella International Domestic Search Firm

House Cleaning Service, Property Management Company, Cleaning Service

1546 NW 56th St Seattle, WA 98107
Rainy Galloso

Ive been in the cleaning industry for 15yrs. As a professional Im shocked at the lack of professionalism from the owner Sydney and would never consider representing a com ... more

( 14 Reviews )
Common Capitol Logo

Common Capitol

Property Management Company, Apartment Complex

422 11th Ave E Seattle, WA 98102
Tyler Brown

If you enjoy paying New York prices in Seattle for a living space that doesn't even let in sunlight let alone provide you enough room to move around in, this is the place ... more

( 0 Reviews )
Real Property Management Supreme Logo

Real Property Management Supreme

Property Management Company

14900 Interurban Ave S, Suite 294 Seattle, Washington 98168
( 21 Reviews )
Gibraltar LLC Logo

Gibraltar LLC

Commercial Real Estate Agency, Property Management Company, Real Estate Agency

720 Seneca St B, Apt 108 Seattle, WA 98101
Arne Bjorkelo

I communicated with Laura Miller on three occasions regarding a commercial lease.While she said she was interested, I could tell she was not listening to a word that I sa ... more

( 0 Reviews )
Kastle Systems Logo

Kastle Systems

Property Management Company

1201 Second Ave., Suite 900 Seattle, Washington 98101
( 72 Reviews )
Latchel Logo


Software Company, Service Establishment, Property Maintenance

Serving Seattle, WA 98101
Pedro Garcia

This company is trash

( 12 Reviews )
Betterstay Logo


Short Term Apartment Rental Agency, Service Establishment, Property Management Company

Serving Seattle, WA 98101
Karen Lam

Have stayed with Betterstay vacation rentals in Bellevue a few times. Their houses are well-furnished with modern furnitures and decor, very clean, well stocked with ki ... more

( 23 Reviews )
Hive Logo


Property Management Company, Apartment Building

6717 Roosevelt Way NE #103 Seattle, WA 98115

I recently moved into an apartment through Hive. The application and move in process was so smooth and the staff was incredibly helpful! They are very responsive and real ... more

( 8 Reviews )
GRE Management Logo

GRE Management

Property Management Company

2801 Alaskan Wy Seattle, WA 98121
Alice Oak

I have been without power in my apartment for a week and two days. Our current building manager has lied to us about it being a PUD problem, scheduled maintenance that di ... more