Seattle, WA Vietnamese Restaurant

( 37 Reviews )
Cranes Landing Logo

Cranes Landing

Vietnamese Restaurant

1430 Harvard Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Maritza Rivas

Didn't know this restaurant was so close to work. Absolutely loved it. Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 5/5 Recommended dishes Spring Roll, Pho More

( 116 Reviews )
Queen Ca Phe Logo

Queen Ca Phe

Vietnamese Restaurant

2231 Queen Anne Ave N Seattle, WA 98109

Love the steak pho herethe broth is so delicious! I really like the way they package it for takeout, tooeverything kept separate until youre ready to combine it all. And ... more

( 94 Reviews )
Voi C Ph Logo

Voi C Ph

Coffee Shop, Vietnamese Restaurant, Sandwich Shop

6105 13th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108

I had their pork patty banh mi and it was honestly so good. Love their variety of options, it's nice to see the pate cold cut banh mi, will definitely be coming back to t ... more

( 155 Reviews )
Vinason Pho Kitchen - SODO Logo

Vinason Pho Kitchen - SODO

Vietnamese Restaurant, Bar

1521 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98134
Frederick Young

Food was just subpar. They ran out of cider after I bought a $50 drink card and refused to change it. If you are going to an event in SoDo, please consider another establ ... more

( 49 Reviews )
Pho BT Logo

Pho BT

Vietnamese Restaurant

12008 Des Moines Memorial Dr Seattle, WA 98168
chia thach

Food delicious... probably the best pho and Bahn mi in the universe..

( 194 Reviews )
Alki Pho & Bar Logo

Alki Pho & Bar

Vietnamese Restaurant

2808 Alki Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116
Temarus Carlisle

This Pho spot was phenomenal in so many ways. The broth is as close to perfection as it's going to get. Rice plates are delicious and pleasant on the pallet. Highly recom ... more

( 80 Reviews )
Bonjour Vietnam Logo

Bonjour Vietnam

Vietnamese Restaurant

4509 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116
eric tran

Gordon Ramsey would be disappointed due to the fact they were using the microwave to heat up my food before serving it to me.. you could hear em using it before bringing ... more

( 331 Reviews )
Lotus Pond Vietnamese Cuisine Logo

Lotus Pond Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Family Restaurant

12752 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA 98133
Truong Nguyen

This spot is seriously one of my top picks! It's like finding a slice of Vietnam right here. Totally a hidden gem! You've gotta try their Bun Bo Hue; it's spicy, packed w ... more

( 339 Reviews )
Pho-S Logo


Vietnamese Restaurant, Southeast Asian Restaurant, Pho Restaurant

9646 16th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98106
Angie J

Veggie curry with tofu is incredible!

( 320 Reviews )
Billiard Hoang Logo

Billiard Hoang

Vietnamese Restaurant

3220 S Hudson St Seattle, WA 98118
Trinity Cider

Great hidden gem for good food, drinks, and pool! Recommended dishes Pho Noodle Soup More

( 44 Reviews )
CrackleMi - Vietnamese Grill & Cafe Logo

CrackleMi - Vietnamese Grill & Cafe

Vietnamese Restaurant

5605 22nd Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
Cyndy Dinsel

Order to the time of food arrived was quick! Bussin Bowl was amazing! Loss of star due to the smell of Febreeze being used somewhere and thats all I could smell from the ... more

( 88 Reviews )
Vietlicious Logo


Vietnamese Restaurant

1303 Madison St Seattle, WA 98104
Alex K.

We put in an order for a banh mi and spring rolls. We waited for 25 minutes before we decided to check on our order. Turns out they hadn't even started making it. The ... more

( 4 Reviews )
District 4 Cafe Logo

District 4 Cafe

Vietnamese Restaurant, Coffee Shop

5600 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98105
anna banana

This place isn't even opened. It took me 30 minutes to commute here just to realize they are closed even though this page and the DoorDash page is up. The location is bas ... more

( 146 Reviews )
Cafe Pho Logo

Cafe Pho

Vietnamese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Southeast Asian Restaurant

401 NE Northgate Way Seattle, WA 98125
Jason Mcclendon

Even though most of the mall is closing this is still one of my favorite pho places to eat. Normally no lines or waiting around on a table. Just come in set down order an ... more

( 92 Reviews )
Pho Tran Logo

Pho Tran

Vietnamese Restaurant, Restaurant

4213 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105
Eric Owen

Very comfortable place and amazing service I will definitely be coming back in the near future 😁😁🤓

( 151 Reviews )
Tangerine Tree Logo

Tangerine Tree

Vietnamese Restaurant

1430 Harvard Ave Seattle, WA 98122

The noodles where a bit soggy and soup too salty

( 267 Reviews )
Hue Ky Mi Gia Logo

Hue Ky Mi Gia

Vietnamese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Chinese Noodle Restaurant

1207 S Jackson St #101 Seattle, WA 98144

Fried butter chicken wings 10/10 Must order! Juicy and tasty Duck noodle soup 10/10 great

( 225 Reviews )
Phở Than Brothers Logo

Phở Than Brothers

Vietnamese Restaurant, Restaurant

8 W Mercer St Seattle, WA 98119
Timothy Radonich

The pho is mm mmmm good. Includes puff pastry for desert.

( 64 Reviews )
Origin Vietnamese Bistro Logo

Origin Vietnamese Bistro

Vietnamese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Bistro

727 S 223rd St Seattle, WA 98198
Bobbie E

Tasty food and the best fresh lemongrass noodle bowls. Fresh rolls are the best ever.

( 66 Reviews )
Huong Xua Logo

Huong Xua

Vietnamese Restaurant, Sandwich Shop, Vietnamese Restaurant

9629 16th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98106
Oliver Romero

4.7 easy! I got the roasted pork Bahn Mi, and it was the best I've ever had. If I worked in this area, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be here every day. Delicious por ... more

( 76 Reviews )
Spring Kitchen Logo

Spring Kitchen

Vietnamese Restaurant, Thai Restaurant

4002 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105
Brian McGinley

Great place right off campus to get good vietnamese food. Friendly staff

( 52 Reviews )
Tigerly Ox - Vietnamese Eatery Logo

Tigerly Ox - Vietnamese Eatery

Vietnamese Restaurant, Sandwich Shop

2207 E Madison St Seattle, WA 98122
Bob Hewingr

Everything here is super slow

( 92 Reviews )
Mr. Saigon Logo

Mr. Saigon

Vietnamese Restaurant

215 Pike St Seattle, WA 98101
Emily Cahill

Hopefully they close permanently. Awful

( 91 Reviews )
Mais Kitchen Logo

Mais Kitchen

Vietnamese Restaurant

1150 11th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Why Ell

BBH missing blood cube which was very disappointing. Food was decent esp since there aren't (m)any Vietnamese restaurants on the hill.

( 16 Reviews )
Banh Mi Unwrapped Logo

Banh Mi Unwrapped

Vietnamese Restaurant, Restaurant

4725 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105
Max Edenholm

Great food

( 294 Reviews )
Pho Than Brothers Westseattle Logo

Pho Than Brothers Westseattle

Pho Restaurant, Vietnamese Restaurant

4822 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116
Susan McKee

Best broth

( 257 Reviews )
Phở Vietnam Logo

Phở Vietnam

Vietnamese Restaurant

7040 15th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117
Ryan Jones

Lots of local pho lately and this one maybe the new regular. Still trying variations but broth has flavor not oily. So win there. Fresh sprouts and basil (freshest around ... more

( 1225 Reviews )
Tamarind Tree Logo

Tamarind Tree

Vietnamese Restaurant

1036 S Jackson St Seattle, WA 98104

Good food, good atmosphere, good service. Love taking out-of-town friends and family there for that wow factor! Recommended dishes Pork Chop Broken Rice with Shredded Por ... more

( 101 Reviews )
Phở Bắc Logo

Phở Bắc

Vietnamese Restaurant

1923 7th Ave Seattle, WA 98101
Cory Zhou

Best pho.

( 134 Reviews )
Pho Than Brothers Logo

Pho Than Brothers

Vietnamese Restaurant

2309 N 45th St Seattle, WA 98103

(Translated by Google) This is a rice noodle restaurant located in Fremont. It's rare to find a restaurant with the name 'Pho Than Brothers' in Seattle. I visited the sto ... more

( 291 Reviews )
Pho Dinh Restaurant Logo

Pho Dinh Restaurant

Miscellaneous, Vietnamese Restaurant

21831 Marine View Dr S Seattle, WA 98198
Eddie Pablo

I was skeptical at first because there was no one else present. After I received my food, the large #1, was pleasantly surprised. The soup was excellent.

( 98 Reviews )
Time Bistro Logo

Time Bistro

Vietnamese Restaurant

4537B University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105
Kate L.

Best vegan chicken curry I've ever eaten. I will be coming back, I want to try every vegan option they have on the menu. I cannot believe how great the texture and fl ... more

( 80 Reviews )
Huong Que Deli and Cafe Logo

Huong Que Deli and Cafe

Vietnamese Restaurant

7127 Martin Luther King Jr Way S Seattle, WA 98118
Tao Nguyen

It's a hole in the wall but this place has the best dry noodles (rice or egg noodles). The owner she's extremely clean so DON'T LET THE OUTSIDE fool you!

( 191 Reviews )
Hoang Lan Restaurant Logo

Hoang Lan Restaurant

Vietnamese Restaurant, Restaurant

7119 Martin Luther King Jr Way S Seattle, WA 98118
Minh Hua

Best bun bo hue in Seattle! Also like their vermicelli bowls - the freshest I've had in this area. This is a bit of a dive place but the food is better than the fancy pla ... more

( 459 Reviews )
Lucky's Pho Logo

Lucky's Pho

Vietnamese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Bubble Tea Store

3414 Fremont Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Gwyneth F.

The pho Ga was excellent. Rich broth, great noodles and the chicken was nice. I also hot a bon mi. I am not sure if i liked it but i was also too full to judge fairly.

( 363 Reviews )
An Nam Pho Logo

An Nam Pho

Vietnamese Restaurant

6510 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98115
Kim Singletary

Super friendly and helpful staff, very clean and the most amazing chefs in town! Top notch!! Thank you so much

( 731 Reviews )
Đồng Tháp Noodles Logo

Đồng Tháp Noodles

Vietnamese Restaurant, Restaurant, Vietnamese Restaurant

303 12th Ave S Suite A Seattle, WA 98144
C.J. Trachta

A delightful bowl of ph at a reasonable price. The flavor grew more and more comforting across the meal.

( 450 Reviews )
Moonlight Cafe Logo

Moonlight Cafe

Vietnamese Restaurant, Vegetarian Restaurant

1919 S Jackson St Seattle, WA 98144
Justin McReynolds

Great pho! Food : 5/5 | Service : 5/5 | Atmosphere : 4/5 More

( 543 Reviews )
Local Pho Logo

Local Pho

Vietnamese Restaurant

2230 3rd Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Darren B.

Every time I come here I get the sesame beef banh mi with a side of pho broth and it never disappoints. Granted I find myself paying a bit more for banh mi than I would i ... more

( 631 Reviews )
Rainier Restaurant and BBQ Logo

Rainier Restaurant and BBQ

Vietnamese Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant

6400 Martin Luther King Jr Way S Seattle, WA 98118
Ryan Tan

I've been coming here for the past decade and generally the food is great. Usually 5 stars every time, but on this occasion I ordered my usual favorite grilled short ribs ... more

( 195 Reviews )
Mi La Cay Logo

Mi La Cay

Vietnamese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Noodle Shop

212 12th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144
Mateo Dahlstrom

I have been to this restaurant since I was a little kid. The portions, deliciousness, and reasonable pricing has been consistent since I can remember. The duck is my favo ... more

( 524 Reviews )
Meekong Bar Logo

Meekong Bar

Asian Fusion Restaurant, Vietnamese Restaurant

2525 4th Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Jordan Ramos (Famousramos_036)

Very friendly and accommodating staff!

( 284 Reviews )
Pho-White Center Logo

Pho-White Center

Vietnamese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Southeast Asian Restaurant

9642 16th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98106
Cardina M. Tam

Love their pho and shrimp spring rolls. Definitely a solid spot for pho. But Id only go for that. Ordered their noodles pad Thai, and fried rice before, its not good. Gre ... more

( 543 Reviews )
Vinason Pho Kitchen - South Lake Union Seattle Logo

Vinason Pho Kitchen - South Lake Union Seattle

Vietnamese Restaurant

2134 Westlake Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Daylan Sit

Got a rice bowl with undercooked chicken and pork and got food poisoning

( 126 Reviews )
Vietnam Cafe & Sandwich Logo

Vietnam Cafe & Sandwich

Vietnamese Restaurant

5701 15th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
Hillel Baderman

tofu banh mi is the one

( 388 Reviews )
Pho Aroma Logo

Pho Aroma

Vietnamese Restaurant, Restaurant

5605 Delridge Way SW Seattle, WA 98106
Vincent Meanie

Try the curry and the crepe.

( 275 Reviews )
New Leaf Bistro Logo

New Leaf Bistro

Vietnamese Restaurant, Restaurant

2342 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116
Parker Whittle

Wonderful pho! Also great stir-fries and pad thai. The service is always friendly and attentive.

( 414 Reviews )


Vietnamese Restaurant, Pho Restaurant, Restaurant

527 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102
Zhiyao Li

Good service and convenient location but mediocre pho

( 62 Reviews )
L L Teriyaki and Pho Logo

L L Teriyaki and Pho

Vietnamese Restaurant, Restaurant

3224 Rainier Ave S Seattle, WA 98144

Delicious food at incredible prices and the best service. Call your order in fit lunch because its always packed with high-school kids during this time.

( 194 Reviews )
Wicked Chopstix Logo

Wicked Chopstix

Vietnamese Restaurant, Asian Restaurant, Pho Restaurant

6021 Martin Luther King Jr Way S Seattle, WA 98118
Chris Farrar

Ordered Pho Tai with extra lime, basil & Hoison sauce. Charged extra but given normal amount in bag...