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Clarity Counseling Seattle Logo

Clarity Counseling Seattle


1836 Westlake Ave North, Suite 303 Seattle, Washington 98109
Mary Gress

I have been working with Lindsey Pepperoni for about a year and it is clear to me she is a smart and gifted therapist. She creates a warm and inviting environment that al ... more

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Lasting Love Connection Logo

Lasting Love Connection

Marriage Or Relationship Counselor, Counselor, Family Counselor

50 University St Seattle, WA 98101

My experiences with Luis not only saved my relationship, but also gave me skills that make me a better communicator in general. I went into our consultation thinking that ... more

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Self Space (Downtown) Logo

Self Space (Downtown)


2033 6th Ave #826 Seattle, WA 98121
Ivy Beck

Highly recommend seeing Lily! She makes you feel totally at ease, is gentle, personable, and has a great sense of humor. Literally the perfect counselor. You wont regret ... more

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D-I-V Design Agency Logo

D-I-V Design Agency

Counselor, Family Counselor, Sexologist

2812 S Jackson St Seattle, WA 98144
Robert Diedrich

If I could rate 10/10 stars I would. Amy is billed as "sex therapist, life coach, mediator" on Yelp and for me she was all 3 in that order. My previous experience with th ... more

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Acuity Counseling Logo

Acuity Counseling


600 Stewart St Suite 1228 Seattle, WA 98101
John Plascencia

My counselor at this location was amazing. But beware. This office has a very shady billing department. For starters, they do not look up your insurance before an appoint ... more

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Kendra Kirsonis Therapy

Psychotherapist, Counselor, Family Counselor

5424 Ballard Ave NW #300 Seattle, WA 98107
Chelsea Pfeiffer

Kendra is an absolute joy to work with, I would highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance through a difficult time or working through a complicated situation that i ... more

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Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle Logo

Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle

Mental Health Clinic, Counselor, Mental Health Service

1200 5th Ave #800 Seattle, WA 98101
Jason Luoma

This clinic is one of the leading treatment centers in Seattle and a center of excellence in providing the best care possible guided by what science shows is most effecti ... more

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Maulding Counseling Logo

Maulding Counseling


3250 Airport Way S Suite 633 Seattle, Washington 98134
denise rogers

My Son was heavy into drugs when he found out he had cancer. During his treatments John gave my Son the support he needed and helped to turn his life around. I can truly ... more

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Intervention Help, LLC Logo

Intervention Help, LLC

Counselor, Addiction Treatment Center

4649 Sunnyside Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Brad Lamm

Joyce is great. Helps so many. Thank you!

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Lisa Kothari, MA, LMHC, NCC Logo

Lisa Kothari, MA, LMHC, NCC


106 10th Ave E, Unit B Seattle, WA 98102
Nicole Chastain

I did not receive services from Lisa, but I know her personally and she’s is kind, empathetic, a wonderful listener and someone who truly cares. I recommend her wholehe ... more

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Connected by Love Adoptions Logo

Connected by Love Adoptions

Adoption Agency, Counselor

1700 Westlake Ave N #200 Seattle, WA 98109

Heather, Margeaux, and their team are absolute gems! They made a daunting task in the adoption process lovely and accessible. We didnt feel judged at any point and they w ... more

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Allison Fine - Counseling for Inner Balance Logo

Allison Fine - Counseling for Inner Balance

Counselor, Social Worker, Psychotherapist

5608 17th Ave NW Suite 1669 Seattle, WA 98107
Joelle Craft

I've been working with Allison for over 5 years now. She understands the complexities of having a chronic illness and all that comes with it. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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Adam Seward, LMHC Logo

Adam Seward, LMHC

Counselor, Family Counselor, Marriage Or Relationship Counselor

701 N 36th St Suite 410 Seattle, WA 98103
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Institute for Therapeutic Learning & FindingTrue Magic Logo

Institute for Therapeutic Learning & FindingTrue Magic

Hypnotherapy Service, Adult Education School, Counselor

7057 26th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117
Margaret Rottsolk

I've been learning a tremendous number of skills and insights here that help myself and my clients. Thank you, Jack!

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Vital Flow Therapy Logo

Vital Flow Therapy


1752 NW Market St #4822 Seattle, WA 98107
christopher raykovich

As a skilled therapist, Brandon has been able to provide the kind of support, feedback, and guidance I needed to make positive changes in my life. I am very grateful for ... more

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Cynthia Seager, LMHC, PLLC Logo

Cynthia Seager, LMHC, PLLC

Counselor, Coaching Center

1220 Westlake Ave N Suite A (main floor Seattle, WA 98109
Skyslayerstar Starlow

I've actually personally been looking for help with my adhd. I don't have it treated currently and really need someone with the expertise to talk about it with.

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Seattle Couples Counseling & Group Therapy Seattle Logo

Seattle Couples Counseling & Group Therapy Seattle

Counselor, Marriage Or Relationship Counselor, Psychotherapist

10756 Exeter Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125
Dan F.

As soon as I walked in their place I was completely creeped out.  Nothing has been updated since the 70s, there was a bearskin rug and chrome and mirrors and velvet every ... more

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Clawson Counseling Logo

Clawson Counseling


18 W Mercer St #380 Seattle, WA 98119
Paris Wolf

Khloe is the best therapist in North America. As a previous homeless veteran Clawson counseling assisted me with therapy and resources that have saved my life. I now have ... more

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Thomas Auflick PLLC Logo

Thomas Auflick PLLC

Counselor, Meditation Instructor, Marriage Or Relationship Counselor

3515 SW Alaska St Seattle, WA 98126
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Penumbra Counseling Logo

Penumbra Counseling


753 N 35th St #305 Seattle, WA 98103

Peter is very kind, competent, and calming. He is also well organized and there were no administrative issues. Had a very positive experience and would highly recommend ... more

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Interconnected Counseling Elizabeth Sikes, PhD, LMHC Logo

Interconnected Counseling Elizabeth Sikes, PhD, LMHC

Psychotherapist, Counselor

3136 E Madison St suite 300 s Seattle, WA 98112
Peter Farnum

When I started treatment with Dr Sikes earlier this year I had significant issues with anxiety. Now, after eight months of weekly sessions, I am dealing with my anxiety ... more

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Katrina M. Knutson Logo

Katrina M. Knutson


2366 Eastlake Ave E #210 Seattle, WA 98102
Amber Morris

Caring understanding makes me feel heard.

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Nesreen L. Medina ND, LAc, EAMP Logo

Nesreen L. Medina ND, LAc, EAMP

Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Naturopathic Practitioner, Counselor

9057 Greenwood Ave N # C205 Seattle, WA 98103
Tiffany Shuck

Nesreen is great. I have been getting acupuncture and cupping for my lower back and I have definitely seen improvement. I would highly recommend her!

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Maria Dalbotten Logo

Maria Dalbotten


2012 NE 65th St Seattle, WA 98115
Krystal Ying

Maria is an awesome therapist! She listens with curiosity and compassion, and makes people feel seen. Maria is sought after for her unique expertise in brain trauma and y ... more

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Sarozek Gary, MA, LMHC Logo

Sarozek Gary, MA, LMHC


2366 Eastlake Ave E Areis Building Seattle, WA 98102
Katherine Karaus

Gary is a great counselor, who I worked with regularly several years ago and again (virtually) more recently. He has a lot of humor and compassion, and takes a balanced a ... more

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Grenley Therapy Logo

Grenley Therapy


18 W Mercer St Seattle, WA 98119
Deborah Rome

Very insightful and kind

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Savoy Counseling Logo

Savoy Counseling


5608 17th Ave NW #883 Seattle, WA 98107
terri peng

Tiffany is a compassionate and kind therapist who knows what she is doing! Would recommend!

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Denita Benyshek, PhD, LMHC Logo

Denita Benyshek, PhD, LMHC

Counselor, Mental Health Service

5608 17th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
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Joe Henry Counseling Logo

Joe Henry Counseling


3123 Fairview Ave E STE 204 Seattle, WA 98102
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Sima Kulshreshtha, LICSW Logo

Sima Kulshreshtha, LICSW


1728 E Madison St Seattle, WA 98122
Sadie Klingman

I've been working with Sima for the past almost two years and she is incredible. I highly recommend her and her colleagues!

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Janet Arthur, Counselor Logo

Janet Arthur, Counselor

Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist

1448 NW Market St Suite 210 Seattle, WA 98107
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Joey Pickering, LMHC Logo

Joey Pickering, LMHC

Counselor, Psychologist, Mental Health Service

620 S Orcas St Seattle, WA 98108
Sandy N

I have worked with Joey p i c k e r i n g many years ago. He has left a full heart and full understanding of his expertise in mental health. Hi Joey

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Ben Braaksma LMHC Logo

Ben Braaksma LMHC


600 N 36th St #210 Seattle, WA 98103
Nick Clark

Ive known Ben professionally and personally for over six years. If youre looking for a great therapist in the Seattle area, I can give you my highest recommendation in Be ... more

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Swedish Outpatient Rehabilitation - First Hill - CLOSED Logo

Swedish Outpatient Rehabilitation - First Hill - CLOSED


1229 Madison St., Nordstrom Tower, Suite 1050 Seattle, WA 98104
Mikah Kuspa

Talked to an extremely helpful receptionist on the phone who did the leg work for me to figure out what I needed. Thanks Haley!

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Watson Therapeutic & Wellness Center, PLLC Logo

Watson Therapeutic & Wellness Center, PLLC


600 1st Ave Ste 102 Seattle, WA 98104
Jordan E

Excellent provider and service.

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Ralph A. Fragale, MA Logo

Ralph A. Fragale, MA

Counselor, Mental Health Service

1818 E Mercer St #101 Seattle, WA 98112
Koby Andrews-Howards

I saw Ralph for 5 years, between 2014 and 2019. Since moving from Seattle and having to cease seeing him, I have been helped by 3 other therapists, all of which I find my ... more

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Jess Dale Logo

Jess Dale


4864 Rainier Ave S Seattle, WA 98118
Jade H

A wonderful, caring, ethical therapist.

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Sally Neumann Logo

Sally Neumann


First West Building, 200 1st Ave W Seattle, WA 98119
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Victoria Livingston Logo

Victoria Livingston

Counselor, Family Counselor

820 W Howe St Seattle, WA 98119
Dagmar Wood

I saw Victoria for about 10 years off and on. She is remarkable.

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Sandra Nunez Therapy Logo

Sandra Nunez Therapy


5000 Fauntleroy Wy SW Seattle, WA 98136
Jody Leon

I can't thank Sandra enough for the work we've done together over the years. It wasn't always easy but the outcome was worth it. She's insightful, caring and intuitive. ... more

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Spiritual Eros Logo

Spiritual Eros

Counselor, Life Coach

11415 88th Ave S Unit 1 Seattle, WA 98178
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drchristyhofsess Logo



4425 Fremont Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Alyssa 1822

Christy is a great therapist. She listens compassionately and helps come up with solutions that you can enact b/c she works on your level. She wants you to be successful.

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Tsion Kidane Logo

Tsion Kidane


12360 Lake City Way NE # 420 Seattle, WA 98125
Megan Weger

One of the best therapists I've ever had. She is amazing.

( 10 Reviews )
Pacific NorthWell Logo

Pacific NorthWell


2033 6th Ave #826 Seattle, WA 98121
Stephenie B

I've been seeing Kristen for a year now and I can say unequivocally that she is by far and away the best therapist I've EVER had!!! She listens so carefully, is very open ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Michelle Furtado Counseling, PLLC Logo

Michelle Furtado Counseling, PLLC


1417 NW 54th St Suite 431 Seattle, WA 98107
Toni Aswegan

Michelle is a colleague of mine, and I cannot recommend her highly enough! We regularly consult about our work, and I find Michelle to be a huge support. She is compassio ... more

( 5 Reviews )
Green Coast Counseling Logo

Green Coast Counseling


19530 International Blvd # 200 Seattle, WA 98188
Jesse Deildale

I had such a pleasure working with Sam and Sonia, They are both incredibly kind and warm. They are passionate about helping people, and I would say anyone who has the opp ... more

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Noreen Wedman, Lmhca Logo

Noreen Wedman, Lmhca


2611 3rd Ave W Seattle, WA 98119
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Shannon Sprung MA LMHC Logo

Shannon Sprung MA LMHC


4302 SW Alaska St #200 Seattle, WA 98116
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Carolyn Skolnick MA LMHC CP Logo

Carolyn Skolnick MA LMHC CP


8217 20th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98115
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Dr. Rena Frye Logo

Dr. Rena Frye

Psychologist, Counselor, Social Worker

3400 Harbor Ave SW Ste 414 Seattle, WA 98126
David Ortiz

She is the best confident friend