Seattle, WA Social Services Organization

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WRF Capital Logo

WRF Capital

Non-Profit Organization, Social Services Organization

2815 Eastlake Ave E # 300 Seattle, WA 98102
Andrew Lewis

Would pitch again.

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Meals Partnership Coalition Logo

Meals Partnership Coalition

Social Services Organization

2515 Western Ave Seattle, WA 98121
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St Joseph Adult Family Home Care Logo

St Joseph Adult Family Home Care

Social Services Organization

1759 NE 148th St Seattle, WA 98155
( 26 Reviews )
Adult Protective Services Logo

Adult Protective Services

Social Services Organization

1737 Airport Wy S #130 Seattle, WA 98134
Ray Sayward

A neighbor with alzheimers was dying from an infected ostomy bag refusing food or medical care so we called aps. They came out and investigated. Nothing changed. Then he ... more

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YMCA Social Impact Center Logo

YMCA Social Impact Center

Youth Organization, Non-Profit Organization, Social Services Organization

2100 24th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144
LINE 007

A long time ago, I used this place as a base, paid for a three-week stay, and went sightseeing in San Francisco on the Greyhound. Nostalgic The facilities were modestly m ... more

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Community Psychiatric Clinic - Belltown Logo

Community Psychiatric Clinic - Belltown

Mental Health Service, Addiction Treatment Center, Alcoholism Treatment Program

2329 4th Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Rhiannan Garcia

One star specifically for the the woman I dealt with at the front desk today. Very unprofessional, had a completely wrong county for my address and gave no explanation ot ... more

( 31 Reviews )
Wellspring Family Services Logo

Wellspring Family Services

Non-Profit Organization, Family Counselor, Homeless Service

1900 Rainier Ave S Seattle, WA 98144
Federico Ramos Puente (Spaniard)

Pathetic..... That's about sums it up.

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Ruth Dykeman Children's Center Logo

Ruth Dykeman Children's Center

Social Services Organization, Non-Profit Organization

1033 SW 152nd St Seattle, WA 98166
Tiffany Snyder

Friendly, helpful staff willing to do everything they can to help both you and your kiddo through challenging times.

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Donated Dental Services Logo

Donated Dental Services

Social Services Organization

2201 6th Ave #1210, Ste 1306 Seattle, WA 98121
Greenriver House

Wonderful to deal with. Helped me out with all my issues work that I could never afford myself. SO GRATEFUL for this organization

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Appointment Desk Logo

Appointment Desk

Social Services Organization

755 N 182nd St Seattle, WA 98133
Keith Charles

Service people weren't available

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FamilyWorks - Wallingford Food Bank Logo

FamilyWorks - Wallingford Food Bank

Food Bank, Family Service Center, Social Services Organization

1501 N 45th St Seattle, WA 98103
emmett craig

Resources personnel are outgoing, friendly and professional. The food bank would suffer little if any in the absence of check station holders. No-prep bag recipients a go ... more

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Seattle City of Wic Program Logo

Seattle City of Wic Program

Public Health Department, Social Services Organization

2124 4th Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Logan Seybold

Haven't had any issues personally. The Primary care on the 2nd floor has gotten me a same day appointment for a medication that I needed that very day and they were able ... more

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Community Birth Center of Seat Logo

Community Birth Center of Seat

Social Services Organization

4464 Fremont Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
Molly Bozarth

The team at Center for Birth could not have provided better care for me and my baby! The regular, detailed appointments made me feel secure with all of the changes happen ... more

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YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish Logo

YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish

Non-Profit Organization, Social Services Organization

1118 5th Ave Seattle, WA 98101
Noel Rubin

I had a terrible experience going here for help. Me, my wife and my 6 children need to find shelter and need food. Matthew Lawrence was no help and he scared my children ... more

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White Center Community Services Office Logo

White Center Community Services Office

Social Services Organization

9650 15th Ave SW #200 Seattle, WA 98106
Davis Rodriguez

Good service

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Search Engine Optimist Logo

Search Engine Optimist

Social Services Organization

14419 Greenwood Ave N Seattle, WA 98133
Wendy Smith

I have a very small business and know Carl from another context, so he was kind enough to give me a brief advice session over the phone. He told me some important change ... more

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Tukwila Human Services Division Logo

Tukwila Human Services Division

Social Services Organization, Social Services Organization

6300 Southcenter Blvd Seattle, WA 98188
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Horn of Africa Services Logo

Horn of Africa Services

Social Services Organization

5303 Rainier Ave S suite d Seattle, WA 98118
Bashi Harmu

I am never get help from them the work for just friend and cause if you don't have cause or Friends you not never get help from them is the what is agency especially who ... more

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Linas Adult Family Home Logo

Linas Adult Family Home

Social Services Organization

1833 S 243rd St Seattle, WA 98198

Loving, Clean and Wonderful Staff

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Widowed Information & Consultation Logo

Widowed Information & Consultation

Social Services Organization

446 SW 156th St Seattle, WA 98166
Robert Brooke

I joined WICS in 1994 after my wife passed on at 45 years of age. It was the one place that I could go to each week knowing that others were going through exactly what I ... more

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Housing and Essential Needs, King County Logo

Housing and Essential Needs, King County

Social Services Organization

2329 Rainier Ave S Seattle, WA 98144
Jim Howard

Approved for benefits, but this organization cant get its act together and get its funding so its of no help at all. Dont bother. They have no idea when the funding is ... more

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Rose of Lima House Logo

Rose of Lima House

Homeless Shelter, Social Services Organization

118 Bell St Seattle, WA 98121
charlotte turner

This is my home I started with. Nothing and now I'm in my own apt. And all resources I need are basically just a few steps away

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Share & Care House Logo

Share & Care House

Social Services Organization

11456 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98168
Michael Gulla 1st

I've learned working with them how they help me keep my feet on the ground and a good amount of change in my pocket

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Neighborhood House Logo

Neighborhood House

Non-Profit Organization, Social Services Organization

9800 8th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98106
andrian sherman

They are discriminatory in giving assistance to blacks but they will help you with some things, however, they won't tell you all the assistance in the program nor will th ... more

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Robin Shapiro Logo

Robin Shapiro

Social Services Organization

843 Ne 66th St Seattle, WA 98115
Karolina Radziewicz

I went for trauma conference in London 2017. Lecture of Robin Shapiro was one of the most informative ones especially for people who coping with sexual abuse.

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The Salvation Army Federal Way Logo

The Salvation Army Federal Way

Social Services Organization

26419 16th Ave S Seattle, WA 98198
Amber Beaver

They are great and know how to do there job right

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Casey Family Programs Logo

Casey Family Programs

Social Services Organization

1123 23rd Ave Seattle, WA 98122
SoCal Punx

Had trouble getting information about the resources offered,when asking the employees working at the front desk. Seems like a good program , but will probably refer my c ... more

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Lutheran Community Services Northwest Logo

Lutheran Community Services Northwest

Social Services Organization, Association Or Organization

1107 NE 45th St suite 200 Seattle, WA 98105

I've reached out to this place concerning the compass center in Seattle which they are affiliated with but I was told they cannot control anything that they do which make ... more

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Filipino American National Historical Society Logo

Filipino American National Historical Society

Non-Profit Organization, Social Services Organization

810 18th Ave #100 Seattle, WA 98122
( 3 Reviews )
Seattle YMCA Foster Care Logo

Seattle YMCA Foster Care

Youth Social Services Organization, Social Services Organization

2100 24th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144
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Ovarian & Breast Cancer Allnc Logo

Ovarian & Breast Cancer Allnc

Social Services Organization

4616 25th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105
Charles Cooper

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization promoting ovarian cancer and breast cancer education, awareness, and research.

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Bainbridge Youth Services Logo

Bainbridge Youth Services

Social Services Organization

8533 Madison Ave N Seattle, WA 98110
Pearle Paar

Thank you so much for tutoring!

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Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP) Logo

Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP)

Social Services Organization

929 N 130th St Suite #7 Seattle, WA 98133
Amelia Williams

Awesome. Great support, great resource, and program

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Sajd Logo


Social Services Organization

1625 19th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
ahab sami

(Translated by Google) fishing (Original) sajd

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American Friends Services Committee Logo

American Friends Services Committee

Social Services Organization

814 NE 40th St Seattle, WA 98105
Eric Meissner

A mens shelter with capacity of something like 42. Staffed by Catholic Community Services and run by Operation Nightwatch. Referrals are by Operation Nightwatch.

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Children's Home Society Logo

Children's Home Society

Social Services Organization

3300 NE 65th St Seattle, WA 98115
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Washington Federal Logo

Washington Federal

Social Services Organization

425 Pike st Ste 100, Suitee 100 Seattle, WA 98101
Destinee Sanders

Still deciding. Took over a month to get my debit card. Outside of the delay the service is decent. Accounts are packed with benefits.

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Lazarus Day Center Logo

Lazarus Day Center

Social Services Organization

416 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98104
Gabriel Hartman

Awesome nonprofit.

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Full Life Care Logo

Full Life Care

Social Services Organization

800 Jefferson St Suite 620 Seattle, WA 98104
john spurlock

Workers do not care about belong got thrown out of my apartment because it was so dirty and that they were contracted to clean it stuff was thrown away in the garbage whi ... more

( 69 Reviews )
University Family YMCA Logo

University Family YMCA

Youth Organization, Community Center, Fitness Center

5003 12th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105
Barbara K.

I was hesitant about joining at this location. It is small,  the equipment not new and shiny.  However, there's new stuff coming in.I decided to go this route as  I h ... more

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Washington Fair Trade Coalition Logo

Washington Fair Trade Coalition

Social Services Organization

1322 S Bayview St Seattle, WA 98144
( 2 Reviews )
The Salvation Army Family Services Logo

The Salvation Army Family Services

Social Services Organization

1107 Pike St Seattle, WA 98101
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Medina Foundation Logo

Medina Foundation

Social Services Organization

801 2nd Ave #1300 Seattle, WA 98104
Jennifer Frisk

I love how they have grants for operations and not just services

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Supervised Child Visitation Centers and Services | AT INDABA Logo

Supervised Child Visitation Centers and Services | AT INDABA

Social Services Organization

2808 E Madison St #200 Seattle, WA 98112
Nikia Demmings

This facility lacks professionalism by emailing visit notifications late, poor communication and extremely unorganized. When making a request of simply trying to gather i ... more

( 20 Reviews )
Spruce Street Inn Logo

Spruce Street Inn

Social Services Organization

1102 E Spruce St Seattle, WA 98122
Lisa Raquel

This place is HORRIBLE! Word to my mama💯 I been here so many times and every time was not very pleasant. Girls stole my stuff. Makeup, clothes and the staff had nothin ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Twin Bridges pioneer industries Logo

Twin Bridges pioneer industries

Social Services Organization

1727 Belmont Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Joseph A.

Lots of people

( 5 Reviews )
DESC's Auxiliary Shelter Logo

DESC's Auxiliary Shelter

Social Services Organization

505 3rd Ave Seattle, WA 98104
Wakanda Warboy

Mixed Emotions about this place,the sooner you leave the better.

( 3 Reviews )
Neighborhood House Logo

Neighborhood House

Non-Profit Organization, Health, Social Services Organization

4410 29th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108
Pay Tron

I lived in the neighborhood of Tukwila Neighborhood House location for 3 years and did not know they were there until years after the fact. Emily, /Ashley W. /Metesa it ... more

( 2 Reviews )
FamilyWorks - Family Resource Center Logo

FamilyWorks - Family Resource Center

Social Services Organization

1005 NE 67th St Seattle, WA 98115

Who are they actually serving? At Cedar Crossing not many if any their gift give away was a bust, I only saw a few residents participate it is limited to those who parti ... more

( 10 Reviews )
DESC's Aurora House Logo

DESC's Aurora House

Social Services Organization

10507 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA 98133
Lanya Neeley

So far no drama!