San Antonio, TX City Park

( 75 Reviews )
Jim Mattox Park Logo

Jim Mattox Park

City Park, Tourist Attraction

1222 Mission Grande San Antonio, TX 78221
Tony Bolin


( 184 Reviews )
Dawson Park Logo

Dawson Park

City Park, Tourist Attraction

2500 E Commerce St San Antonio, TX 78203

It's OK

( 172 Reviews )
Palo Alto Terrace Park Logo

Palo Alto Terrace Park

City Park, Tourist Attraction

9701, 9799 Celeste Dr San Antonio, TX 78211
Mario Peralta

Playground: I go here almost a whole month clean and safe For 7 whole years

( 33 Reviews )
Hendrick Arnold Nature Park Logo

Hendrick Arnold Nature Park

City Park

8950 Fitzhugh Rd San Antonio, TX 78252
carlos le

Its s Great place to visit, not many people around. Great old trees.

( 70 Reviews )
Al Forge Park Logo

Al Forge Park

City Park, Tourist Attraction

1900 W Pyron Ave San Antonio, TX 78211
Vinny Cuz EGIDIO

Not bad place.

( 368 Reviews )
Palo Alto Park Logo

Palo Alto Park

City Park, Tourist Attraction

1625 Palo Alto Rd San Antonio, TX 78211
que lindo

Too many unusual men parked at this park

( 15 Reviews )
Spicewood Park Logo

Spicewood Park

City Park

3139 Fidelia Dr San Antonio, TX 78224
Ryan M

It's an ok park. Good if you live there but average if you don't. Theres a big field connected to the park and the nearby woods has a little swamp. thats cool.

( 20 Reviews )
Coliseum Oaks Park Logo

Coliseum Oaks Park

City Park

101 Ambrosia Ave San Antonio, TX 78220
Gina Marie

Just Beautiful Playground: So much turning fun

( 11 Reviews )
Tierra Del Sol Park Logo

Tierra Del Sol Park

City Park

5122 Acequia Pass San Antonio, TX 78237

Excellent park 10/10 in my honest opinion mycha comfort

( 7 Reviews )
Mission Trail at Camino Coahuilteca Logo

Mission Trail at Camino Coahuilteca

City Park

Villamain Rd San Antonio, TX 78214

Beautiful Day to be out Trails Were Nice

( 4 Reviews )
Payton Park Logo

Payton Park

City Park

210 Otto St San Antonio, TX 78211

Very beautiful park

( 20 Reviews )
Mission Creek Park Logo

Mission Creek Park

City Park

9138 Mission Pass San Antonio, TX 78223
Jakki Kinsey

There IS a playground. It's along the trail. You just have to walk.

( 5 Reviews )
Pavillion 3 Logo

Pavillion 3

City Park

Unnamed Road San Antonio, TX 78250
Arturo Villarreal

Very good

( 2 Reviews )
South San Park Logo

South San Park

City Park

2031 Quintana Rd San Antonio, TX 78211
khloe brooke

i dont live here

( 62 Reviews )
Kelly Park Logo

Kelly Park

City Park

949 W Thompson Pl San Antonio, TX 78226
Regina Smith

It's a nice place for your kids to go and play

( 141 Reviews )
Bellaire Park Logo

Bellaire Park

City Park

733 E Ansley St San Antonio, TX 78221
Juan Ortegon

A small park with a walking track small skate park and basketball courts.

( 173 Reviews )
Camargo Park Logo

Camargo Park

City Park

5738 Castroville Rd San Antonio, TX 78227
Abel Reyes

First time visiting this park. Very clean. Covered areas made it even better.

( 3413 Reviews )
San Pedro Springs Park Logo

San Pedro Springs Park

City Park

2200 N Flores St San Antonio, TX 78212
Melanie Quezada

pet friendly place

( 119 Reviews )
Phil Hardberger Park (East) Logo

Phil Hardberger Park (East)

City Park

13203 Blanco Rd San Antonio, TX 78216
Robert Leitch

I love all of the trails and areas for dogs and the land bridge and sky bridge. It's definitely worth it to go to this park.

( 33 Reviews )
Woodard Park Logo

Woodard Park

City Park, Tourist Attraction

1011 Locke St San Antonio, TX 78208
Jeremy Hende

It's tucked away and quiet.

( 14869 Reviews )
Hemisfair Logo


Tourist Attraction, City Park, Playground

434 S Alamo St San Antonio, TX 78205
Lidia Quinonez

Restrooms: Muy limpios

( 73 Reviews )
Joan Price Park Logo

Joan Price Park

City Park

3803 Majestic Dr San Antonio, TX 78228
Glenn R.

Very nice safe place to walk or exercise. Very clean and well cared for.

( 467 Reviews )
Arnold Park Logo

Arnold Park

City Park

1011 Gillette Blvd San Antonio, TX 78224
Louie Luigi

Absolutely great for outdoor activities.

( 78 Reviews )
South Side Lions Park Pavilion 1 Logo

South Side Lions Park Pavilion 1

City Park

Pecan Valley Dr San Antonio, TX 78210
Sanjuanita Garcia

Southside Lions is one of our favorite place to go we love it more when we were able to stay during Easter time I hope this year we get to do it we were just there not to ... more

( 352 Reviews )
Shearer Hills/Ridgeview Walking Trail - Olmos Basin Park Logo

Shearer Hills/Ridgeview Walking Trail - Olmos Basin Park

City Park

101 Jackson Keller Rd San Antonio, TX 78216
Andrew Dominguez

Great place to walk, very clean.

( 549 Reviews )
Normoyle Park Logo

Normoyle Park

City Park

700 Culberson Ave San Antonio, TX 78225
Jeanette Delgado

Nice place for a great swim and family.

( 18 Reviews )
Arroyo Vista Park Logo

Arroyo Vista Park

City Park

506 Pharis St San Antonio, TX 78237
Jorge Ricardo Romo Guzman

Muy bonito para caminar