Philadelphia, PA City Park

( 117 Reviews )
Powers Park Logo

Powers Park

City Park

2965 Almond St Philadelphia, PA 19134
Joseph Steiner

Nice day in the park

( 12 Reviews )
Ridgway Park Logo

Ridgway Park

City Park

1301 Carpenter St Philadelphia, PA 19147
( 4865 Reviews )
East Fairmount Park Logo

East Fairmount Park

City Park

2839 W Glenwood Ave Philadelphia, PA 19121
Rashon Anthony

Great place to go biking

( 8 Reviews )
West Fairmount Park Logo

West Fairmount Park

City Park

1769-1825, State Rte 3005 Philadelphia, PA 19131
Maltenaj Neuson

Awesome! Sooo glad they opened back up

( 4091 Reviews )
Pennypack Park Logo

Pennypack Park

City Park

Pennypack Trail Philadelphia, PA 19136
Pete Rhein

Six Stars if people picked up their own trash! Stocked (lowland) stream with Rainbow & Brown trout, but they're only here in numbers during spring. After water warms it's ... more

( 34 Reviews )
Thomas Paine Plaza Logo

Thomas Paine Plaza

City Park

1401 John F Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19102

great skateboarding spot

( 7 Reviews )
Carpenter's Woods Logo

Carpenter's Woods

City Park

860-896 N Mt Pleasant Rd Philadelphia, PA 19119
pekka mooar

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