Philadelphia, PA Dog Day Care Center

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Z Dog Day Care Logo

Z Dog Day Care

Dog Day Care Center

2617 Washington Ave #B Philadelphia, PA 19146
Brittany Correia Chapman

Our high energy (and high anxiety) whippet has been going to Zdog for daycare and boarding for several months and loves it! The staff is very attentive and goes out of th ... more

( 6 Reviews )
Barkly Pets Philadelphia Dog Walkers Logo

Barkly Pets Philadelphia Dog Walkers

Dog Day Care Center, Dog Day Care Center, Pet Boarding Service

1010 N Hancock St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Susan Xiong

I had such great walkers through Barkly. It was nice that I often got the same walkers over and over, so that my dog could really bond with them. Barkly is really a great ... more

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Philly Canine Social Club Logo

Philly Canine Social Club

Dog Day Care Center

1713 S 12th St Philadelphia, PA 19148
Philip Yoon

Jeremy has been involved with Monte pretty much from the moment Monte rumbled into my life. Those who also have known Monte from that beginning know that he has transform ... more

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Park Bench Dog Daycare Logo

Park Bench Dog Daycare

Dog Day Care Center

2101 E Norris St Philadelphia, PA 19125
Shelbi Bunke

We've been taking our dog, Peach, here for about a year and we're so happy we found this place! The staff loves her, she seemingly has a great time socializing, getting h ... more

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Scallywags Dog Daycare Logo

Scallywags Dog Daycare

Dog Day Care Center

4367 Cresson St Philadelphia, PA 19127
EJ Rossetti

I believe they take great care of the dogs and the staff are friendly and communicate well! My pup is always super happy to go inside and see his friends.

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Little White Dog Doggie Daycare Logo

Little White Dog Doggie Daycare

Dog Day Care Center

90 Rochelle Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128

Friendly, attentive staff. We love this place.

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Wag Watch Logo

Wag Watch

Dog Day Care Center

807 N 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Sarai Perkowski

Dog Disneyworld! Well-managed pack dynamics in a continually cleaned space. Active/engaging environment, not chaotic or stressful, so my dog is able to nap comfortably a ... more

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Wag Days Logo

Wag Days

Dog Day Care Center

1901 S 9th St Philadelphia, PA 19145
Kacey Lynch

Our dog, Mo, absolutely loves going to Wag Days for daycare! She is basically dragging us to the door to go see her friends and comes home happy and tired from playing! ... more

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Pant Dog Center Logo

Pant Dog Center

Dog Day Care Center

1134 Dickinson St Philadelphia, PA 19147
Catherine Hayes

Pant is our dog Ruth's favorite place. She loves the employees and spending the day playing with all her friends. She always comes home tired (a happy dog is a tired dog! ... more

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Pets in the City Logo

Pets in the City

Dog Day Care Center

1649 S 17th St Philadelphia, PA 19145

I love Alexis and the services and kindness that she provides. I would recommend her to anyone.

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BarkPark West Logo

BarkPark West

Dog Day Care Center

4805 Woodland Ave Philadelphia, PA 19143
Nyawira Mary

The manager was very patient and understanding about our nervous dog.

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BarkPark South Logo

BarkPark South

Dog Day Care Center

1715 McKean St #101 Philadelphia, PA 19145
jeanine leclaire

Our first day! Millimeter is so tuckered out after playing all day. They did a group training thing and there were treats. They really took care of her with all the large ... more

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barKadelphia Logo


Pet Groomer, Dog Day Care Center, Dog Walker

614 S 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19147
Preston Feden

Our little Emma loves the time she spends at Barkadelphia. The staff members are so friendly! It feels like we have a second family

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Just4Paws Logo


Dog Day Care Center

633 W Rittenhouse St #11 Philadelphia, PA 19144
Aileen Bianchi

My dog has been attending daycare here for about a year now. She is a shy and introverted dog. She is thrilled when she realizes she is going to daycare for the day. The ... more

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The Towne Barker Logo

The Towne Barker

Dog Day Care Center

700 E Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125

My dog loves it here! She cant talk or write to tell me this, but when I call to make a reservation she gets so excited when she hears the owners voice. Keep up the great ... more

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Andrew's Pack LLC Logo

Andrew's Pack LLC

Dog Day Care Center

2617 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19130
Kim Payne

My mesha was safe.i plan on using his daycare when mychoyrs change.

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Club Howl Logo

Club Howl

Dog Day Care Center

1300 McKean St Philadelphia, PA 19148
Kiri Tamte-Horan

Great doggie daycare that keeps their groups small so each pup can get extra attention! Love their Instagram posts so I can see what the dogs are doing each day.

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The Ruff Life Logo

The Ruff Life

Dog Day Care Center

48 S 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19106
monique mason

Nice staff and conscientious about dog safety and needs.

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The Groove Hound Logo

The Groove Hound

Dog Day Care Center

2236 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125
Whitney Jolitz

Our pup loves it here! Such great care and attention for my little furry friend

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Fairmount Bark Logo

Fairmount Bark

Dog Day Care Center

7627 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118
Richard Missett

They are great to my puppy both for daycare and boarding!! They truly care about your dog and it shows

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The Dog Alley Logo

The Dog Alley

Dog Day Care Center

239 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19106
Amanda Kruel

Seriously.look at this face! Its the pure joy my pup experiences everyday hes at the dog alley! Ally, the owner, and her team are top notch. They care for my good boy ... more

( 113 Reviews )
Opportunity Barks Behavior & Training Logo

Opportunity Barks Behavior & Training

Dog Day Care Center

3510 Scotts Ln #3112 Philadelphia, PA 19129
ariel lin

My husband and I adopted our 7 month old puppy Reggie right before Christmas, and knew we needed some help pretty much immediately. He was such a sweet boy, but had no " ... more

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Pit Stop HQ Logo

Pit Stop HQ

Dog Day Care Center

838 Christian St Philadelphia, PA 19147
Justin Thomas

Pit Stop is fantastic! My pup is always thrilled to stop in, and he comes home happy and tired. Also, the employees are so friendly!

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Philadelphia Pet Hotel & Villas Logo

Philadelphia Pet Hotel & Villas

Dog Day Care Center, Dog Day Care Center, Kennel

7401 Holstein Ave Philadelphia, PA 19153
Krista Cady

For several years, my cat has been boarding at Philly Pet Hotel when I am out of town, and were both super pleased with the experience. They are such kind, caring, compas ... more

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Club Fetch Logo

Club Fetch

Dog Day Care Center

1039 Pine St Philadelphia, PA 19107
Michael Rueda

I would give Club Fetch more than 5 stars if it let me! The absolute kindest, most caring people take such good care of my pup. They are detail-oriented and give regular ... more

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Boots 'n Paws Logo

Boots 'n Paws

Dog Day Care Center

7932 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118
Tammy Marone

This is such a great concept and a much needed option for our babe to experience a day in nature. We love the opportunity that Jess offers dogs to enjoy not only a walk, ... more

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Dog School Logo

Dog School

Dog Day Care Center

563 N 20th St Philadelphia, PA 19130
Rosie McDonald

Found video online. Sad dog could happen at any place (some dogs are emotional), but all the dogs together with zero stimulation is pretty depressing. Evident by purple w ... more

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Dog School Logo

Dog School

Dog Day Care Center

2049 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19103
Annie Geckle

Our dog went to daycare at Philly Dog School Chestnut from 4 months old to 4 years old. It was her favorite place and she absolutely loved the staff and all her pals. She ... more

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Dog School Logo

Dog School

Dog Day Care Center

1737 South St Philadelphia, PA 19146
Simiyon Dragon

Just aweful and sad the way the dogs are mistreated

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The Collar Club Logo

The Collar Club

Dog Day Care Center

Lower level, 5602 Pine St Philadelphia, PA 19143
Louie Escobedo

We put a $440 deposit down in August to have our dog boarded. Sadly she did not pass an aggressiveness test and owner agreed to refund our money due to our circumstances. ... more

( 16 Reviews )
East Passyunk Pet Care Logo

East Passyunk Pet Care

Dog Day Care Center

1920 S Sartain St Philadelphia, PA 19148
Jonathan Pozner

Rob is a fantastic caregiver for our 80lb pup. He is reliable, friendly, and professional. We have used him both for dog walking and for boarding, and he has become one o ... more

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Pamper & Play Pet Sitter Logo

Pamper & Play Pet Sitter

Dog Day Care Center

3450 Sunnyside Ave Philadelphia, PA 19129
Maryl Randel

So happy with Pamper & Plays dog walking services. They are responsible, reliable, and do a great job tiring our 2 dogs when we are working (from home or out of the home) ... more

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Philadelphia Canine Sport 'N' Swim Club Logo

Philadelphia Canine Sport 'N' Swim Club

Dog Day Care Center

901 N Front St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Karen Carvalho

Buddy my 80 pound lab-pit mix has been attending the day care since we adopted him a year ago. He is dog friendly but we were very concerned at first as he was a rescue ... more

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WiggleWigglePhilly Logo


Dog Day Care Center

Walnut St #1000 Philadelphia, PA 19107
Veronica Kascher

Reliable and professional!

( 10 Reviews )
Shawe’s Paws Doggie Day Camp Logo

Shawe’s Paws Doggie Day Camp

Dog Day Care Center

1222 S 20th St Philadelphia, PA 19146
Joseph R.

By far the most consistent, friendly, trustworthy, and doggie loving service we've ever had.  The owner Jen is pure animal love. She somehow manages to keep finding t ... more

( 3 Reviews )
The Dog Salon Logo

The Dog Salon

Dog Trainer, Dog Day Care Center, Pet Boarding Service

1123 Ivy Hill Rd Philadelphia, PA 19150
David Neal

Out of business.

( 2 Reviews )
PetSmart Doggie Day Camp Logo

PetSmart Doggie Day Camp

Dog Day Care Center

1415 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19146
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Wag Days Fishtown Logo

Wag Days Fishtown

Dog Day Care Center

2315 N Front St Philadelphia, PA 19133
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Oggies Doggies Daycare and Boarding Logo

Oggies Doggies Daycare and Boarding

Dog Day Care Center

724 Dickinson St Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Dog care Logo

Dog care

Dog Day Care Center

11000 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19116
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Citidog Pet Care Philly Logo

Citidog Pet Care Philly

Dog Day Care Center

1930 Mifflin St Philadelphia, PA 19145