Philadelphia, PA Community Garden

( 16 Reviews )
Manton Green Logo

Manton Green

Community Garden

1221 S 17th St Philadelphia, PA 19146
Vanessa Martell

Just space to relax

( 100 Reviews )
Sunflower Philly Logo

Sunflower Philly

Community Garden, Event Venue

1725 N 5th St Philadelphia, PA 19122
Joe Shaw sr

Greatest place

( 3 Reviews )
The People's Garden- North Philly Logo

The People's Garden- North Philly

Community Garden

Silver Street &, N 13th St Philadelphia, PA 19133
Joseph Glossy

What a beautiful place! Planting a garden and flowers is a beautiful thing!

( 12 Reviews )
Summer Winter Community Garden Logo

Summer Winter Community Garden

Community Garden, Garden

3223 N Natrona St Philadelphia, PA 19104

I have some great memories here. Probably the best place on Drexel campus.

( 20 Reviews )
Brewerytown Garden Logo

Brewerytown Garden

Community Garden

Master St & N 27th St Philadelphia, PA 19121
Kiona Ford

Great place!

( 7 Reviews )
Wiota St. Community Garden Logo

Wiota St. Community Garden

Community Garden

4020 Powelton Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104
Reid Mitchell

A large green coop style garden. Come and get you produce, grown on site, every Sunday from 11-3 April to November.

( 4 Reviews )
Plotland Logo


Community Garden

4311-4399 Locust St Philadelphia, PA 19104
Shari sebastiao

I was visiting my daughter in philly and while walking to the local cvs I came across this garden...this is so needed in every city we are working on something like this ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Dorrance Street Garden Logo

Dorrance Street Garden

Community Garden

1323-1325 Dorrance St Philadelphia, PA 19146
Colleen Kirk Yurkanin

Dorrance St. Garden has been a bright light for my family during quarantine. My kids can safely play in the garden, pick vegetables, create arts and crafts, and meet up w ... more

( 2 Reviews )
La Esquina Community Garden Logo

La Esquina Community Garden

Community Garden

438 W Jefferson St Philadelphia, PA 19122
Rodrigo Perez-Segnini

Uplifting the community, this garden donates it's harvest to the local Foodbank, a great place to meet your neighbors

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Cecil Street Garden Logo

Cecil Street Garden

Community Garden

5732 Kingsessing Ave Philadelphia, PA 19143
( 2 Reviews )
Cleveland Street Lot Logo

Cleveland Street Lot

Community Garden

1316 S Cleveland St Philadelphia, PA 19146
David Mitchell

Nice spot to rest

( 5 Reviews )
Hawthorne Community Garden Philadelphia Logo

Hawthorne Community Garden Philadelphia

Community Garden

1232 Kenilworth St Philadelphia, PA 19147
Ernest Peebles

Accessible community vegetable garden.

( 3 Reviews )
Morris Arboretum Community Garden Logo

Morris Arboretum Community Garden

Community Garden

3QRF+9J Philadelphia, PA 19118
Annmarie Smith

Great farming place

( 1 Reviews )
Sartain Street Community Garden Logo

Sartain Street Community Garden

Community Garden

1114-1118 Locust St Philadelphia, PA 19107
Jose Fonseca

It's a nice little garden in downtown Philadelphia. You can spend a few minutes tops strolling through it and checking out the mural. It's not actually open sometimes on ... more

( 53 Reviews )
The Spring Gardens Logo

The Spring Gardens

Community Garden

1832 North St Philadelphia, PA 19130
julio nieves

What all community gardens should be like.

( 2 Reviews )
Old Tennis Court Farm Logo

Old Tennis Court Farm

Community Garden

5407 Wissahickon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19144
Jay Klales

Old Tennis Court Farm is now a permanent green space. It is a community garden.

( 8 Reviews )
Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden Logo

Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden

Community Garden

311-315 Christian St Philadelphia, PA 19147
Janice Chorba

As a garden member, I enjoy my garden plot thru out the whole year. In anticipation of the freeze, I picked my lettuce and collards. I guess winter is officially over! P ... more

( 44 Reviews )


Non-Profit Organization, Coffee Shop, Community Garden

2418 Kensington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125
Jack Jones

Excellent. Down to earth people who speak from and have a wealth of experience. They embrace all and treat you like family .

( 22 Reviews )
Orkney Park Logo

Orkney Park

Community Garden

854 N Orkney St Philadelphia, PA 19123
Lauren Roynestad

Cute little hidden spot, my dog loves sniffing around there

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Bartram's Garden Logo

Bartram's Garden

Farm, Boat Ramp, Botanical Garden

5400 Lindbergh Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19143
peer augustinskov


( 63 Reviews )
The Farm at Awbury Arboretum Logo

The Farm at Awbury Arboretum

Farm, Arboretum, Community Garden

6336 Ardleigh St Philadelphia, PA 19138

Absolutely loved the Happy Hour with Goats event. Staff were very friendly and goats were, well, very friendly too! There were plenty of goats and we could pet them all w ... more

( 109 Reviews )
The Woodlands Logo

The Woodlands

Cemetery, Arboretum, Community Garden

4000 Woodland Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104

Quiet, neighbors don't make noise

( 209 Reviews )
One Art Community Center Logo

One Art Community Center

Arts Organization, Community Center, Community Garden

1431-39 N 52nd St Philadelphia, PA 19131
Kevin Kaiser

Excellent venue! I have been blessed to attend a couple of sound system events here, hosted by House of Roots. Theres a familial vibe at One Art that Ive been missing sin ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Growing Together Community Garden Logo

Growing Together Community Garden

Community Garden

2500 Reed St Philadelphia, PA 19146
Roman Solovey

How do i get involve with this garden stuff? Since the website is not updated.

( 29 Reviews )
The Hansberry Garden Logo

The Hansberry Garden

Community Garden

5150 Wayne Ave Philadelphia, PA 19144
Neil Thomas


( 26 Reviews )
Girard Garden Logo

Girard Garden

Community Garden

1901 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19130
Gerson Perez

Ceiba Segunda honduras

( 1 Reviews )
Max Paul Park Logo

Max Paul Park

Community Garden

4610 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19139
( 4 Reviews )
University City Garden Club Logo

University City Garden Club

Community Garden

243 S 44th St Philadelphia, PA 19104
Narakesari M N

Very Good Place

( 0 Reviews )
Circle Project LLC Logo

Circle Project LLC

Community Garden

Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19107
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Bodine Street Community Garden Logo

Bodine Street Community Garden

Community Garden

912 S Bodine St Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Carpenter Lane Community Garden Logo

Carpenter Lane Community Garden

Community Garden

201 Carpenter Ln Philadelphia, PA 19119
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Waverly Street Community Garden Logo

Waverly Street Community Garden

Community Garden

1127-1131 Waverly St Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Holly Street Neighbors Community Garden Logo

Holly Street Neighbors Community Garden

Community Garden

323 N Holly St Philadelphia, PA 19104
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South Street Community Garden Logo

South Street Community Garden

Community Garden

831-839 South St Philadelphia, PA 19147