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Haunted House

300 N Winning Way Portland, OR 97227
Alexis Chinn

5/5 stars fantastic. Spooktastic!! Fearfabulous! It was awesome. Will be back next year. Three haunted houses and evenly spaced so there’s no clumps. The actors were am ... more

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Chuck E. Cheese-CLOSED Logo

Chuck E. Cheese-CLOSED

Children's Amusement Center

9120 SE Powell Blvd Portland, Oregon 97266

I love this place as a kid and still love it till this day because I get to live my childhood but unfortunately this place had officially close and it was so sad seeing t ... more

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Washington Park Logo

Washington Park

Park, Tourist Attraction, Arboretum

4033 SW Canyon Rd Portland, OR 97221
Robert Freiberg

Beautiful spot.

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Birdie Time Pub and Mini Golf Logo

Birdie Time Pub and Mini Golf

Bar, Sports Bar, Pub

925 SE Main St Portland, OR 97214
Bryce Torian

Great place for a bit of late night fun. Good selection on tap, friendly staff, very reasonable prices on some great pub food. It's too rare to find a honest good burger ... more

( 180 Reviews )
Hammer and Jacks Logo

Hammer and Jacks

Toy Store, Balloon Store, Children's Party Service

6406 SE Foster Rd Portland, OR 97206
Kelsey Channing

Super cute fun store with events and a play room for free play or to reserve for a birthday. Staff is helpful and exceptionally friendly

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Rainbow City Logo

Rainbow City

Arts Organization, Amusement Center, Art Studio

301 NW 4th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Chayna Mathea

Great space for creatives just needs more people knowing about it! You can vend your art, attend shows, rent a space upstairs for yourself, rent the space for events, etc ... more

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Eagle Landing Golf Course Logo

Eagle Landing Golf Course

Public Golf Course, Golf Course, Golf Instructor

10220 SE Causey Ave Portland, OR 97086
Chelsi Woodard

Hidden gem!

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Glowing Greens PDX Logo

Glowing Greens PDX

Miniature Golf Course

509 SW Taylor St Portland, OR 97204
john waltman

Drink beer, throw axes and ninja stars. Then play through the mini-golf course! There is no better way to pass part of the evening away. Stopping by every time we are in ... more

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Hour to Midnight - Escape Rooms Portland Logo

Hour to Midnight - Escape Rooms Portland

Escape Room Center, Game Store

11525 NE Halsey St Portland, OR 97220
Melissa G

We did the Pharaohs Lost Relic escape room and it was super fun! Very immersive! It was fairly challenging and we asked for three clues, but we were able to make it with ... more

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Munchkin Playland Logo

Munchkin Playland

Playground, Cafe, Park

18335 NW West Union Rd Portland, OR 97229
Mariana P

i normally love this place but last Sunday the staff was inconsistent with the typical cleanliness /disinfecting that the usual staff Im used to usually does. we were the ... more

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Labyrinth Escape Games - Portland Logo

Labyrinth Escape Games - Portland

Escape Room Center, Amusement Center

816 NW Hoyt St Portland, OR 97209
Robyn Martin

This place is awesome! We did the Mutiny room and it was tough, but so much fun. We finished with just a few minutes to spare. Dan is fantastic, super helpful, friendly a ... more

( 17 Reviews )
The Playground Gym Logo

The Playground Gym

Martial Arts School, Camp, Children's Amusement Center

5215 N Lombard St #3 Portland, OR 97203
Jason Schief

They helped us through an amazing toddler birthday party. Eden and Joseph worked with us and the kids amazingly!

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Mad Genius Escape Rooms Logo

Mad Genius Escape Rooms

Escape Room Center, Tourist Attraction

1444 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
Karl Osladil

It was an amazing experience! Clever puzzles, an emphasis on working together, and fantastic set pieces made this escape room absolutely marvelous!

( 136 Reviews )
The Wiggle Room Logo

The Wiggle Room

Children's Party Service, Children's Party Service, Playground

1925 NE 42nd Ave C Portland, OR 97213
Travis Brown

Just hosted my kiddo’s third birthday here and it couldn’t have been more perfect. So much room for the littles to run and play and they have a wide variety of activi ... more

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Nest Playground Logo

Nest Playground

Children's Amusement Center

6517 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97213
Alex Jensen

Clean and fun. Room to sit while kids play.

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Stumptown Escape Games Logo

Stumptown Escape Games

Escape Room Center

12550 SW Main St #120 Portland, OR 97223
Kimi G

Absolutely loved this place. We did two one week and had to come back the next weekend to do the other two rooms! So fun and can't wait for more additions!

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Escape Games PDX Logo

Escape Games PDX

Escape Room Center

2636 NW 26th Ave #2 Portland, OR 97210
Gerard Hoogeboom

Alex really was a wonderful host! Can't wait to come back! We got out with 7 minutes to spare dit to his hints and our teamwork

( 66 Reviews )
Releaf Health Dispensary & Online Delivery Logo

Releaf Health Dispensary & Online Delivery

Vaporizer Store, Soft Drinks Shop, Software Company

3213 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland, OR 97212
Joseph Spencer

Product, price & staff always ! 2nd to none!

( 148 Reviews )
Escapism Portland: The Wizard's Lair & The Magician's Menagerie Escape Rooms Logo

Escapism Portland: The Wizard's Lair & The Magician's Menagerie Escape Rooms

Escape Room Center

910 NW Joy Ave Portland, OR 97229
Savannah Coon

We did the Magicians Menagerie & had so much fun! We have done many escape rooms but this one had some very unique puzzles & clues! It was challenging, but not to the poi ... more

( 189 Reviews )
Escapism: Alien Zoo & Malice Manor Escape Rooms Logo

Escapism: Alien Zoo & Malice Manor Escape Rooms

Escape Room Center

10340 NE Weidler St Portland, OR 97220
Daryl Robbins

Very atmospheric and engaging room. Very fun theme and creative puzzles that were hard but not too hard that it was overly frustrating. Mythaius was also killer host, hig ... more

( 153 Reviews )
In Search Of An Exit Escape Rooms Logo

In Search Of An Exit Escape Rooms

Escape Room Center

4122 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232
Elizabeth Wormley

Ive done a lot of escape rooms in the Portland area and I will say this was one of the most fun! Kelly was enthusiastic and hilarious and the room was pretty difficult bu ... more

( 158 Reviews )
Escapism: Jungle Ransom Escape Room Logo

Escapism: Jungle Ransom Escape Room

Escape Room Center

4711 SW Huber St #5 Portland, OR 97219
Ryan Hamilton (Ryro Official)

Tons of great puzzles inside of this immersive experience! James was a great host!

( 139 Reviews )
Escapology Escape Rooms Clackamas / Portland Logo

Escapology Escape Rooms Clackamas / Portland

Escape Room Center

11211 SE 82nd Ave Suite P Portland, OR 97086
Daryl Robbins

The decor is professionally done and the room we did was very clean and with GREAT atmosphere. Holden was also an excellent host who gave great hints

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Mental Trap Escape Room Games Logo

Mental Trap Escape Room Games

Escape Room Center

509 SW Taylor St Portland, OR 97204
Cristal Zambrana

Lots of fun!

( 64 Reviews )
Columbia Crossings Logo

Columbia Crossings

Marina, Boat Storage Facility, Pier

515 NE Tomahawk Island Dr #200 Portland, OR 97217
Carola Ransanz

Ni no no!! Poorly customer service, many of the employees behave like they work in a jail facility. Brandy, JJ and the harbor master are very attentive, pleasant and help ... more

( 469 Reviews )
Bella Organic Farm Logo

Bella Organic Farm

Farm, Farmers' Market, Haunted House

16205 NW Gillihan Rd Portland, OR 97231
John Pelonio

Stopped by for lunch on a June Friday. One food vendor was open but unattended. Someone was visible in the back and appeared to see us. We waited as long as we could. We ... more

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Twin Pines Country Club Logo

Twin Pines Country Club

Miniature Golf Course

8434 SE Clay St Portland, OR 97216

This was in someone's front yard very sad for a miniature golf course. I drove a half hour out of my way. I have grown up with good and bad mini golf courses and this one ... more

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Oaks Amusement Park Logo

Oaks Amusement Park

Tourist Attraction, Banquet Hall, Amusement Center

7805 SE Oaks Park Way Portland, OR 97202
Michael Ortiz

Thinks every group of Mexicans is a gang

( 15 Reviews )
Lewis  and  Clark Guide Service Logo

Lewis and Clark Guide Service

Amusement Park

1505 Southwest 57th Avenue Portland, OR 97221
Andy Eckenroed

What an experience what a great day fishing. We told Jason from the get-go we wanted to catch salmon we knew it would be hard he took us out we looked and looked finally ... more

( 452 Reviews )
The Monkey King Play House Logo

The Monkey King Play House

Amusement Center

17112 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97236
Hey its Frankenmint

Expensive but available. If it were possible to do a sort of membership or loyalty program where the 7th visit is free, that would make it feel more worthwhile. This pla ... more

( 9 Reviews )
Animal Rides Happy Rides Logo

Animal Rides Happy Rides

Children's Amusement Center

Animal Rides Happy Rides, 2201 Lloyd Center Portland, OR 97232
Jeff Ward

Animals were all cute , super friendly customer service ...the kids had a great time, we will definitely be back!

( 194 Reviews )
Escapism: The Ritual Room Escape Room Logo

Escapism: The Ritual Room Escape Room

Escape Room Center

10505 SW Barbur Blvd #302a Portland, OR 97219
Tim Sanders

James gave my freind and I amazing service! The puzzles were so much fun to solve and not boring in anyway shape or form. My friend and I had such a blast that we planned ... more

( 487 Reviews )
The Fear PDX Logo

The Fear PDX

Haunted House

12219 NE Glisan St Portland, OR 97230
Virgilio Villasenor

Had a blast! Not a haunted house type of guy but it was fun!

( 7 Reviews )
Laurelhurst School Logo

Laurelhurst School

Elementary School, Elementary School, Playground

840 NE 41st Ave Portland, OR 97232
Wade Tatum

Pretty Good school in Portland.

( 10 Reviews )
The Playground Gym Logo

The Playground Gym

Martial Arts School, Physical Fitness Program, Playground

505 NE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97232
Kylee Wegner (n0nlethal)

Open all year around with some summer camps availble as well.

( 1 Reviews )
Jack Onofrio Dog Shows Logo

Jack Onofrio Dog Shows


2710 SE 50th Ave Portland, OR 97206
Justin Williamson

The dogs are so fun to watch here!

( 11 Reviews )
Davis Amusement Cascadia Inc Logo

Davis Amusement Cascadia Inc

Amusement Park Ride

6422 SE Clatsop St, Ste A1 Portland, OR 97206
Matthew Vanbrocklin

I worked for this show back in 2006 if only they drug tested their employees they could be the best show only then would there be no more bad reviews and a whole lot less ... more

( 11 Reviews )
Fez Ballroom Logo

Fez Ballroom

Amusement Park

318 Nw 11th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Mike Caputo

I've visited the fez countless times over the years. Great music, especially at Shadowplay on thursday nights. Spacious and well-arranged interior, plus cheap and tasty d ... more

( 54 Reviews )
Funtastic Travelling Shows Logo

Funtastic Travelling Shows

Amusement Ride Supplier

3407 SE 108th Ave Portland, OR 97266
Rachel Leighton

I had 8/10 ride operators (some of the rudest I've ever met, and I've traveled with them in more than one state so that's saying something) tell me my son was too short t ... more

( 6 Reviews )
Chipper's Preschool Rides Party Logo

Chipper's Preschool Rides Party

Amusement Park

7805 SE Oaks Park Way Portland, OR 97202
Kathy Conley

Very fun experience we love this amusement park we will go back, And the chippers pre school rides is a fun program we will do it again next year

( 73 Reviews )
ScareGrounds PDX Logo

ScareGrounds PDX

Amusement Park

7805 SE Oaks Park Way Portland, OR 97202
Sandaze Gurung

Not bad

( 4 Reviews )
Adrenaline Peak Logo

Adrenaline Peak

Roller Coaster

Serving Portland, OR 97202
Brandon Quinn

A pretty great coaster given the very small footprint. A short ride time, drop of less than 100 feet, but still 3 inversions and a fun ride.

( 8 Reviews )
Wicked Axe Throwing Logo

Wicked Axe Throwing

Amusement Center

509 SW Taylor St Portland, OR 97204
Brandon Knitter

Weird location, but a lot of fun. 30 minutes is plenty.

( 16 Reviews )
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Amusement Center

8810 N Burrage Ave Portland, OR 97217
Mairead Quinlan

Definitely NOT family friendly the owners husband sometimes walks around naked. But there are always snax - both for eating and eating out.

( 4 Reviews )
Jones University Logo

Jones University

Children's Amusement Center

Serving Portland, OR 97230
Gamer Tj

big Chungus oo nana

( 4 Reviews )
Oregon Bioscience Incubator Logo

Oregon Bioscience Incubator

Research Institute, Biotechnology Company, Business Park

4640 S Macadam Ave #270 Portland, OR 97239
Marry Rose

CIA Partners. They watch everyone here.

( 3 Reviews )
Royal Rosarians Logo

Royal Rosarians


Serving Portland, OR 97228
Catherine Camp

Royal Rosarian Key Values: They are Ambassadors of Goodwill The Royal Rosarians are the official greeters and goodwill Ambassadors for the City of Portland promoting the ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Tilt Logo


Video Arcade, Amusement Center

2318 Lloyd Center Portland, OR 97232
Ada Reyes


( 1 Reviews )
Trade Shows West Logo

Trade Shows West


4634 NE 40th Ave Portland, OR 97211
( 1 Reviews )
Wydar Co Inc Logo

Wydar Co Inc

Amusement Park

2575 SW 83rd Ave Portland, OR 97225