Portland, OR Trial Attorney

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Andy Green Attorney at Law Logo

Andy Green Attorney at Law

Criminal Justice Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney, Legal Services

111 SW Columbia St #1390 Portland, OR 97201
Mohammed Al refai

"Absolutely outstanding experience with Andy Green Law Office! From the initial consultation to the final resolution of my reckless driving charge, every step was handled ... more

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HKM Employment Attorneys LLP Logo

HKM Employment Attorneys LLP

General Practice Attorney, Civil Law Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney

621 SW Morrison St # 510 Portland, OR 97205
Lupine DeSnyder

HKM, specifically Ms. Le Roux, was efficient, compassionate and effective in resolving my wrongful termination issue. I felt supported and heard and was very satisfied wi ... more

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Bridge City Law | Accident & Injury Lawyers Logo

Bridge City Law | Accident & Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorney, Law Firm, Attorney

610 SW Alder St Suite 600 Portland, OR 97205
Shannon McKinney

Absolutely top notch firm! Jim and Savannah worked their magic on my case - my odds were not great, to say the least, but we came out victorious! I think it really spea ... more

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Southwest Legal Group Logo

Southwest Legal Group

Personal Injury Attorney, Employment Attorney, Trial Attorney

5319 SW Westgate Dr #146, Suite 146 Portland, OR 97221
José Hernández

Good lawyer

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Law Office of Kyle Clark Logo

Law Office of Kyle Clark

Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney, Trial Attorney

4506 SE Belmont St #230b Portland, OR 97215
Justa Niner

True Super Lawyer!

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Cultiva Law, PLLC Logo

Cultiva Law, PLLC

Attorney, Administrative Attorney, Attorney

11 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Suite 420 Portland, OR 97232
Gloria Baldino

Aaron Pelleys Cultiva Law firm, operating in 7 states, and Aaron himself are simply absolutely essential and critically important partners for anyone who is a cannabis b ... more

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Mayor Law: Car Accident & Wrongful Death Lawyer Logo

Mayor Law: Car Accident & Wrongful Death Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorney, Law Firm, Attorney

111 SW 5th Ave Suite 3150 Portland, OR 97204
Michael Edwards

I didn't know where to turn after I got hit by a car, so I am grateful to have found Mayor Law and their team. They got me the compensation I deserved!!!

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Levin and Levine, LLP Logo

Levin and Levine, LLP

Personal Injury Attorney, Civil Law Attorney, Law Firm

4380 S Macadam Ave # 230 Portland, OR 97239
Garrett Cope

I hired Scott and his team for legal assistance following a car accident, and his service was exemplary. Scott displayed a high level of professionalism and expertise. He ... more

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Siefman Law LLC Logo

Siefman Law LLC

Personal Injury Attorney, Attorney, Legal Services

707 SW Washington St Suite 1410 Portland, OR 97205
Steve Schatz

Words can't even describe the thanks I owe to Siefman Law LLC. The most exceptional service and the understanding people's needs is outstanding. Thank you Jeff Siefman fo ... more

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Bret D. Lubic Attorney at Law Logo

Bret D. Lubic Attorney at Law

Family Law Attorney, Civil Law Attorney, Divorce Lawyer

2416 SW 5th Ave Portland, OR 97201
Jacob O'Brien

Bret was incredibly helpful in providing counsel on a legal issues that arose as part of a high conflict co-parenting relationship. He listened, he was patient, he was kn ... more

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Ross Law PDX Logo

Ross Law PDX

Personal Injury Attorney, Civil Law Attorney, Counselor

50 SW Pine St 4th Floor, Suite 402 Portland, OR 97204
Grant Bahner

Jeremiah and Phoebe were so easy to work with. They took the time to really break everything down and made it very easy to understand my case.

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Hooton & Chen LLP Logo

Hooton & Chen LLP

Personal Injury Attorney, Insurance Attorney, Law Firm

4225 SW Huber St #440 Portland, OR 97219
Mitch Obeid

Mr. Bin Chen took my case without any money out of pocket. I can not say enough good about this man. My employer left me high and dry. Though Mr. Chen's leadership skills ... more

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Thuemmel Uhle & Eder Logo

Thuemmel Uhle & Eder

Trial Attorney

278 SW Arthur St Portland, OR 97201
Joseph Bush

I was referred to Thuemmel Uhle & Eder by another law firm. The lawyers at TU&E are experienced. The lawyers handle the legal work, not paralegals. They answer emails. ... more

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Johnston Law Firm, P.C. Logo

Johnston Law Firm, P.C.

Personal Injury Attorney, Insurance Attorney, Law Firm

200 SW Market St # 1900 Portland, OR 97201
Joshua Wave

My situation had a rough start, but as soon as I found Johnston Law Firm, and got put in the very capable hands of Carrie, she helped me navigate the motor vehicle accide ... more

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Dore Law Firm Logo

Dore Law Firm

Criminal Justice Attorney, Trial Attorney

4511 SE 63rd Ave Suite E Portland, OR 97206
Terry Maloney

Mr wizard! I got a red light ticket in Beaverton and I had just got my CDL license. The camera caught me pretty unquestionably and I was 99% sure it was going on my recor ... more

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Long Law PC Logo

Long Law PC

Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney, Law Firm

101 SW Main St #1900 Portland, OR 97204
Dre Buetow

They couldn't take my case , and their recommendation couldn't either

( 17 Reviews )
Law Office of J. Clay McCaslin Logo

Law Office of J. Clay McCaslin

Personal Injury Attorney, Insurance Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney

1211 SW 5th Ave #2250 Portland, OR 97204
Alexander92897 Howlett

Clay was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. I was in a multiple vehicle accident and it was an absolute nightmare but he put in a lot of hard work for me to get th ... more

( 34 Reviews )
Forum Law Group LLC Logo

Forum Law Group LLC

General Practice Attorney, General Practice Attorney, Insurance Attorney

1205 NW 25th Ave Portland, OR 97210
Peter B

Scott and the whole team were absolute professionals throughout our case and settlement. They were honest and caring beyond my expectations.

( 30 Reviews )
Wallace Law Firm, P.C. Logo

Wallace Law Firm, P.C.

Criminal Justice Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney, Insurance Attorney

7822 N Wabash Ave Portland, OR 97217
Chance Johnson

Dave is the best, he has been my go to for 5+ years now & I cannot recommend him enough! I trust Dave to help guide me in the right direction & although these situations ... more

( 14 Reviews )
Nichols Law Group Logo

Nichols Law Group

Trial Attorney

4504 S Corbett Ave UNIT 200 Portland, OR 97239
Roma nator

Beautiful buildings, awesome views

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David N Lesh Logo

David N Lesh

Criminal Justice Attorney, Trial Attorney

434 NW 19th Ave Portland, OR 97209

David helped me out a lot with my questions. Feeling much better and highly recommend

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Oberdorfer Law Firm Logo

Oberdorfer Law Firm

Trial Attorney, Attorney

909 N Beech St Unit 217 Portland, OR 97227
Shay Michael

I just called about a tkt I recieved, THIS FIRM IS NOT LONGER DOING TRAFFIC TICKETS, be advised so you dont waist your time

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Oberheiden P.C. Logo

Oberheiden P.C.

Criminal Justice Attorney, Law Firm, Trial Attorney

1318 NW Northrup St Portland, OR 97209
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Portland Defender Logo

Portland Defender

Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney, General Practice Attorney

3759 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland, OR 97212
anthony san martin

I wasn't able to get the right help for my needs but I'm sure they could help

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DuBoff Law Group Logo

DuBoff Law Group

Attorney, Civil Law Attorney, Estate Planning Attorney

6665 SW Hampton St Suite 200 Portland, OR 97223
Paul Wolfe

My partner and I share a very positive impression of the team at DuBoff Law Group. Even though our matter might seem fractional in the grand scheme of things, we were nev ... more

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Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group Logo

Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group

Criminal Justice Attorney, Employment Attorney, Law Firm

12755 SW 69th Ave, Ste 201 Portland, OR 97223
Glen Buck

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I had a very smooth and great experience working with Jenna Richards. She was very attentive to my situation and was always qui ... more

( 13 Reviews )
Colin Rockey Hackett Law Logo

Colin Rockey Hackett Law

Trial Attorney

1827 NE 44th Ave Ste 200 Portland, OR 97213
Randy Taylor

Colin is very knowledgeable about what needs to be done in a workers compensation case.i was very satisfied with his professionalism,and the outcome.

( 14 Reviews )
The Law Office of Donald J. Molnar Logo

The Law Office of Donald J. Molnar

Criminal Justice Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney, Attorney

111 SW Columbia St Suite 1010 Portland, OR 97201
Cody Clements

Donald is the rudest attorney in Portland. Do not bother to call this attorney. He immediately was rude and not friendly when I called. DO NOT CALL OR CONTACT THIS ATTO ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Tichenor & Dziuba LLP Logo

Tichenor & Dziuba LLP

Personal Injury Attorney, Trial Attorney

1100 SW 6th Ave Portland, OR 97204
Aubrey Giarla

Dan and his team have been amazing so far during what could have been a messy journey. Thank you for answering all of our questions and helping us get back to rights.

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Rick Klingbeil, P.C. Logo

Rick Klingbeil, P.C.

Trial Attorney

1826 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232
Curtis Waters

He's very professional handle your case with love make you fill like family he cares and he def hate discrimination I'll call him anytime and you should to

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855 Trial Lawyers Logo

855 Trial Lawyers

Law Firm, Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney

5933 NE Win Sivers Dr #205 Portland, OR 97220

could you send email for me? [email protected] i have big problem.can you help me!?

( 5 Reviews )
Tyl W. Bakker, P.C. Attorney At Law Logo

Tyl W. Bakker, P.C. Attorney At Law

Criminal Justice Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney

621 SW Alder St # 621 Portland, OR 97205
Shannon Coady

Tyl is an outstanding attorney who advocates for his clients. His deep set of knowledge and skill set make him an asset to have on your side

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NW Injury Law Center Logo

NW Injury Law Center

Personal Injury Attorney, Trial Attorney

1050 SW 6th Ave #1100 Portland, OR 97204
Jason Knapfel

I couldn't have asked for a better experience with an attorney. Mr. Jacobs not only evaluated and explained my rights and options, he never once made it feel like he was ... more

( 18 Reviews )
Brian Patrick Conry PC Logo

Brian Patrick Conry PC

Criminal Justice Attorney, Criminal Justice Attorney, Immigration & Naturalization Service

1300 SW 6th Ave #310 Portland, OR 97201
Juan Ramirez

They care about their clients and fight for you. He is an ethical, honest and knowledgeable attorney. This firm is outstanding. I am beyond pleased with my experience. My ... more

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The Law Office of Joseph A. Tripi PC Logo

The Law Office of Joseph A. Tripi PC

Trial Attorney, Attorney

5603 S Hood Ave Portland, OR 97239
Veille A.

Joe is a respected member in our group and you can count on him for legal advice and Professional representation. I highly recommend him

( 9 Reviews )
James R. Gregory, PC Logo

James R. Gregory, PC

Trial Attorney

1829 NE Alberta St Suite 9 Portland, OR 97211
Roza Chakisso

It was a pleasure to work with James and Kathleen for the past two years. They worked diligently on my cases and were able to make successful settlements. I highly recomm ... more

( 2 Reviews )
David P. Meyer, PC Logo

David P. Meyer, PC

Personal Injury Attorney, Real Estate Attorney, Trial Attorney

333 SW Taylor St STE 300 Portland, OR 97204

David is an amazing attorney to work with! He is very informative and will educate you while making sure that you are well served. Satisfaction is 100% when it came to re ... more

( 9 Reviews )
Christopher T. Hill, PC Logo

Christopher T. Hill, PC

Personal Injury Attorney, Civil Law Attorney, Insurance Attorney

300 SE 80th Ave Portland, OR 97215
Casey Lehl

Christopher was very willing and helpful in explaining the different options I have regarding a potential legal malpractice case I'm, unfortunately, having to deal with. ... more

( 27 Reviews )
Mark Gorski, Attorney at Law Logo

Mark Gorski, Attorney at Law

Trial Attorney

13865 NE Marine Dr Portland, OR 97230

This is a very good lawyer, works promptly and quickly, makes everything clear, satisfied with the work, helps like no one else better

( 7 Reviews )
KB Law LLC Logo


Law Firm, Trial Attorney

1717 NE 42nd Ave #3210 Portland, OR 97213
Harry Kaplan

Kenji Kozuma and his staff at KB Law LLC were amazing. They were able to guide us through a very volatile situation flawlessly. He is honest, ethical, and extremely hard ... more

( 11 Reviews )
Reeves Kahn Hennessy & Elkins Logo

Reeves Kahn Hennessy & Elkins

Attorney, Business To Business Service, Criminal Justice Attorney

4035 SE 52nd Ave Portland, OR 97206
Rita Lockwood

Very knowledgeable, courteous, & professional. Came highly recommended

( 1 Reviews )
Harris Bricken Sliwoski LLP Logo

Harris Bricken Sliwoski LLP

Civil Law Attorney, Employment Attorney, Immigration Attorney

511 SE 11th Ave #201 Portland, OR 97214
Kevin English

Dan Harris and the HB team is THE nation's preeminent resource and authority regarding Chinese / American contract law and negotiation strategy. He thinks both inside an ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Dr. David Illig - Litigation Psychology Logo

Dr. David Illig - Litigation Psychology

Consultant, Service Establishment, Trial Attorney

Serving Portland, OR
wink Shingleman

Clearly genius!

( 5 Reviews )
Osaka Gordon L Logo

Osaka Gordon L

Employment Attorney, Labor Relations Attorney, Attorney

1000 SW Broadway # 940 Portland, OR 97205
PDX MP Reviews

With 40 years of experience and a genuine desire to help others, Gordon is a terrific attorney. Highly recommend!

( 2 Reviews )
Larkins Vacura LLP Logo

Larkins Vacura LLP

Law Firm, Trial Attorney, Attorney

121 SW Morrison St #700 Portland, OR 97204
James Meyer

Powder day no linesgreat

( 31 Reviews )
Law Offices of Daniel Snyder Logo

Law Offices of Daniel Snyder

Employment Attorney, Civil Law Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney

1000 SW Broadway #2400 Portland, OR 97205
Kathy Dunlap

I hired Daniel Snyder approximately 6 and 1/2 years ago. He fought long and hard for me! We went through multiple appeals. This did not detour him from a continual fight. ... more

( 5 Reviews )
Kilmer Voorhees & Laurick, PC Logo

Kilmer Voorhees & Laurick, PC

Trial Attorney, Law Firm, Mediation Service

2701 NW Vaughn St #780 Portland, OR 97210
Annie McHale

Mr. Muth and other representatives of Kilmer Voorhees & Laurick, PC: please accept my apology for the false review posted under my name. To be clear, I did not write this ... more

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Gray Law LLC Logo

Gray Law LLC

Trial Attorney, Attorney

4535 SW Laurelwood Ave Portland, OR 97225
PaulMichael Moore

Highly impressed with his credentials

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Law Office of Robert Le Logo

Law Office of Robert Le

Personal Injury Attorney, Elder Law Attorney, Employment Attorney

850 SE 3rd Ave Suite 302 Portland, OR 97214
Tobias Wenzel

"Seeking Justice for ordinary people". But not when you won't even reply to a potential new client I guess. I got referred to you by another attorney and never got a repl ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Sacks & Goetz, PC Logo

Sacks & Goetz, PC

Family Law Attorney, Divorce Lawyer, Trial Attorney

516 SE Morrison St Portland, OR 97214
Laura Gonzalez

Matt was great and I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.