Portland, OR Architectural Designer

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GreenEastman Logo


Interior Designer, Architectural Designer, Custom Home Builder

422 NW 13th Ave #760 Portland, OR 97209
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O'Brien Design + Build

Construction Company, Architectural Designer, Architecture Firm

208 NW 21st Ave #201 Portland, OR 97209
Summer Harness

O'Brien construction is seriously the best construction company I have ever worked with! I have interacted with other construction companies over the years, and my experi ... more

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rhiza A+D, Architecture + Design Logo

rhiza A+D, Architecture + Design

Architecture Firm, Architect, Architectural Designer

2516 NW 29th Ave Unit#4 Portland, OR 97210
Kim Gronroos

An excellent design team. I used rhiza for a basement remodel and they were professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about my project and what we were trying to accomp ... more

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McFadin Design/Build Logo

McFadin Design/Build

Contractor, Architectural Designer, Home Builder

2112 NE Wygant St Portland, OR 97211
Rose King

We had a great experience with McFadin Design Build. We hired Zeke and his crew in July 2020 to complete a remodel in our 1930s Tudor home. Upstairs, we wanted a beautifu ... more

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Birdsmouth Design-Build Logo

Birdsmouth Design-Build

General Contractor, Architectural Designer

2100b SE Water Ave Portland, OR 97214
Carole Moore

Specializing in high performance building. Minimizing the the impact the built environment has on our changing climate.

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Laurel Design Collective Logo

Laurel Design Collective

Interior Designer, Architectural Designer

8420 N Ivanhoe St Portland, OR 97203
Lavender Erez

Such a great experience! Laurel responded quickly to every request and went above expectations. Our ADU was under construction and I couldnt figure out how to make the ... more

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Architecture Firm, Architectural Designer

633 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Chris Aquino

I love their work! Everything is really well made. All of my towel holders, hooks, etc. are Quartertwenty

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Recast Homes Logo

Recast Homes

Kitchen Remodeler, Architectural Designer, Bathroom Remodeler

8414 SW Barbur Blvd UNIT 102 Portland, OR 97219
Saba Munir

Krisanna and her team brought our home to life!!! If youre considering working with them, dont hesitate from setting up a consult call - theyll never pressure you and jus ... more

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J2 Building Consultants Inc. Logo

J2 Building Consultants Inc.

Engineering Consultant, Architectural Designer, Building Inspector

4504 S Corbett Ave UNIT 100 Portland, OR 97239
Manuel Mauricio

Excellent educational webinars!

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Builders Design Inc Logo

Builders Design Inc

Architect, Architectural Designer, Drafting Service

11125 NE Weidler St Portland, OR 97220
eric & da bear dog

I'd recommend it

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atomic * design llc. Logo

atomic * design llc.

Architectural Designer, Interior Designer

7302 N Richmond Ave Portland, OR 97203
Joseph Purkey

Great designers that I've enjoyed knowing as colleagues!

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Darrell Mulch Landscape Architecture Logo

Darrell Mulch Landscape Architecture

Landscape Designer, Architect, Architectural Designer

1907 NE 66th Ave #168 Portland, OR 97213
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Architectural Designer, Building Consultant, Building Design Company

18047 SW Lower Boones Ferry Rd Portland, OR 97224
Amy Taylor

0 stars. Do not use Nathan Krause. He is incompetent and unethical. Nathan was on the spot as long as the progress payments were coming. My mistake was to pay the final b ... more

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Furniture Maker, Antique Furniture Restoration Service, Architectural Designer

3925 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97227
Thomas DuBuisson

James did a great job repairing not just the broken runner of an heirloom rocking chair, but also noting other issues and fixing it up.

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Jeff Weithman | Real Estate through Design Logo

Jeff Weithman | Real Estate through Design

Miscellaneous, Architectural Designer

22 NW 23rd Pl # 202 Portland, Oregon 97210
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Siteworks Design-Build Logo

Siteworks Design-Build

Construction Company, Architectural Designer

240 SE 2nd Ave Portland, OR 97214
Theresa S.

I've done work with Siteworks for 13+ years and I'm always amazed at the beautiful projects they construct. From the the initial vision to the completed product t ... more

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Sapling Design Logo

Sapling Design

Architectural Designer, Interior Designer

710 SE Grand Ave #7 Portland, OR 97214
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River Vision Logo

River Vision

Architectural Designer

22 NE 2nd Ave #2206 Portland, OR 97232
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Architectural Designer

6229 SE Tolman St Portland, OR 97206
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CAD International Design & Consulting Logo

CAD International Design & Consulting

Architectural Designer

704 N Tomahawk Island Dr Portland, OR 97217
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Roman Design, LLC Logo

Roman Design, LLC

Architectural Designer

422 NW 13th Ave UNIT 736 Portland, OR 97209
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Roman Design LLC Logo

Roman Design LLC

Architectural Designer

710 NW 17th Ave Portland, OR 97209
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Hastings Architecture Logo

Hastings Architecture

Architect, Architectural And Engineering Model Maker, Architectural Designer

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C Change Design - Chelly Wentworth | Kitchen & Bath Remodeling | Portland, OR Logo

C Change Design - Chelly Wentworth | Kitchen & Bath Remodeling | Portland, OR

Architectural Designer, Bathroom Remodeler, Building Designer

3521 SE Carlton St Portland, OR 97202
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Interior Design Portland, Oregon | Court Earp Interior Design Logo

Interior Design Portland, Oregon | Court Earp Interior Design

Interior Designer, Architect, Architectural Designer

625 NW Everett St #218 Portland, OR 97209
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Observation Studio Logo

Observation Studio

Architectural Designer

2100 NW 19th Ave #2 Portland, OR 97209
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Gusto Design Studio Logo

Gusto Design Studio

Architectural Designer

9818 SE 17th Ave Portland, OR 97222
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Oculus Inc Logo

Oculus Inc

Architecture Firm, Architect, Architectural Designer

107 SE Washington St #231 Portland, OR 97214
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Habibi Design & Drafting Services Logo

Habibi Design & Drafting Services

Architectural Designer, Service Establishment

Serving Portland, OR
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PDX Imaging Logo

PDX Imaging

Graphic Designer, Architectural Designer, Design Agency

Serving, Ste 407 Portland, OR
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Diverse Works Logo

Diverse Works

Architectural Designer

2412 N Hayden Island Dr Portland, OR 97217