Portland, OR Astrologer

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Oak Astrology School

Astrologer, Psychic

1430 SE 14th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Si'mone Lewis

Oak is absolutely amazing!!! I had a birth chart reading done and I must say, it was soooooo on point! I highly recommend!

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Nightingale Astrology


1720 NW Lovejoy St Portland, OR 97209
Caleigh Joyce

This was so much fun!!! Thank you so much for my reading

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Slow Magick Astrology


401 NE 19th Ave #200 Portland, OR 97232
Kara Mayhew

Erins offering felt steeped in wisdom the kind that marries intellect and life experience. Her interpretation of my tenth house perfection year felt spot on. She was able ... more

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Alchemy Astrology


4303 SE 29th Ave Portland, OR 97202
trish miller

I did not know very much about astrology but Kelsie put my mind to rest immediately by exposing just the basics and how and when you can add it can be meaningful in your ... more

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Moon Girl Astrology


819 NW 23rd Ave Unit 10 Portland, OR 97210
Shawn O'Dierno

I recently had an astrology reading done by Carrie that resonated with me completely. How she walked me through my chart was kind, thoughtful and in a way I could unders ... more

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Deep Sea Astrology


2256 N Albina Ave Suite 178 Portland, OR 97227
Kayla Daniels

This was my first time having an astrology reading and it did not disappoint. Kelsey was very intentional, warm and knowledgeable. What she shared with me gave me new per ... more

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Heart Marrow Astrology

Astrologer, Mental Health Service, Educational Consultant

3728 SE 76th Ave Portland, OR 97206
Jennifer Scott

Sarah-Lu provided a brilliant natal chart reading which was full of insights and revelations. Everything about the experience felt special, from the calming space Sarah-L ... more

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Honeycomb Collective

Astrologer, Media Company

815 NE Schuyler St #12069 Portland, OR 97212
Marya Dawn

I love the personalized monthly calendar and the ease of seeing how current transits affect my chart. The artwork, layout, and customization, as well as the asteroid plug ... more

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JillCasePDX Healing

Astrologer, Aromatherapy Service, Life Coach

7780 SE 21st Ave Unit A Portland, OR 97202
Daniel Tomalty

I had such an amazing experience with Jill. I personally took a consultation before our appointment to get a feel for Jill and how the appointment would work and we conne ... more

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New Renaissance Bookshop

Book Store, Astrologer, Book Store

1338 NW 23rd Ave Portland, OR 97210
Rebecca Dawn

Wow, seriously you gotta come in and check this place out! Truly a gem in the rough of Portland I saw some jewelry like I've never seen before, so I'm going to be savi ... more

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Nob Hill Psychic

Psychic, Astrologer, Counselor

530 NW 23rd Ave #114 Portland, OR 97210
Zelina Deni Munguia

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Make sure you get a full package, that way she can freely give you the information she receives about you, coming from your Aura, your Palms, and your T ... more

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MetaJuju Studio

Meditation Center, Astrologer, Jewelry Designer

917 SW Oak St #302 Portland, OR 97221
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Heart astrology Logo

Heart astrology


7643 SW Elmwood St Portland, OR 97223
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T.D. Jacobs Astrology, LLC


6431 NW Krislynn Terrace Portland, OR 97229