Portland, OR Video Editing Service

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Cyphon Digital Logo

Cyphon Digital

Marketing Agency, Advertising Agency, Animation Studio

1649 NE 140th Ave Portland, OR 97230
Nikki Metcalf

Cyphon Digital recently designed and developed two websites for our business. From start to finish, working with them was an absolute pleasure. They were not only profess ... more

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GMS Media and Advertising Logo

GMS Media and Advertising

Video Production Service, Advertising Agency, Marketing Agency

4784 SE 17th Ave Suite 175 Portland, Oregon 97202
Matt Dunstan

Great crew that we picked up while in the area for a shoot! Super professional guys with a beautiful studio, I recommend their services to other video agencies doing work ... more

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Nick Mendez Photography, Videography & Journalism Logo

Nick Mendez Photography, Videography & Journalism

Photographer, Photography Studio, Commercial Photographer

2632 SE 25th Ave Portland, OR 97202
NewAvenues Development Team

Nick is an absolute pleasure to work with. Nick was able to capture some wonderful photos.

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Zaftig Marketing Logo

Zaftig Marketing

Marketing Agency, Video Editing Service, Service Establishment

Serving Portland, OR 97290
Remi Mejia

Zaftig Marketing really provides help to all your needs, and especially when there's a deadline. Their service is fast and effective with great quality that leaves you sa ... more

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Moving Pictures Logo

Moving Pictures

Video Production Service, Commercial Photographer, Film Production Company

107 SE Washington St #164 Portland, OR 97214
Travis McQueen

Hiring a wedding videographer was the best decision we ever made for our wedding! After all the excitement of wedding planning and the festivities have died down, our wed ... more

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CIK Studio Logo

CIK Studio

Musician, Website Designer, Video Editing Service

Serving Portland, OR 97290
Michael Walden

Best studio quality in the city!!!

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Shields Films Logo

Shields Films

Video Production Service, Video Conferencing Service, Video Editing Service

1428 SE 19th Ave Suite H Portland, OR 97214
Chris Culbertson

Travis was stellar to work with and exceeded our expectations.

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Cine Rent West Logo

Cine Rent West

Movie Studio, Video Editing Service, Video Production Service

2330 NW 31st Ave Portland, OR 97210
Joni W.

I had an incredible experience at Cine Rent West and can't recommend their crew highly enough. The space is beautiful and the facilities and equipment are best in cla ... more

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Hybrid Moon Logo

Hybrid Moon

Video Production Service, Film Production Company, Marketing Agency

25 NW 23rd Pl #143 Portland, OR 97210
Adam Smith

I recently hired Hybrid Moon to create an explainer video for my Kickstarter campaign. The video is probably the most important element of any crowdfunding campaign, and ... more

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Digital Bossanova Logo

Digital Bossanova

Video Production Service, Service Establishment, Graphic Designer

Serving Portland, OR
Nicole Adams

Digital Bossanova provided excellent service and were professional, accommodating, and extremely flexible in meeting a rigorous production schedule. The non-profit whose ... more

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Haywire Recording Studios Logo

Haywire Recording Studios

Recording Studio, Audio Visual Consultant, Computer Consultant

3530 SE 77th Ave-76th Ave Alley Portland, OR 97215
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BingoLewis, Inc. Logo

BingoLewis, Inc.

Video Editing Service

5828 N Lombard St Portland, OR 97203
Warren Draper

The association BingoLewis, Inc. is giving was stunning. I accomplished BingoLewis, Inc. to make a video for my mother's birthday party. My mother is imperative to me tha ... more

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KTVA Productions Logo

KTVA Productions

Video Production Service, Video Duplication Service, Video Editing Service

9818 SE 17th Ave Portland, OR 97222
Mariel Martin

Rick Philips is a CREATIVE GENIUS! He knows every aspect of Sound quality, lighting for making you look your best, and he even provides Graphic Design for CD Covers. He i ... more

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River City Media Logo

River City Media

Video Production Service, Video Duplication Service, Video Editing Service

812 SW Washington St #500 Portland, OR 97205
Dewayne I

Amazing people

( 6 Reviews )
PDX Design & Internet Marketing Solutions Logo

PDX Design & Internet Marketing Solutions

Website Designer, Internet Marketing Service, Internet Service Provider

15200 SE Millmain Drive Portland, OR 97233
Becky Manor

The best in town

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9iFX Logo


Video Production Service, Graphic Designer, Video Editing Service

3439 SE Hawthorne Blvd #503 Portland, OR 97214

I have had the opportunity to work with Tracey and Michael on multiple occasions. The work delivered is always top notch and before the deadline. They are a professional ... more

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Sonic Media Studios Logo

Sonic Media Studios

Recording Studio, Video Editing Service

2211 NE Oregon St Portland, OR 97232
Mike Vaughn

My loop group works out of here regularly and we're very happy. Friendly, fair, down-to-earth professionals, with all the top notch gear.

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Little Rumble Logo

Little Rumble

Video Production Service, Video Editing Service

1875 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97214
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Lightmotive Films Logo

Lightmotive Films

Video Editing Service

3121 S Moody Ave Portland, OR 97239
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Donahue Media Group Logo

Donahue Media Group

Marketing Agency, E-commerce Service, Marketing Agency

1819 SW 5th Ave #284 Portland, OR 97201
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Aaron's Moon Chicken Studio Logo

Aaron's Moon Chicken Studio

Photographer, Film Production Company, Media Consultant

3721 SE 13th Ave Portland, OR 97202
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Only Today Logo

Only Today

Video Production Service, Film Production Company, Video Editing Service

2222 NE Oregon St Suite 110 Portland, OR 97232
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Swimming Weather Logo

Swimming Weather

Video Editing Service, Film Production Company

120 NW 9th Ave #215 Portland, OR 97209
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Lyon Films Logo

Lyon Films

Video Production Service, Film Production Company, Video Editing Service

1535 SE 9th Ave Portland, OR 97214
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Music Producer, Music Store, Musician

844 NE Jarrett St Portland, OR 97211