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Club Rouge Portland Logo

Club Rouge Portland

Adult Entertainment Club, Bar, Lounge

403 SW Harvey Milk St Portland, OR 97204
Motion Artist

Horrible customer service by the blonde bartender with glasses. I asked her to get change for ones and she got upset and aggressive saying that since it wasnt exactly $40 ... more

( 85 Reviews )
A & M Co. Logo

A & M Co.

Adult Entertainment Club, Bar, Karaoke Bar

5305 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206, 5305 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206 Portland, OR 97206
D Flyer

I was a first time visitor on a Stripparoake night, what a blast! It's great to find a club where the girls dance and the customers appreciate it with tips. I am just s ... more

( 152 Reviews )
Silverado Logo


Gay Bar, Adult Entertainment Club

610 NW Couch St Portland, OR 97209
Sean V

For a gay bar, way too many screaming women for the strippers. Feels like a Bachelorette party, not pleasant at all.

( 104 Reviews )
Lucky Devil Lounge Logo

Lucky Devil Lounge

Adult Entertainment Club, Bar, Lottery Retailer

633 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97202
Kaden MacFadyen

A favorite and staple club in Portland for good reason. Front door, bartenders, and dancers have always been super friendly and not pushy. Shout out to Brianna behind the ... more

( 71 Reviews )
Cindie's Lingerie Logo

Cindie's Lingerie

Lingerie Store, Adult Entertainment Store

8201 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97266
Maria Mains

I've gone here twice and didnt think much of the selection, lingerie or for toys and lubes. Just the general location deters me, but inside is bright, welcoming and organ ... more

( 72 Reviews )
FANTASY Hollywood Logo

FANTASY Hollywood

Adult Entertainment Store, Adult DVD Store, Costume Store

3137 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97232
Alex Friedman

Bought my first binder from them a few years ago. I had biked a good couple miles to get there, and I was very nervous. Staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. Locatio ... more

( 63 Reviews )
Spartacus Leathers Logo

Spartacus Leathers

Adult Entertainment Store, Lingerie Store

300 SW 12th Ave Portland, OR 97205
Sami Savage

The employees here are so unkind, unpleasant, and rude!

( 93 Reviews )
The Velvet Rope Logo

The Velvet Rope

Adult Entertainment Club

3533 SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Blvd Portland, OR 97202
Devon Huber

They act like they have a dress code but there are tweekers in wifebeaters and Walmart jeans walking around. They do have good wings tho.

( 61 Reviews )
Taboo Video Logo

Taboo Video

Adult DVD Store, Adult Entertainment Store, DVD Store

2330 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97216
A. F. Wolfe

Every time I go to try put words on my review, I get an anxiety attack because then I re-live the hateful experience from behind the counter. This will have to do.

( 116 Reviews )
Kit Kat Club Logo

Kit Kat Club

Adult Entertainment Club

231 SW Ankeny St Portland, OR 97204
happy lucky

My friend and I had so much fun at the Burlesque show (1130ish Friday and Saturdays)! The place was clean and the vibes were great. As two women experiencing a gentleman' ... more

( 18 Reviews )
The Lounge Logo

The Lounge

Adult Entertainment Club

6210 NE Columbia Blvd Portland, OR 97218
David Gilbert

Club smells bad The club's color is bad. Dancers are fair. Bartender over poured. I would never go back. Unless they improve

( 495 Reviews )
Golden Dragon Exotic Club Logo

Golden Dragon Exotic Club

Adult Entertainment Club, Pool Hall, Club

324 SW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97204
Tyson Murray

When I walked in and got a topless and private room with the dancer Dahlia it was worth every penny :). Would and will 100% return. and the security and every staff membe ... more

( 30 Reviews )
X Exotic Lounge Logo

X Exotic Lounge

Adult Entertainment Club

15 SW 2nd Ave Portland, OR 97204
M Williams 503

I've been going to X Exotic Lounge since I arrived in Portland. It used to be called Bar 15 and they had a bartender named Mo who was amazing. The dancers are friendly, t ... more

( 66 Reviews )
Sunset Strip Gentlemen's Club Logo

Sunset Strip Gentlemen's Club

Adult Entertainment Club, Bar

10205 SW Park Way Portland, OR 97225
james johnson

great entertainment

( 115 Reviews )
Cabaret II Logo

Cabaret II

Adult Entertainment Club

17544 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97233
Cory Woods

Way overpriced, food sucked and they didn't give me what I ordered, also, one of the girls was demanding tips and I was only there for food (to go). Very much do not reco ... more

( 53 Reviews )
Dream On Saloon Logo

Dream On Saloon

Bar, Sports Bar, Adult Entertainment Club

15920 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97233
Brandi Edwards

first of all, the dancers here are great and we all had a blast on that front. I would have given a better rating if not for the blonde bartender that worked last night. ... more

( 40 Reviews )
FANTASY Tigard Logo


Adult Entertainment Store, Adult DVD Store, Lingerie Store

6440 SW Coronado St Portland, OR 97219
Porsha Peach

I was not given a receipt and there is nowhere posted that they do not accept returns or exchanges on unused lingerie. Also was not told this when I was checking out. I c ... more

( 86 Reviews )
Club 205 Logo

Club 205

Adult Entertainment Club

9939 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97216
Ron R.

DONT GO TO THIS PLACE Got a couple dances, you pay for the dances and they want more money. the last girl almost wouldn't let me leave without paying her more mone ... more

( 32 Reviews )
Paradise Adult Video Logo

Paradise Adult Video

Adult Entertainment Store, Lingerie Store, Adult DVD Store

14712 SE Stark St Portland, OR 97233
Rayshawn Walker

They are open they just dont pick up they phone....I wanted to know could i get laid in there... a lot women weird out here. So why not go somewhere in pay !!! In stay sa ... more

( 13 Reviews )
Bottoms Up Tavern Logo

Bottoms Up Tavern

Adult Entertainment Club

16900 NW St Helens Rd Portland, OR 97231
Jax Kellington

Worked here for about a year!!!! One of my favorite clubs EVERRRRR to work at in Portland!! Loooove Jess and all the super cool regulars and other customers who frequentl ... more

( 22 Reviews )
Safari Showclub Logo

Safari Showclub

Adult Entertainment Club, Bar, Dance Club

3000 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97202
Tiffanie Rainey

Always have fun here.

( 48 Reviews )
Dancin' Bare Logo

Dancin' Bare

Adult Entertainment Club

8440 N Interstate Ave #6719 Portland, OR 97217
Malaki Stubblefield

Always closed or locked

( 39 Reviews )
Shimmers Gentlemens Club Logo

Shimmers Gentlemens Club

Adult Entertainment Club

8000 SE Foster Rd Portland, OR 97206

Kind of surprised nobody has mentioned what a creep the security guard Tank is to the girls. The girls who hang on him don’t really encourage appropriate behavior from ... more

( 101 Reviews )
Oregon Theater Logo

Oregon Theater

Movie Theater, Adult DVD Store, Adult Entertainment Store

3530 SE Division St Portland, OR 97202
Sherri Schmidt

It is closed

( 11 Reviews )
Club Playpen Logo

Club Playpen

Adult Entertainment Club

6210 NE Columbia Blvd Portland, OR 97218
Larue Daniel

Awesome spot

( 2 Reviews )
Lure Exotic Club Logo

Lure Exotic Club

Adult Entertainment Club, Bar

11051 SW Barbur Blvd Portland, OR 97219

Club Lure has The best Parties ever

( 11 Reviews )
Pussycats Logo


Adult Entertainment Club, Adult Entertainment Store

5226 SE Foster Rd Portland, OR 97206
M Wright

Been to all 3 locations, always have a great time. Definitely the hottest private show girls in town. Real unedited photos on their website.

( 16 Reviews )
Pitiful Princess Gentlemen's Club Logo

Pitiful Princess Gentlemen's Club

Adult Entertainment Club

12646 SE Division St Portland, OR 97236
Daniel Ferguson (Danie)

Good enough considering its location. I would have given 4 stars, but I absolutely hate its name. More often than not the women here do claim both the monikers "pitiful" ... more

( 43 Reviews )
The Peep Hole Logo

The Peep Hole

Adult Entertainment Store

709 SE 122nd Ave Portland, OR 97233
vince neothink

Well back in the day before covid19 hit I use to come here every Saturday and Sunday mornings. After clubbing at the new copper Penny so it would be around 4a ... more

( 90 Reviews )
Love Toys Adult Store - Former Liberated World Logo

Love Toys Adult Store - Former Liberated World

Adult Entertainment Store, Lingerie Store, Video Store

10660 SE Division St Portland, OR 97266

One if the few places in Portland a female can feel comfortable and not be followed to and from the parking lot. They do an excellent job of making everyone feel comforta ... more

( 138 Reviews )
Casa Diablo Vegan Strip Club Logo

Casa Diablo Vegan Strip Club

Adult Entertainment Club, Bar, Restaurant

2839 NW St Helens Rd Portland, OR 97210
Steven Leimberg

Wow. Just wow. Good show. Good food. Good beer.

( 17 Reviews )
Jags Clubhouse Logo

Jags Clubhouse

Adult Entertainment Club, Bar

605 N Columbia Blvd Portland, OR 97217

**INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS BEWARE** It seems after reading reviews others have had similar unpleasant experiences Luckily I didn't have to go inside to find out however: C ... more

( 1 Reviews )
BA Videos Logo

BA Videos

Adult Entertainment Store

3201 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR 97202
Ben Eubanks


( 37 Reviews )
She Bop Logo

She Bop

Adult Entertainment Store

3213 SE Division St Portland, OR 97202
Serena Schwartz

The place to go for all your fun and sexy needs. Not to mention its a very safe and inclusive space

( 53 Reviews )
Club SinRock Logo

Club SinRock

Adult Entertainment Club

12035 NE Glisan St Portland, OR 97220
Karma Jane

Very clean, great staff and girls, everything on the menu is delicious, and amazing management! I really respect this business and those who run it. It's hard to find a s ... more

( 72 Reviews )
Sylvia's Playhouse (Adult Entertainment Club ) Logo

Sylvia's Playhouse (Adult Entertainment Club )

Adult Entertainment Club

8226 NE Fremont St Portland, OR 97220
Peter Percy

I went and saw Charlie, and she was an absolute sweetheart, and made me feel VERY comfortable. Thanks again!

( 13 Reviews )
X-otic Tan Logo

X-otic Tan

Adult Entertainment Club

8431 SE Division St Portland, OR 97266
Kyle Shepherd

Special shout out to Sin, excellent customer service. I left feeling very relaxed, and would definitely return here for another relaxing evening. Thanks again! -kyle

( 131 Reviews )
Catalyst: A Sex Positive Place Logo

Catalyst: A Sex Positive Place

Community Center, Adult Entertainment Club, Social Club

5224 SE Foster Rd Portland, OR 97206

They are hosting a group called genderbomb and transgression. I’m always glad to see lgbtq spaces but not from individuals who have long histories of violent sexual ass ... more

( 15 Reviews )
Taboo Video Logo

Taboo Video

Adult DVD Store, Adult Entertainment Store, Book Store

311 NW Broadway Portland, OR 97209
MaKaylaCymon Irvan

Boring and outdated, if your looking for outfits for work just go to a different store

( 38 Reviews )
Reveal Lounge Logo

Reveal Lounge

Adult Entertainment Club

8345 SW Barbur Blvd Portland, OR 97219
Tish M

Upscale club, good food, great drinks and AMAZING ladies

( 27 Reviews )
GRIND gentleman's club Logo

GRIND gentleman's club

Adult Entertainment Club, Bar

15826 SE Division St Portland, OR 97236
miguel bolanos

Place went down hill, isn't open anymore and it sucked either way.

( 20 Reviews )
Riverside Corral Logo

Riverside Corral

Adult Entertainment Club

545 SE Tacoma St Portland, OR 97202
michael lex

Nasty and gross. Trash dancers.

( 40 Reviews )
Hawthorne Strip Logo

Hawthorne Strip

Adult Entertainment Club

3532 SE Powell Blvd Portland, OR 97202
Jon Fermani

Dancer stole $150 dollars from me. She just left the room and never came back. WATCH OUT of this place! They will steal your money and management doesn’t care!

( 9 Reviews )
Honey Suckles Lingerie Logo

Honey Suckles Lingerie

Adult Entertainment Club

3520 NE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97220
Anthony Wahchumwah


( 1 Reviews )
Doc's Club Logo

Doc's Club

Adult Entertainment Club

4229 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97266
Dan Curtis

Careful the dancers bite!

( 25 Reviews )
Someday Inc Logo

Someday Inc

Adult Entertainment Club

125 Nw 5th Ave Portland, OR 97209
christa chan

Very nice atmosphere, I would take a date here for drinks and music. Great place to jump and dance around.

( 4 Reviews )
Blush Logo


Adult Entertainment Club, Cocktail Bar, Night Club

5145 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland, OR 97202
Sage Kindheart


( 1 Reviews )
Villa 162 Apartments Logo

Villa 162 Apartments

Adult DVD Store

1640 SE 162nd Ave Portland, OR 97233
Aung San

Thanks showing the GPS

( 15 Reviews )
Pussycats Logo


Adult Entertainment Club

10813 SW Barbur Blvd Portland, OR 97219
Alissa Ledezma

Called to see if the club was hiring. A girl named jazmin answered very rudely and came off racist. Couldve just been nice about it and said no maam. Not hiring, sorry. U ... more

( 23 Reviews )
Club Skinn Logo

Club Skinn

Adult Entertainment Club, Bar

4523 NE 60th Ave Portland, OR 97218
patrick michener

Great bar Tammy the new owner is making big changes