Eugene, OR Grocery Store

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Fred Meyer Grocery Pickup and Delivery Logo

Fred Meyer Grocery Pickup and Delivery

Grocery Store, Grocery Store

3333 W 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97402
Gypsy Drea

This was so great for people watching! It's fun to shop there too very big store.

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Insomnia Cookies Logo

Insomnia Cookies

Grocery Store

632 E 13th Ave Eugene, Oregon 97401
Tamela Trice

We got a loaded brownie and for one it didn't even have everything it was supposed to have on it i asked for cream cheese frosting and got butter cream like the girl taki ... more

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Albertsons Logo


Grocery Store

1675 W 18th Ave Eugene, Oregon 97402

Friendly people

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Albertsons Logo


Grocery Store

3075 Hilyard St Eugene, Oregon 97405
S.I. TL. (Stellaaahhh)

So funny we kept seeing Albertsons and realized there were 2. 1 on either side of this Park! Lol Fred Meyer was better. Glad we saw it b4 Home Cheapo. #FreddysFoLyfe

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Safeway Logo


Grocery Store

350 E 40th Ave Eugene, Oregon 97405

Using "Just for You " in the Safeway app I save more than at Costco, or Winco on most things, and it is just about a mile from where I live. Safeway still has the best p ... more

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Fred Meyer Logo

Fred Meyer

Grocery Store

60 Division Ave Eugene, Oregon 97404
Kelsey S

Please carry more beatbox beverage flavors. Especially the green apple.

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Fred Meyer Grocery Pickup and Delivery Logo

Fred Meyer Grocery Pickup and Delivery

Grocery Store, Grocery Store

60 Division Ave Eugene, OR 97404
Robert Spencer

Don't use this service

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Albertsons Logo


Grocery Store

55 Division Ave Eugene, Oregon 97404
terry hembry

Albertson's is the new Safeway. The same store and helpful people. I even can find everything that I am looking for. And I am from out of state!

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Albertsons Logo


Grocery Store

311 Coburg Rd Eugene, Oregon 97401
George Thompson (dankgeo)

This place has a US Bank that I use for my banking & I do a little bit of shopping also..

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Albertsons Logo


Grocery Store

4740 Royal Ave Eugene, Oregon 97402
Renee Pike

This pharmacy is worse than going to the DMV, It's as bad as bad gets, It dose not matter when you turn your script in or when they tell you it will be ready , it won't ... more

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Safeway Logo


Grocery Store

1500 Coburg Rd Eugene, Oregon 97401
Joseph Crow Bradley

Typical Safeway just to be honest, lol. Close to our house, so that's a plus. Usually, there is plenty of parking like a typical Safeway. Usually open until 11 or 12, I t ... more

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Safeway Logo


Grocery Store

145 E 18th Ave Eugene, Oregon 97401
Terry pershall

Employees could be a little more Frendlyer.

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Fred Meyer Logo

Fred Meyer

Grocery Store

3333 W 11Th Ave Eugene, Oregon 97402
John Marshall

Great selection & prices.

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Grocery Outlet Logo

Grocery Outlet

Grocery Store, Health Food Store, Fruit And Vegetable Store

2060 River Road Eugene, OR 97404

Actually love the store. I find some really neat & unique stuff. The prices are pretty nice too. I like the friendly and helpful attitude of many there, but sometimes I f ... more

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Horai | Bakery · Cafe · Market Logo

Horai | Bakery · Cafe · Market

Bakery, Coffee Shop, Farm Shop

345 E 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97401
Roxanne Landau

Lovely cafe and bakery :)

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WinCo Foods Logo

WinCo Foods

Grocery Store, Grocery Store

2815 Chad Dr Eugene, OR 97408
Mike Flippin

Finally a grocery store in Northeast Eugene that has decent prices, besides having to buy large quantities at Costco. I'm sure many other people are happy about it, too. ... more

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Tortilleria El Chile Logo

Tortilleria El Chile

Grocery Store

2638 Roosevelt Blvd Eugene, OR 97402
Erik Groomer

Fresh tortillas made with imported maize from Mexico. Which means non-GMO. It matters to me. Love this place and the fresh salsa is great, too.

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Wheeler Dealer Logo

Wheeler Dealer

Discount Store, Grocery Store

1041 OR-99 Eugene, OR 97402
Roy Wood

Prices used to be good here but now it's just too expensive.

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Everyone's Market River Rd Logo

Everyone's Market River Rd

Grocery Store

3901 River Rd Eugene, OR 97404
Christian Smith

This place is corny.

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Jacksons Food Stores Logo

Jacksons Food Stores

Convenience Store, Gas Station, Grocery Store

86623 Franklin Blvd E Eugene, OR 97405
Janice Titus

Great customer service and fast service. Very good prices on groceries

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Irving Market & Deli Logo

Irving Market & Deli

Grocery Store

90047 Prairie Rd A Eugene, OR 97402
sean plotkin

Great place to get pre made breakfast sandwiches, and donuts that you won't find at darimart or 7/11. They don't accept foodcard.

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New Frontier Market Logo

New Frontier Market

Grocery Store, Beer Store, Farmers' Market

1101 W 8th Ave Eugene, OR 97402
Barbara Long

I just had food from the cart tonight for the first time. The food was excellent. The lady there was also the nicest person. We will definitely be back!

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Dollar Tree Logo

Dollar Tree

Dollar Store, Craft Store, Discount Store

4760 Royal Ave Eugene, OR 97402
Robin Rene

Really nice people here who are dealing with a tough situation...thank you for trusting this old lady today

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Market of Choice Willamette Logo

Market of Choice Willamette

Grocery Store, Bakery, Beer Store

67 W 29th Ave Eugene, OR 97405
Zac Schiffman

Bakery manager was quite rude when posited with a few questions. Apparently I was inconveniencing her by asking for details about placing a large order, the nerve of me

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Everyone's Market Logo

Everyone's Market

Convenience Store, Grocery Store

5053 Barger Dr Eugene, OR 97402
Cherokee Grandma

This is our Nieghborhood market, patronizing this market since they first opened !! One of the clerks EWARD almost has his own fan club!! The markets opened late & the ... more

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Sunrise Asian Food Market Logo

Sunrise Asian Food Market

Supermarket, Grocery Store, Restaurant

70 W 29th Ave Eugene, OR 97405
Merla Hawkins

The biggest Asian store (IMO). They have a good variety of merchandise.

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Capella Market Logo

Capella Market

Grocery Store, Deli, Health Food Store

2489 Willamette St Eugene, OR 97405
Kristen Beaudet

Cute market Really expensive You can go to Sundance for cheaper and get the same stuff

( 55 Reviews )
Neighborhood Market Logo

Neighborhood Market

Grocery Store

610 W 1st Ave Eugene, OR 97402
McRae Naayers

Big and full of items! When I originally went I was under impression there would be Asian leaning products but it mostly Latin American.

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Carniceria Mi Tierra Logo

Carniceria Mi Tierra

Grocery Store, Grocery Store

632 Blair Blvd Eugene, OR 97402
Angel Lopez


( 305 Reviews )
Community Market Logo

Community Market

Grocery Store

1045 Maxwell Rd Eugene, OR 97404
Ash Tudor

One Particular Employee with a Missing Front Tooth is Extremely Rude and Trashy...After Going to this store for nearly 3O years I would say pass and go a few blocks over ... more

( 504 Reviews )
Friendly Street Market Logo

Friendly Street Market

Grocery Store, Beer Store, Coffee Shop

2757 Friendly St Eugene, OR 97405
Antoni gforcedude

Friendly Street Market has an excellent selection of organic food, wine, and beer.

( 522 Reviews )
Market of Choice Willakenzie Logo

Market of Choice Willakenzie

Grocery Store, Bakery, Beer Store

2580 Willakenzie Rd Eugene, OR 97401
Meagan Ruvolo

I love this store for the products and selection. Food prices are a bit high.

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Market of Choice Franklin Logo

Market of Choice Franklin

Grocery Store, Grocery Store, Bakery

1960 Franklin Blvd Eugene, OR 97403
( 483 Reviews )
Whiteaker Liquor Logo

Whiteaker Liquor

Liquor Store, Grocery Store

inside Bruns' Apple Market, 849 W 6th Ave Eugene, OR 97402

So grateful to those who not only worm later than most but for them being there on sindays!!!! I work Graves, and generally miss my local store due to sleep schedules. So ... more

( 566 Reviews )
Red Barn Natural Grocery Logo

Red Barn Natural Grocery

Grocery Store, Coffee Shop, Deli

4th &, 357 Van Buren Street, Blair Blvd Eugene, OR 97402
Michael Schvarczkopf

I lived in Eugene way back in the '80s and early 90s and I love the natural food stores that dot the landscape throughout the city! Eugene was and still is a natural food ... more

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Stop N Shop Market Logo

Stop N Shop Market

Convenience Store, ATM, Grocery Store

2270 W 18th Ave Eugene, OR 97402

I'd like to support this place since it appears to be locally owned, or at least not a huge corporate chain. Unfortunately, the last two times I have been there, I have ... more

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Lee's Highway 58 Market Logo

Lee's Highway 58 Market

Grocery Store, Grocery Store

34500 OR-58 Eugene, OR 97405
Daniel E.

This place always has really friendly employees and will stock products if you ask them to. I am a repeat customer.

( 591 Reviews )
Natural Grocers Logo

Natural Grocers

Grocery Store, Greengrocer, Grocery Store

201 Coburg Rd Eugene, OR 97401

Great organic produce

( 94 Reviews )
Lorane Family Store Logo

Lorane Family Store

Grocery Store

80301 Territorial Hwy Eugene, OR 97405
Sarah & Roger Fassler

The new owners have no idea how to run an honest business that represents the positive goals or the unique beauty and originality of our community. Obviously we're biased ... more

( 1323 Reviews )
Bruns' Apple Market Logo

Bruns' Apple Market

Grocery Store, Supermarket

849 W 6th Ave Eugene, OR 97402
Emily B.

The store has a ghetto atmosphere. The staff are rude, inattentive and poorly trained.

( 28 Reviews )
Willamette Street Market Logo

Willamette Street Market

Grocery Store

1077 Willamette St Eugene, OR 97401
Heather Essary

RJ is always great!!!! Love this store always have. I moved away but I drive out of my way to come back!

( 53 Reviews )
Little Y Market Logo

Little Y Market

Grocery Store

603 W 19th Ave Eugene, OR 97402
jaime gomez

(Translated by Google) I think that this store is like a change of owner because they are remodeling it and it will look better, I hope and that the merchandise also chan ... more

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Little Food Pantry Logo

Little Food Pantry

Grocery Store

870 W 16th Ave Eugene, OR 97402
( 31 Reviews )
Quick Trip market Logo

Quick Trip market

Convenience Store, Beer Store, Cigar Shop

2429 Hilyard St Eugene, OR 97405

Best store in town. Clean place and great prices.

( 31 Reviews )
Dari Mart Logo

Dari Mart

Convenience Store, ATM, Grocery Store

1495 River Rd #2 Eugene, OR 97404
Jon Stenklyft

Upon making my purchase I was informed that my oversized van was parked in a fire lane by the employee. I acknowledged him and asked for a bag for my purchases and he kep ... more

( 1 Reviews )
D Mart Logo

D Mart

Grocery Store

2429 Hilyard St Eugene, OR 97405
Gary Schartz

A friendly and busy fellow working the cash register. A convenience store on the seeming spendy side with a huge selection of items for the size of the place. Jam packe ... more

( 40 Reviews )
Dari Mart Logo

Dari Mart

Convenience Store, Grocery Store

1510 OR-99 Eugene, OR 97402
Angie Croce

Friendly staff and they have good prices

( 425 Reviews )
Market Of Choice Logo

Market Of Choice

Grocery Store, Bakery, Beer Store

1060 Green Acres Road Eugene, OR 97408
Eden Edeno

If you are a DARK SKINNED person, be prepared to be followed/spotted/surveyed by security.... EVERYTIME. ...EVERY TIME

( 28 Reviews )
Stationmarket Logo


Convenience Store, Convenience Store, Grocery Store

66 W 10th Ave #3036 Eugene, OR 97401
Gary Schartz

Great experience here. A fine store filled with snacks, treats, lunch, dinner, coffee and steamed buns. The folks here are on the job. Courteous. Professional. Take n ... more

( 23 Reviews )
Little Food Pantry Logo

Little Food Pantry

Grocery Store

855 Howard Ave Eugene, OR 97404
Hannah Mackenzie

They are very professional and excellent at scheduling cleanings. Their pricing is reasonable, and they do a great job cleaning my home.