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Private Dental Insurance – DentBenefit Logo

Private Dental Insurance – DentBenefit

Insurance Agency

1415 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY 11230
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DentBenefit - Full Coverage Dental Insurance Logo

DentBenefit - Full Coverage Dental Insurance

Insurance Agency

1916 Mermaid Ave Brooklyn, NY 11224
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Home Care Gravesend Logo

Home Care Gravesend

Insurance Agency

420 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11223
( 0 Reviews )
Home Care Brooklyn Gravesend Logo

Home Care Brooklyn Gravesend

Insurance Agency

10 Van Sicklen St Brooklyn, NY 11223
( 0 Reviews )
Veteran Home Care Brooklyn Logo

Veteran Home Care Brooklyn

Insurance Agency

289 Smith St Brooklyn, NY 11231
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VA Home Health Care Brooklyn Logo

VA Home Health Care Brooklyn

Insurance Agency

410 Gateway Dr Brooklyn, NY 11239
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Charles Maddox-Byrd, Bankers Life Agent Logo

Charles Maddox-Byrd, Bankers Life Agent

Insurance Agency

2913 Avenue W Brooklyn, New York 11229
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Shellorne Smith, Bankers Life Agent Logo

Shellorne Smith, Bankers Life Agent

Insurance Agency

2913 Avenue W Brooklyn, New York 11229
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Target Insurance Brokerage LLC Logo

Target Insurance Brokerage LLC

Insurance Broker

253 Ralph Ave Brooklyn, New York 11233
( 35 Reviews )
Cheap Auto Insurance Logo

Cheap Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Agency

285 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11211
Mariel Caceres

Very professional and clean

( 27 Reviews )
Affinity by Molina Healthcare Logo

Affinity by Molina Healthcare

Health Insurance Agency

1684 Pitkin Ave Brooklyn, NY 11212
Roberto Morales

The Staff are very Friendly and helpful. Excellent Service and Affordable healthcare plan.

( 54 Reviews )
Discovery Brokerage Logo

Discovery Brokerage

Insurance Broker

2319 Avenue X Brooklyn, NY 11235
Denis Strilchuk

The best TLC customer service in NYC

( 25 Reviews )
Interwest United Insurance Brokerage Logo

Interwest United Insurance Brokerage

Insurance Agency

703 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11223

Nice place

( 14 Reviews )
TLC Insurance Broker Logo

TLC Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker

4915 18th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11204
Ruth C. McQueary

Impressive and hard to beat prices. Thanks for keeping us driving in a safe matter!

( 210 Reviews )
Infinite Auto Leasing Logo

Infinite Auto Leasing

Car Leasing Service, Used Car Dealer, Home Insurance Agency

1518 AVE Z Brooklyn, NY 11235
Julie Kogan

I have been leasing with this company for years at this point and would not even consider going anywhere else. Mike always goes out of his way to get the best deal for yo ... more

( 12 Reviews )
Anchor Brokerage Logo

Anchor Brokerage

Insurance Broker

8232 18th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11214
Will T.

We recently went through the process of buying and gut renovating an old brownstone.  The process was long, expensive and stressful, but one thing that actually went smoo ... more

( 9 Reviews )
AMP Insurance Brokerage LLC Logo

AMP Insurance Brokerage LLC

Health Insurance Agency

7709 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
Nayeem Mian Siddique

This Is A Great Agency For All Of Your Medicare Insurance Plan Needs!!!

( 2 Reviews )
Step Up Insurance Logo

Step Up Insurance

Insurance Agency

420 Avenue U SUITE 3F Brooklyn, NY 11223
MK conveniencebrokerage

One of the best places to go and get insurance the broker is a gentleman he will give you an honest answer and will help you with any matter you have

( 18 Reviews )
The Omni Agency Logo

The Omni Agency

Insurance Company

3877 Flatlands Ave Brooklyn, NY 11234
Christopher Olechowski

Omni has for several years now shown to not only be highly competent and professional, but they have been especially instrumental providing options for our workman's co ... more

( 173 Reviews )
UNO A Brokerage Logo

UNO A Brokerage

Insurance Agency

7110 13th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11228

Stay away

( 4 Reviews )
2i IncomeTax Insurance Logo

2i IncomeTax Insurance

Tax Preparation Service, Life Insurance Agency

1308 Prospect Pl Brooklyn, NY 11213
vincent edwards

Best Tax Guy Ever!!!!

( 2 Reviews )
Mikhail Kagansky - Prudential Financial Logo

Mikhail Kagansky - Prudential Financial

Investment Service, Financial Consultant, Financial Consultant

1548 McDonald Ave Brooklyn, NY 11230
Dimitry Chadaev

Great job ++++ Supper fast!!! Thank you

( 102 Reviews )
White Glove Consulting Logo

White Glove Consulting

Consultant, Elder Law Attorney, Home Health Care Service

1122 Coney Island Ave, Suite 201 Brooklyn, NY 11230
Judah M Safdeye

Avi was great. Super helpful and was able to get the job done.

( 3 Reviews )
M&S Insurance Logo

M&S Insurance

Auto Insurance Agency

5314 16th Ave Suite 110 Brooklyn, NY 11204
Ezriel Gross

Very informative people and very good service

( 13 Reviews )
PFS Insurance Group Logo

PFS Insurance Group

Auto Insurance Agency, Home Insurance Agency, Insurance Agency

5306 Church Ave Brooklyn, NY 11203
( 14 Reviews )
Regency Agency, Inc. Logo

Regency Agency, Inc.

Auto Insurance Agency, Home Insurance Agency, Insurance Agency

8114 3rd Ave 2nd floor Brooklyn, NY 11209
Mike Mossimo Lopardo

Louisa@ Regency is not only the best on Staten Island but She will do everything in her power to get you the best deal on your new policy

( 72 Reviews )
North Star Insurance Agency Logo

North Star Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency, Auto Insurance Agency, Home Insurance Agency

2200 65th St Brooklyn, NY 11204
Leonardo Moisyeyev

Good service and the most important good prices.

( 5 Reviews )
JDI Brokerage Inc. Logo

JDI Brokerage Inc.

Insurance Agency

34 Franklin Ave Ste 322 Brooklyn, NY 11205
Chaim Ganz

Outstanding service and thy made sure I have the right coverage for the cheapest price I could ever found

( 5 Reviews )
Gancfried Insurance Brokerage Inc. Logo

Gancfried Insurance Brokerage Inc.

Insurance Agency

196 S 8th St Brooklyn, NY 11211
G Friedman

Very helpful ,courteous service

( 6 Reviews )
Prime Insurance Brokerage Logo

Prime Insurance Brokerage

Insurance Agency

4914 13th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11219
small cat

I personally had a story a few weeks ago where I needed to use my insurance, and I was astonished how Alex took care of everything so professional and easy like I'm his o ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Brooklyn Spirit Agency Inc Logo

Brooklyn Spirit Agency Inc

Insurance Agency, Auto Insurance Agency, Driving School

9621 Flatlands Ave Brooklyn, NY 11236
Gb Repairs

Best place to go for all of your DMV needs.

( 37 Reviews )
Gheith Insurance Inc Logo

Gheith Insurance Inc

Insurance Agency

323 9th St # A Brooklyn, NY 11215

Nice place.

( 6 Reviews )
Artek Insurance Logo

Artek Insurance

Insurance Agency

70 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205
mowshe K

Being in property management for over 30 years and continue to use many agencies Artek is one of the best. Their customer service is outstanding and they go all the way ... more

( 3 Reviews )
Insure All NYC Agency Logo

Insure All NYC Agency

Insurance Agency, Auto Insurance Agency, Home Insurance Agency

2938 Avenue R Brooklyn, NY 11229
Dennis K

Y&Y is the place to go if you want an honest quote and dependable service. I have been using Y&Y for over 10 years and have nothing but great things to say about the comp ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Narrows Insurance Agency, Inc. Logo

Narrows Insurance Agency, Inc.

Insurance Agency, Auto Insurance Agency

8804 4th Ave 2nd fl Brooklyn, NY 11209
John Marino

Let me start with WOW , These guys are my heros ! Opened my company up 7 years ago and they been nothing but a pleasure to deal with ! Fast service ! Very knowledgeable ! ... more

( 3 Reviews )
R & L Herman Insurance Inc. Logo

R & L Herman Insurance Inc.

Title Company, Insurance Agency

18 Heyward St Suite 200 Brooklyn, NY 11249
Efraim Friedman

Best Rates!

( 27 Reviews )
Cook Insurance Services, Inc Logo

Cook Insurance Services, Inc

Insurance Agency, Business Development Service

885 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211
Olivia Santamaria

Very professional

( 22 Reviews )
Brooklyn Knight Insurance Brokerage Logo

Brooklyn Knight Insurance Brokerage

Insurance Agency

2740 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11210

I wouldn't go to anyone else... Igor impressed me a lot by taking the time to look for my Defensive driving certificate and emailing it to me when I needed it

( 4 Reviews )
Allsure Insurance Brokerage Logo

Allsure Insurance Brokerage

Insurance Agency

4208 18th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11218
jack saffire

Great brokers

( 3 Reviews )
Aurochs Insurance Logo

Aurochs Insurance

Insurance Agency

99 19th St #201 Brooklyn, NY 11232
Kerryann James

Great company, great service with great prices

( 48 Reviews )
J&B Insurance Agency Logo

J&B Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency

461 Liberty Ave Brooklyn, NY 11207
Taydia McCormack

Customer Service was outstanding

( 1 Reviews )
Farmers Insurance: Brooklyn Logo

Farmers Insurance: Brooklyn

Auto Insurance Agency

1985 Ocean Ave Brooklyn, NY 11230
Kevin G

Very professional and extremely easy to deal with. The entire process was very affordable and painless. Highly recommend Farmers Brooklyn agency to other business owners!

( 4 Reviews )
Premiere Insurance Brokerage Logo

Premiere Insurance Brokerage

Insurance Agency

12 Heyward St # 303 Brooklyn, NY 11249
Tzvi Adler

one stop shop for all your insurance needs!!!

( 11 Reviews )
Mystic Brokerage Inc Logo

Mystic Brokerage Inc

Insurance Broker

Second Floor, 330 McGuinness Blvd Brooklyn, NY 11222
( 5 Reviews )
Perkowski Agency Logo

Perkowski Agency

Auto Insurance Agency

76 Nassau Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222
Franciszek Flis

Stuff very nice they do everything for you

( 6 Reviews )
Lace And Satin NY Logo

Lace And Satin NY

Bridal Shop, Insurance Agency

1719 Voorhies Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235
Miriam Issakov

Extremely knowledgeable, honest and friendly .

( 4 Reviews )
永一保险 WH Insurance Brokerage Inc Logo

永一保险 WH Insurance Brokerage Inc

Insurance Broker

823 60th St Suite R Brooklyn, NY 11220

Linda Highly recommended

( 1 Reviews )
IM Insurance Brokerage Logo

IM Insurance Brokerage

Insurance Agency

4403 13th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11219
( 12 Reviews )
S&T Insurance Brokerage, LLC Logo

S&T Insurance Brokerage, LLC

Auto Insurance Agency

1437 39th St Brooklyn, NY 11218
Tanzilya Yusufova

From the very beginning, it has been a pleasure to deal with Oksana Rivkina. This wonderful lady always finds time and goes above and beyond for every single one of her ... more

( 159 Reviews )
A & Y Royal Insurance Brokerage Logo

A & Y Royal Insurance Brokerage

Insurance Agency

2308 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY 11223
Rizwan Anjum

I was A&Y royal insurance for almost 10 years i was away for 1 years and but their professionalism brought me back .. The staff know what they are doing and take care to ... more