Brooklyn, NY Dentist

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Dr. Mina Bell, DDS Advanced Family Dentistry Logo

Dr. Mina Bell, DDS Advanced Family Dentistry


1763 Ocean Ave Brooklyn, NY 11230
Anton Lunyk

Ive been coming here for years for cleanings and other general work (which was always stellar) as Ive never had any major problems with my teeth but recently I broke one ... more

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Visintini Family Dental Logo

Visintini Family Dental


7710 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209
jay z

Look no further! This is the ultimate destination for military personnel and their families seeking top-notch dental care. The entire team operates with utmost profession ... more

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Dr. Pawel L. Dyczek, DDS Logo

Dr. Pawel L. Dyczek, DDS


147 Driggs Ave # A Brooklyn, NY 11222
Miriam Sy-Gorski

Had my implants there. Great service.

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Vadim Firdman, DDS Logo

Vadim Firdman, DDS

Dentist, Dental Implants Periodontist

1724 Avenue Z Brooklyn, NY 11235
Anastassiya A

I waited a month and a half for my appointment, but it was canceled 15 minutes before my appointment. They cant reschedule me for another time, all they can do is advise ... more

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Benjamin Maurice J DDS Logo

Benjamin Maurice J DDS


624 Kings Hwy Brooklyn, NY 11223
Chris Jay

Im currently at the office and Im so impressed. It has been a struggle for years to find a dentist that made me feel comfortable. Doctor Benjamin is very knowledgeable. H ... more

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Kirti Sohal, DDS Logo

Kirti Sohal, DDS


One Northside Piers, 10 N 5th St Brooklyn, NY 11249
Andy Perez

Was timely, efficient, and made sure I was fine through out the whole procedure. Would highly recommend!

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Magnon Reyes, DDS Logo

Magnon Reyes, DDS

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dentist

2004 Mermaid Ave Brooklyn, NY 11224
Melody Acevedo

This is the best dental experience Ive ever had. They were all so nice to me. Held my hand while I got my wisdom teeth removed. They were so welcoming and the place is so ... more

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Alexander Kirzhner, DDS Logo

Alexander Kirzhner, DDS


1885 Rockaway Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11236
Rodolfo Santiago

Lack of sanatation & To hungry for money

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Mordehai Ahdut DDS Logo

Mordehai Ahdut DDS

Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist, Dental Implants Periodontist

4205 Avenue P Brooklyn, NY 11234
Tamjid Uddin (Tamjid)

He has so much attitude and is very heavy handed. Felt like my mouth was gonna rip every time he felt with me. Also everytime I do surgery with him he doesnt even do the ... more

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Dr. Lyudmila Spektor M&M Family Dentistry Logo

Dr. Lyudmila Spektor M&M Family Dentistry

Dentist, Dental Clinic, Cosmetic Dentist

2261 65th St Brooklyn, NY 11204

Very good doctor. I have been going to Dr. Spectors clinic for many years. I highly recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you, Lyudmila!

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Parkside Dental Logo

Parkside Dental


325 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11225
Mygleetus Green

My first time at this Dental office, and I was very Impressed with the Service. First, love the Friendliness of his Support Staff, and then Antom the Doctor gave me an A ... more

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Dental Arts of Brooklyn: Jason Liem, DDS Logo

Dental Arts of Brooklyn: Jason Liem, DDS


2102 Bayridge Pkwy Brooklyn, New York 11204
Mohammad Hossain

I would just say about very satisfactory service of the Dental facility. Everyone was professional starting from front desk through inside. Its really remarkable not an e ... more

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Avenue U Dental Arts Logo

Avenue U Dental Arts

Dentist, Emergency Dental Service, Orthodontist

1912 Avenue U #1, #1 Brooklyn, NY 11229

Great staff and service would recommend

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Park Slope Dentistry Seventh Avenue Logo

Park Slope Dentistry Seventh Avenue

Cosmetic Dentist, Dentist

357 7th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215
ty duncan

The team at Park Slope Dentistry were very helpful. They were able to fit me into a cancelled appointment quickly, and were knowledgeable and friendly. I plan to have mor ... more

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Hanson Place Dental Logo

Hanson Place Dental


177 Livingston Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
Cassandra Graham

One star for the waiting! Theres no excuse for this wait with no update from the front desk clerks who act like you dont deserve to ask questions! No eye contact just you ... more

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Michael Korngold, DDS Logo

Michael Korngold, DDS


1801 Avenue M Brooklyn, NY 11230
Shelia Jones

Caring and dental work is great. Helen did a great job cleaning my teeth. Thank you.

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Refuah Family Dental Logo

Refuah Family Dental


5313 New Utrecht Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219
Doron Nazar

Amazing service, great atmosphere I was taken care of only the best and most professional dentist.

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Glenwood Dental Care Logo

Glenwood Dental Care


1569 Ralph Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11236
Tanya Tony

I love this office, everything you get done here will always be painless and theyll always make you feel comfortable. Staff is very friendly, been coming here for years. ... more

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Atlantic Avenue Braces Logo

Atlantic Avenue Braces


84 Pennsylvania Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11207
Carlos Genao peralta

All the experiences was Good.

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Michael L. Bolden DDS Logo

Michael L. Bolden DDS


136 Saint James Place Brooklyn, NY 11238
Molly Prim

Dr Michael Bolden is the best periodontist I have visited since I developed serious gum issues. He is thorough in his explanation of his treatment plan, and I must admit ... more

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Rosenberg Orthodontics: Dr. Philip Rosenberg Logo

Rosenberg Orthodontics: Dr. Philip Rosenberg


295 Division Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211
Emily rosenfeld

Amazing experience and fantastic result!

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Harmony Dental Studio Logo

Harmony Dental Studio


622 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11223

I have been going to Dr. Feynberg for over a year now, and every visit has been a pleasant experience. She has always answered my questions with expertise and patience. T ... more

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Shawn Cohen DDS PLLC Logo

Shawn Cohen DDS PLLC

Endodontist, Cosmetic Dentist, Dental Implants Periodontist

372 Avenue U Suite L1 Brooklyn, NY 11223
Lauren Farhi

Best dentist. Kids love him. Very gentle.

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Park Slope Family Dentistry, PC Logo

Park Slope Family Dentistry, PC

Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist, Teeth Whitening Service

245 5th Ave Brooklyn, New York 11215
Betsy Dale

I had a fantastic experience with this practice - from quick and friendly scheduling, to their explanations about billing, and a really thorough cleaning. 10/10 !

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Dr. Leonard P. Morse, DDS Logo

Dr. Leonard P. Morse, DDS


560 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215
temo brown

EXCELLENT!!! My daughter was hospitalized today. Out of everyone there, he was the only one who could handle and take care of her. He works extremely well with children, ... more

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Dr. Alexandra Chan Katz Logo

Dr. Alexandra Chan Katz


58 Rutledge St Brooklyn, NY 11249
Raizy Rolnitzky

Great services . The doctors are all great and quality is great. Very Friendly office . Long waiting list to get an appointment but worth the wait

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Evan Homburger, D.D.S. Logo

Evan Homburger, D.D.S.


9915 Seaview Ave # 1 Brooklyn, NY 11236
vicky fernandez

Love this clinic

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Dentistry for Adults and Children: Michael Regis, DDS Logo

Dentistry for Adults and Children: Michael Regis, DDS

Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist, Dental Clinic

83 E 38th St Brooklyn, NY 11203
Tayla Lea

Guys don’t wait go this place is very good ! Doctor is next level professional! God bless his soul! Plus assistant girl Maya is a sweetheart! I'm very satisfied!

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Methal Dental Arts Logo

Methal Dental Arts


407 9th St. Brooklyn, NY 11215
Nathasha Brooks

Dr. Methal is awesome! I am a very nervous patient due to prior bad dental experiences. He explained everything, understood my fears, and made me comfortable every step o ... more

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Karen B. Erani, DMD PC Logo

Karen B. Erani, DMD PC


618 Avenue O Brooklyn, NY 11230
Joseph Roee Shua-Haim

Love the staff, routine cleaning twice a year!

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Emergency Dental Brooklyn | Eco Dental NY Logo

Emergency Dental Brooklyn | Eco Dental NY

Emergency Dental Service, Dental Clinic, Dental Implants Periodontist

2384 Ocean Ave Brooklyn, NY 11229
Ekaterina Suskina

My last dentist retired prompting me to schedule an appointment here. Able to get a timely appointment and was informed that I’d need a new crown, which was not the new ... more

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Robert S. Goldberger, DDS Logo

Robert S. Goldberger, DDS


506 6th St Brooklyn, New York 11215
Dan Seymour

I cannot speak too highly of Dr Michel. He was expert, clear and courteous and made every effort to provide me with the best care possible. I recommend him highly.

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Tziri Salamon, DDS Logo

Tziri Salamon, DDS


14 Heyward St Brooklyn, NY 11249
Upstate Home

Fantastic kid friendly dentist. Lots of knowledge.

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Dr. Alexander Valger, DDS Logo

Dr. Alexander Valger, DDS


1825 Foster Ave # 1 Brooklyn, NY 11230
Sabbir Hasan

A full fledged Gentleman.

( 10 Reviews )
Dr. Yakov Khaytin, DDS Logo

Dr. Yakov Khaytin, DDS


1706 Avenue M #2 Brooklyn, NY 11230
David Fayngersh

Excellent dental care! Friendly staff, painless procedures, and a clean, modern facility with cutting-edge technology. No waiting time - they respect your schedule. Highl ... more

( 138 Reviews )
The Brooklyn Dental Center Logo

The Brooklyn Dental Center


789 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11226

This clinic is NOT AT ALL children friendly. The hygienist was rude and rough with my kids, like she had a problem with them at 1st sight. When doing the xray, she kept p ... more

( 5 Reviews )
J S Atlantic Dental P C Logo

J S Atlantic Dental P C


1707 Avenue P Brooklyn, NY 11229
liza shevchenko

Great experience, very knowledgeable and to the point doctor. Made my diagnosis and eventual treatment very well. Nice and clean office, friendly staff. I was delighted, ... more

( 5 Reviews )
Dr Yakov Gertsberg Inc Logo

Dr Yakov Gertsberg Inc


561 E 3rd St Brooklyn, NY 11218
Yochy Pomansky

Secretary doesn't know what she's doing hopefully the dentist does

( 11 Reviews )
Dr. Valentin Bakman, DDS, Liberty. Logo

Dr. Valentin Bakman, DDS, Liberty.


1505 Gravesend Neck Rd Brooklyn, NY 11229
Ann Shtern

The reception went horribly. Very long waiting time in the waiting room, although I arrived at the appointed time. The staff communicates with clients terribly. absolutel ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Michael Weiss DDS Logo

Michael Weiss DDS


4109 9th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11232
( 667 Reviews )
Family Smile Dental Logo

Family Smile Dental

Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist, Dentist

2937 Ave V Brooklyn, New York 11229

Very happy with the dental work today! Super nice and helpful staff. Front desk girls are amazing. Doctor Brian is the genius! Everything is in time and fast.

( 1 Reviews )
Center For Preventible Dentist Logo

Center For Preventible Dentist


Trump Village 2, 2940 Ocean Pkwy # 2G Brooklyn, NY 11235
E. Charles M.

Great Professional Experienced Dentist with a Great Staff!

( 2 Reviews )
Dr. Patricia Varano Logo

Dr. Patricia Varano


7621 18th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11214
fred cushner

A Great Dentist I highly recomend her Skilled with a gentle touch

( 1 Reviews )
Alfonse LaFemina, DDS Logo

Alfonse LaFemina, DDS


1360 Ocean Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11230
( 11 Reviews )
Rubin Dental & Implant Center Logo

Rubin Dental & Implant Center


2469 65th Street Brooklyn, NY 11204
sofia zelichovskaya

Excellent doctor, superb treatment and results.

( 6 Reviews )
dr tricia quartey dmd Logo

dr tricia quartey dmd

Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist

472 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215
Caity Bk

Love the amazing staff here and never have to wait for my appointment. Dr. Quartey did my Invisalign treatment and couldnt be happier with the end result. Ryan answers al ... more

( 7 Reviews )
Dr. Florence J. Temba, DDS Logo

Dr. Florence J. Temba, DDS


2060 E 19th St Brooklyn, NY 11229
benel zlita

She is the best dentist ever very light with her hands all my mouth is fixed by her she also takes care of my son and husband teeth

( 4 Reviews )
Demtriy Volotsemko Dental Logo

Demtriy Volotsemko Dental


2300 W 7th St Brooklyn, NY 11223
Ray Mack

Polite and professional

( 3 Reviews )
Dr. David Ishakis Logo

Dr. David Ishakis


300 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215
Hal Bernstein

Calm competent relaxed good energy good humored precise articulate about what is amiss and what remedy and finally - if you are lucky he will sing high tenor soulful tune ... more

( 47 Reviews )
Utica Family Dentistry Logo

Utica Family Dentistry


535 Utica Ave Store B Brooklyn, NY 11213
lala b

Doctor Ben is amazing and his staff is so sweet amazing people he makes you feel safe and comfortable I recommend this place