Las Vegas, NV Tropical Fish Store

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Nice Poeci - Fancy Guppies - Endlers Livebearers Logo

Nice Poeci - Fancy Guppies - Endlers Livebearers

Tropical Fish Store, Service Establishment

Serving Las Vegas, NV
Jim Duron

Great experience with this seller. Fish are amazing and they always send extra.

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Reef Solutions

Aquarium, Aquarium Shop, Fish Store

8765 Anchor Point Ave Las Vegas, NV 89117
Jonathan Kims

Inquired on service and Kevin was acting extremely inappropriate and unprofessional. Can’t speak on anything else but I would not recommend this company from the awful ... more

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Discus America Inc Logo

Discus America Inc

Tropical Fish Store, Aquarium

5000 W Oakey Blvd STE D-2 Las Vegas, NV 89146
Benji Rawling

The fish looked healthy and it smelled clean for a fish place. Owner was friendly and informative.

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Artistic Oceans

Tropical Fish Store, Aquarium Shop, Aquatic Centre

6820 W Sahara Ave #3 Las Vegas, NV 89146

Great deals inside

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Trop Aquarium

Tropical Fish Store

3125 E Tropicana Ave D Las Vegas, NV 89121
Jimmy E. Silva

Super knowledgeable and patient staff.

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Glass Habitats

Pet Store, Pet supply store, Reptile Store

8680 W Warm Springs Rd #135 Las Vegas, NV 89148
Ari Eberlin

Glass Habitats is one of two specialty stores I frequent for my salt water aquarium needs. Although small, this store carries aquarium supplies and fish that fit my needs ... more

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Lance's Aquarium

Tropical Fish Store

450 S Buffalo Dr Las Vegas, NV 89145
Chakra Shop

I walked in with my Husband and my daughter and we were looking to buy a fish impossibly a tank. The owner of the store was on the phone carrying on about how hes the on ... more

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Pisces Reef Fish Emporium, LLC Logo

Pisces Reef Fish Emporium, LLC

Tropical Fish Store

10080 W Tropicana Ave #166 Las Vegas, NV 89147
Gray Alexander

Very helpful staff. I'm starting my first freshwater community tank, and everyone at Pisces has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Great selection of pl ... more

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Aquatic Treasures

Tropical Fish Store

3211 N Tenaya Way #107 Las Vegas, NV 89129
Anthony Paquin

Great place with great employees! Prices are fair, all around great!

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Aquatic Empires Logo

Aquatic Empires

Pet Store, Tropical Fish Store

1750 S Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89146
Freyja Wired

they are closed, new store in suite soon coral garage? would have liked to know that from the listing.

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Advanced Aquascapes Logo

Advanced Aquascapes

Pond Fish Supplier, Goldfish Store, Pet Store

5360 Cameron St Suite 9 Las Vegas, NV 89118
Corryn Stanton

Travis knows his stuff! He's very knowledgeable about ponds and koi, and he's very responsive when we have issues with our pond. He came to our rescue a little over a yea ... more

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Atlantis Tropical Fish Inc

Tropical Fish Store

1930 Rock Springs Dr Las Vegas, NV 89128
Greg Harris

Now that they have closed down, I go to BLUE REEF AQUATICS for all my freshwater and saltwater fish , coral and supplies