Louisville, KY Jeweler

( 59 Reviews )
Jordan Clines Fine Jewelry Logo

Jordan Clines Fine Jewelry

Jeweler, Diamond Dealer, Jewelry Appraiser

2842 Frankfort Ave Louisville, Kentucky 40206
Valerie Hall

This is a long overdue review! Ive known Jordan for a number of years and cant thank him enough for his patience in working on my projects. He listens to what his client ... more

( 374 Reviews )
Merkley Kendrick Jewelers Logo

Merkley Kendrick Jewelers

Jeweler, Diamond Dealer, Watch Store

138 Chenoweth Ln Louisville, Kentucky 40207
Jake Adkins MAIN

Colleen was AMAZING!!!! I took three watches in to have adjustments made, cleaned and battery replaced. Colleen was very informative, friendly and knew exactly what to d ... more

( 199 Reviews )
Uncle Miltie's Pawn Shop Logo

Uncle Miltie's Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop, Jeweler

3775 Southern Pkwy Louisville, KY 40214
Angie Thomas

On their website it states that they BUY leather coats. They in fact DO NOT. I have some super nice vintage leather coats and they said, "No".

( 82 Reviews )
Little John's Derby Jewelry Logo

Little John's Derby Jewelry

Jewelry Store, Diamond Buyer, Diamond Dealer

3029 S 4th St Louisville, KY 40208
Brian Schneider

What great place and great people to do business with.

( 18 Reviews )
Regional (US) Logo

Regional (US)

Jewelry Store, Diamond Dealer, Gift Shop

4801 Outer Loop Unit B408, Unit B408 Louisville, KY 40219
Brittany Golden

My fiance purchased my engagement ring and band here and they have been nothing but nice and take care of anything I need. They are all so welcoming and nice.

( 3 Reviews )
The Jewelry Shop Logo

The Jewelry Shop


129 Saint Matthews Ave, C Louisville, Kentucky 40207
Eric Bassett

Great new jewelry store in the heart of St. Matthew’s. Larry has great attention to detail and will care for your jewelry like his own. Best ring cleaning and polishing ... more

( 43 Reviews )
SoularSea & Company Logo

SoularSea & Company


fatima hussain

Rip off. Charged me $9.00 to send 4 sheets of paper via fax. That unacceptable, when i called they said 1.25 per copy. Once business was handled giving different total. ... more

( 182 Reviews )
Jared Logo


Jewelry Store, Diamond Dealer, Gold Dealer

4972 Shelbyville Rd Louisville, Kentucky 40207
DeMarcus Mason

Elias was amazing and made our visit simple and pleasurable.

( 75 Reviews )
KAY Jewelers Logo

KAY Jewelers

Jewelry Store, Diamond Dealer, Jeweler

7900 Shelbyville Rd Unit D 12 Louisville, Kentucky 40222
Just Jenkins

Spencer and Brittany are amazing!!! I only came in to get a link taken out my previous watch and because of how nice they are, I bought another!!!! Love Them!!

( 72 Reviews )
KAY Jewelers Logo

KAY Jewelers

Jewelry Store, Diamond Dealer, Jeweler

5000 Shelbyville Rd #1535 Louisville, Kentucky 40207
Eleanor Ferguson

Staff has repeatedly gone above and beyond to fit my needs. Very kind and warm as well. I never want to go anywhere else.

( 80 Reviews )
KAY Jewelers Logo

KAY Jewelers

Jewelry Store, Diamond Dealer, Jeweler

6801 Dixie Hwy Ste 153 Louisville, Kentucky 40258
Sharon Schneider

Prompt and great service and good advice

( 60 Reviews )
The Watch Shop Logo

The Watch Shop


643 South 4th Street Louisville, Kentucky 40202
Craig H.

I have used this watch shop for several years for annual battery replacement and pressurization of a 30 year old dive watch favorite. They were one of a few places truste ... more

( 0 Reviews )
Stanleystyle Logo



( 83 Reviews )
Val's Gems & Repair Logo

Val's Gems & Repair


6125 Bardstown Rd # 3 Louisville, KY 40291
Kyle Medlin

I highly recommend Val to my friends and family! Service is top notch.

( 44 Reviews )
Clater Jewelers Diamond Center Logo

Clater Jewelers Diamond Center

Jeweler, Appraiser, Diamond Dealer

1201 Herr Ln #170 Louisville, KY 40222
Katie Wade

I walked into Claters hoping they could help me arrange some charms on a charm necklace I bought at a boutique out of state. They were so kind and willing to help at no c ... more

( 51 Reviews )
Berkley Jewelers and Pawn Logo

Berkley Jewelers and Pawn

Jewelry Store, Coin Dealer, Jeweler

311 W Woodlawn Ave Louisville, KY 40214
Lily Lukemire

Had my wedding set sized here 2 times, had a replacement head for my center diamond that I lost but luckily found and then soldered together. Beautiful and always so quic ... more

( 104 Reviews )
Lackadazee Logo



2007 Frankfort Ave Louisville, KY 40206
Glynis McClellan

Such a beautiful shop with gorgeous designs and amazing staff! We just bought our wedding bands here, we love them so much + now we have the wonderful memory of the exper ... more

( 155 Reviews )
Treasures Jewels Logo

Treasures Jewels

Jewelry Store, Jeweler, Watch Store

4801 Outer Loop Unit 216 Louisville, KY 40219
Claudia Isabel Dominguez Proenza

I love this place when it comes to buying Gold & Diamonds jewelry . They also have payment plans same as cash ,no credit needed and get up to $5000. I landed on there we ... more

( 83 Reviews )
Aesthetics In Jewelry Logo

Aesthetics In Jewelry

Jewelry Store, Jeweler

410 W Chestnut St Louisville, KY 40202
Arnetta Moore

Took 8coins for basil's 1basil for screw. 1 golden $1coin,2 silver$1coins,2 1/2 dollar coins, 1 golden 1/2 dollar, 1Churchill Downs coin, 1 Mexicanos coin, total 8. I rea ... more

( 61 Reviews )
Tri-State Jewelers Inc. Logo

Tri-State Jewelers Inc.

Jewelry Store, Jeweler

529 S 4th St Louisville, KY 40202
Bosslady Strong

Number one jewelry store in the city!! Tony is very professional and courteous. I have purchased my wedding set there twice since the 1st was lost. And a few other items ... more

( 108 Reviews )
Fast-Fix Jewelry & Watch Repairs Located inside Meijer-Preston Logo

Fast-Fix Jewelry & Watch Repairs Located inside Meijer-Preston

Jewelry Repair Service, Jeweler, Jewelry Appraiser

9500 Preston Hwy Louisville, KY 40229
Chris Carrico

Great service and quality work. Will definitely return. Five stars

( 555 Reviews )
Fast-Fix Jewelry & Watch Repairs Mall St. Matthews Logo

Fast-Fix Jewelry & Watch Repairs Mall St. Matthews

Jeweler, Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Engraver

5000 Shelbyville Rd Louisville, KY 40207
Michael Robinson

Awesome service! Very friendly staff!!!

( 58 Reviews )
Gumer & Co. Jewelry Logo

Gumer & Co. Jewelry

Jewelry Store, Diamond Dealer, Gold Dealer

225 S Hurstbourne Pkwy Louisville, KY 40222
Kristy Yeter

We had a fantastic experience with Gumer and Co! They resized and soldered my wedding set that we bought elsewhere, when many other places would not. They were super frie ... more

( 49 Reviews )
Jostens Louisville Logo

Jostens Louisville


10815 Bluegrass Pkwy Louisville, KY 40299
Paul Clark

Only downside was the extremely limited hours of operation.

( 45 Reviews )
The Jewel Box Logo

The Jewel Box


1250 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY 40204
Michelle Riggs

Beautiful unique jewelry. Definitely go here first. Staff is so nice and accommodating.

( 28 Reviews )
St Matthews Jewelers Logo

St Matthews Jewelers

Jeweler, Jewelry Appraiser, Jewelry Buyer

3634 Brownsboro Rd Louisville, KY 40207
Benjamin Mercke

Billy and staff take care of their customers. We recently came in to look at wedding bands and Billy cleaned my fiance's engagement ring for free. Additionally, had a bat ... more

( 76 Reviews )
Fast-Fix Jewelry & Watch Repairs Located Inside Meijer - Hurstbourne Logo

Fast-Fix Jewelry & Watch Repairs Located Inside Meijer - Hurstbourne

Jewelry Repair Service, Jeweler, Jewelry Appraiser

4500 S Hurstbourne Pkwy Louisville, KY 40299
Randy Gumm

The experience was excellent! Brandon is very good at resizing rings. It fit great and sparkled as he cleaned it. As far as Brandons customer service, youre kidding right ... more

( 30 Reviews )
Metry's On Main Jewelry Shoppe Logo

Metry's On Main Jewelry Shoppe

Jeweler, Jewelry Store

11712 Main St Louisville, KY 40243
Eric Heck

Went in for removal of some watch links and service was friendly and super quick. Next time I need any jewelry attended to, this is where I will go. Top notch!

( 34 Reviews )
DePrez Quality Jewelry & Loan Logo

DePrez Quality Jewelry & Loan

Pawn Shop, Gun Shop, Jeweler

7917 Preston Hwy Louisville, KY 40219
Bama Savage19

Pretty good experience for a pawn shop! They are very welcoming professionals and they got me taken care of! Thanks and i will definitely be back!

( 9 Reviews )
Roman's Jewelry Repair (We buy scrap gold & silver) Logo

Roman's Jewelry Repair (We buy scrap gold & silver)

Jewelry Store, Jeweler

5211 - A Preston Hwy Louisville, KY 40213
Angela Rhodes

He sized 2 watches for me an fixed a broken necklace great job

( 2 Reviews )
Henley's Jewelers & Replacement Logo

Henley's Jewelers & Replacement


4010 Dupont Cir Louisville, KY 40207
Megan Imel

Pete custom made the engagement ring of my dreams. It is a ring that I get compliments on every single day. He is a professional and you can tell that he loves what he do ... more

( 6 Reviews )
Designs In Jewelry Logo

Designs In Jewelry


291 N Hubbards Ln #180 Louisville, KY 40207
william bohannonon

Best Jeweler in Kentucky!

( 1 Reviews )
Motor Head Jewelry Logo

Motor Head Jewelry


Serving Louisville, KY 40206
( 1 Reviews )
Simply Silver Louisville Logo

Simply Silver Louisville

Jeweler, Jewelry Engraver

7900 Shelbyville Rd, G1 Ste Louisville, KY 40222
( 3 Reviews )
Conrad Selle & Co Jewelers Logo

Conrad Selle & Co Jewelers

Jeweler, Goldsmith, Jewelry Designer

214 Breckenridge Ln, Ste 111 Louisville, KY 40207
Ann Christensen

Conrad made me a ring (a gift from my parents) for my 50th birthday. I drew a picture of what I wanted and he made it! I am absolutely thrilled and it is my favorite t ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Bud Ditsler Co Logo

Bud Ditsler Co


2603 Hampton Hill Ct Louisville, KY 40220
Nicholas Krupa

I have never had any problems with this businuess and i would always recommend

( 29 Reviews )
Ashcroft & Oak Jewelers Logo

Ashcroft & Oak Jewelers


7900 Shelbyville Rd Ste B15 Louisville, KY 40222
Clayton Creech

Michelle is knowledgeable. Makes the customer feel at ease deciding what to buy, she has over 20 years experience.

( 1 Reviews )
Simply Silver Inc Logo

Simply Silver Inc


7900 Shelbyville Rd # 1 Louisville, KY 40222
( 101 Reviews )
Zales Logo


Jewelry Store, Diamond Dealer, Gift Shop

5000 Shelbyville Rd #1315 Louisville, KY 40207
Teressa L. Crawford

Rowen said hello as soon as we entered the store. She was kind, knowledgeable about the stones in each anniversary ring. She was not pushy. Ask for Rowena next time you g ... more

( 148 Reviews )
Zales Logo


Jewelry Store, Diamond Dealer, Gift Shop

4801 Outer Loop D600 Louisville, KY 40219
carrie greenwell

Sarah and April were amazing

( 2 Reviews )
Rogers Enterprises Logo

Rogers Enterprises


Serving Louisville, KY 40202
Gene Fudge

Work fer em great company

( 1 Reviews )
Dixie Specialty Co Logo

Dixie Specialty Co


( 825 Reviews )
PANDORA Jewelry Logo


Jewelry Store, Boutique, Fashion Accessories Store

5000 Shelbyville Rd #1430 Louisville, KY 40207
Pacheno Mccargo

Customer service sucks, all of them look under 25, dont know how to deal with the older generation, talk to u like u there age, no help with repairs, dont buy a ring as a ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Objects of Desire Gallery Logo

Objects of Desire Gallery


803 E Market St Louisville, KY 40206
michael payne (mikepronin)

Pretty good BBQ for a to go order they portion are a little small but over all ok

( 6 Reviews )
Gold N Diamonds Logo

Gold N Diamonds


4801 Outer Loop Louisville, KY 40219
Laritza Benitez

My daughter ordered a charm from them. They did not give her a receipt for it, and simply told us to pick up the charm on Friday. We came on friday and they denied having ... more

( 2 Reviews )
Jostens Logo



3028 Hunsinger Ln Louisville, KY 40220

I have a Male High ring from Balfour 50 years old. NEVER ANY TROUBLE. I wear it every day , never take it off. I have a A.A.C.A. Jostens Judge's ring this will be the ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Club Tabby Logo

Club Tabby


7900 Shelbyville Rd Louisville, KY 40222
Laurie Howard

You can't get a hold of them because they don't answer or their inbox is full.

( 2 Reviews )
Deane Designs Logo

Deane Designs


8000 Perchwood Ct Louisville, KY 40291
Travis Moon

Great service

( 2 Reviews )
Goldrush Logo



4801 Outer Loop Louisville, KY 40219
Ashley Clay

Great customer service as well. An older man assisted me.

( 4 Reviews )
LeRoy's Jewelers Logo

LeRoy's Jewelers


7900 Shelbyville Rd., Unit G-9 Louisville, KY 40222
Rick Ditch

Bought earrings and an engagement ring here. Friendly staff.