Jacksonville, FL Property Investment

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Buying Jax Homes

Real Estate Consultant, Property Investment

841 Prudential Dr 12th Floor Jacksonville, FL 32207
Laura Garrett

We are beyond pleased with our selling experience with Buying Jax Homes!! Nick was so quick to respond with all my questions & concerns. I love that they are a local busi ... more

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Sarah Schwartz Realtor Group

Real Estate Consultant, Real Estate Agency, Real Estate Consultant

160 Shops Blvd Ste 10 Jacksonville, FL 32259
Kayla Krauss

Choosing Sarah Schwartz and The Sarah Schwartz Realtor Group as my realtor in Jacksonville, FL, to sell my home was one of the best decisions I've made. With firsthand ex ... more

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Jax Nurses Buy Houses

Real Estate Consultant, Service Establishment, Property Investment

Serving Jacksonville, FL
Scott S.

These guys are the real deal. They will make you an offer for your house and stick to it. Closing was easy-peasy. I am glad I contacted Jax Nurses Buy Houses after search ... more

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Caitlyn Blosser Realtor- Momentum Realty Logo

Caitlyn Blosser Realtor- Momentum Realty

Real Estate Consultant, Property Investment, Real Estate Consultant

13475 Atlantic Blvd Suite 8 Office S206 Jacksonville, FL 32225
Kayla Flanagan

Caitlyn is awesome! Shes so organized and brilliant! She knows everything about buying, selling, and even financing so she gives the best advice. Highly recommend her for ... more

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Jax Home Offer

Property Investment, Property Investment, Real Estate Developer

664 Hummingbird Ct Jacksonville, FL 32259
Virginia Friedman

What an amazingly easy and stress free transaction it was to sell my house to Trevor! Trevor offered us a fair price, he is super honest, and I highly recommend him to an ... more

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Henry Buys Homes LLC

Property Investment

4651 Salisbury Road, #6852, Suite 400 Jacksonville, FL 32256
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Morningstar Land

Property Investment

301 W. Bay St., Ste 14119 Jacksonville, FL 32202
Peter Weaver

Got a letter in the mail from Morningstar Land stating they were wanting to buy my land. I gave them a call and later accepted their offer because I really didn't need t ... more

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Suncoast Property Management, LLC

Property Management Company, Property Investment, Real Estate Agency

5711 Richard St Suite 1 Jacksonville, FL 32216
Antonia Chaput


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Peace of mind Homes, LLC

Property Investment

5454 Cutwater Ln S Jacksonville, FL 32277
Anthony Sinatro

Megan made my house selling experience smooth and easy. She's friendly, professional, accommodating and I will be recommending her to my friends and family.

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Speedy Solutions Homes, LLC

Property Investment

1800 Fairfax Ct S Jacksonville, FL 32259
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First Coast Home Buyers LLC

Property Investment, Service Establishment

Serving Jacksonville, FL
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Omega Property Solutions LLC

Property Investment, Service Establishment

Serving Jacksonville, FL
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Livium Holdings LLC

Property Investment

5751 St Isabel Dr Jacksonville, FL 32277
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Daniel Wynnfield Investments

Property Investment

12337 Wynnfield Lakes Dr Jacksonville, FL 32246
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Fowler Enterprises LLC

Property Investment

2611 University Blvd N APT C106, Ste 203 Jacksonville, FL 32211
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Elite Jax Investors LLC

Property Investment

1650 Margaret St Jacksonville, FL 32204
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Real Capital Ventures LLC

Property Investment

6933 Lillian Rd #7 Jacksonville, FL 32211