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Ebk Beauty

Ebk Beauty is located at 3745 Southside Blvd in Jacksonville, Florida 32216. Ebk Beauty can be contacted via phone at 904-568-5242 for pricing, hours and directions.

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  •   904-568-5242

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Q What is the phone number for Ebk Beauty?

A The phone number for Ebk Beauty is: 904-568-5242.

Q Where is Ebk Beauty located?

A Ebk Beauty is located at 3745 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Q What is the internet address for Ebk Beauty?

A The website (URL) for Ebk Beauty is:

Q How is Ebk Beauty rated?

A Ebk Beauty has a 1.0 Star Rating from 1 reviewers.

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Ebk Beauty

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Jade Munoz on Google

image I have waited over a year to decide on what to say about my experience with Kobe.
Here it is.
The only way that I can put it is that my face has been my shame for over 1 year, thanks to the botched freckle tattoos I received as a model for Kobe.
The photos I showed were cute and small spattering of freckles over the nose and cheeks. As natural as anything,
And I have been dealing with giant black dots on my face that cause everyone to stare at me, countless questions when I go out.
I have had random people working in stores insult me or ask what are those so many times I cant even tell you.
I was told that the ink was semi permanent and would last only 2 years.
It has been over 1 year and they are still dark, I have even been receiving laser tattoo removal and left one spot untouched to be able to tell the difference.
Its mortifying that the untouched one is just as big and dark as when they were done.
Upon telling her my worries and complaints, she assured me that they would shrink in size and become light.
She said in 1 month, they would look as intended. After the month was over, I drove to Jax for her to fix them
Which was just her going back in with the tools that she used to do them, and put a bleaching solution on them... which left scarring on my nose and small divits in my cheeks.
I live in Orlando, and I told her I needed them removed, at one point she even told me that I could buy the tattooing tool myself and open my own skin and apply the bleaching solution !
When the subject of laser tattoo came up, she said she would pay for my first visit.
Come that day, and I showed up to my visit.
She hadnt paid them.
Due to her own circumstances
I wept in the doctors lobby and a woman I knew there offered to pay for my first appointment because I didnt have the means.
Kobe later went back and forth with me about paying the treatments.
She said she would only pay for 3...
The doctor was unsure as to how many sessions we needed to remove the ink because there was so much ink implanted into my skin.
Mind you, he is a doctor.
Kobe is not.
She tried to tell me that it was my skin that couldnt handle the ink..
My DOCTOR says otherwise. That it was an error by the person who did it.
Kobe sent me papers saying that she would pay 3 appointments which cost $200 each. But the wording was sketchy and it was only in return for my silence about what she did to me.
It wasnt enough to undo her damage.
I have spent $800 so far on laser treatments, only to be half better.
I am writing here today because my wedding is approaching and all I want to do is cry about my ruined face.
All year I have dealt with it, but every day that I spend more money on makeup to try and cover, every day that I wipe that makeup off, I remember.
And I hate my face for it.
Do yourself a favor. Just dont do it.
I wish it could have been different.
I wish she would have owned up to her mistakes and just paid for the sessions in full, so that I wouldnt have to walk around in utter shame about my own face.

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