Denver, CO Hardware Store

( 139 Reviews )
Surplus Tools & Commodities Logo

Surplus Tools & Commodities

Hardware Store

1411 W Alameda Ave Denver, Colorado 80223
laly d

They have everything family owed

( 50 Reviews )
Rocket Supply Logo

Rocket Supply

Hardware Store

695 S Jason St Denver, CO 80223
Suah Ledesma

Great selection of supplies and excellent customer service!

( 17 Reviews )
MFCP - Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. - Parker Store Logo

MFCP - Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. - Parker Store

Hydraulic Equipment Supplier, Construction Equipment Supplier, Hardware Store

299 Bryant St Denver, CO 80219

Always helpful

( 1196 Reviews )
The Home Depot Logo

The Home Depot

Home Improvement Store, Appliance Store, Bathroom Supply Store

7990 W Crestline Ave Denver, CO 80123
Mark Silber

Tried to get information on a product before coming in to buy. Service desk hung up on me once and the individual I finally spoke with would not answer technical question ... more

( 529 Reviews )
Mile High Ace Hardware & Grden Logo

Mile High Ace Hardware & Grden

Hardware Store, Grill Store, Lawn Equipment Rental Service

2800 W 104th Ave Federal Heights, Colorado 80234
Dr. Bingo

Robert was very unhelpful and would not quit smoking a cigarette around me. Nor would the other guys working in the back. It was like a smoking lounge. I ask for them not ... more

( 7 Reviews )


Aircraft Supply Store, Hardware Store

301 Kalamath Street, Suite 103 Denver, CO 80223
Alex Hanson

CAUTION!!! I bought a mount and the required IPad holder and the holder is defective in that the IPad doesn't fit securely and falls out of the case and have called and l ... more

( 62 Reviews )
AIS Industrial & Construction Supply - Denver's Largest Inventory of Tools for Pros Logo

AIS Industrial & Construction Supply - Denver's Largest Inventory of Tools for Pros

Tool Store, Abrasives Supplier, Air Compressor Supplier

3900 Ulster St Denver, CO 80207
John Stegman

Great store with lots of selections for larger tools. Very friendly staff

( 64 Reviews )
Hi Strength Bolt Co Logo

Hi Strength Bolt Co

Hardware Store

6330 Washington St #1 Denver, CO 80216
John Burrage

They had the bolt needed to get back on the road for $5.99. Rush wanted $45 and I would have been down two days.

( 12 Reviews )
Affiliated Caster & Wheel Logo

Affiliated Caster & Wheel

Material Handling Equipment Supplier, Bearing Supplier, Hardware Store

5301 38th Ave Denver, CO 80207
Joe Montano

Great service, this is the place to go for material handling equipment.

( 23 Reviews )
Wurth Louis and Company Logo

Wurth Louis and Company

Hardware Store, Hardware Store, Tool Store

4691 Havana St Denver, CO 80238
chris wright

Knowledgeable staff convenient parking.

( 169 Reviews )
Ace Hardware Logo

Ace Hardware

Hardware Store, Home Improvement Store, Paint Store

1040 15th St Denver, CO 80202
P Kaitz

This place is totally unfriendly and unwelcoming to migrants. Boycott this place.

( 98 Reviews )
Contractors Supply, Inc. Logo

Contractors Supply, Inc.

Hardware Store, Garden Center

5515 W Warren Ave Denver, CO 80227
Daniel Atencio

When in there earlier today and couldn't get anybody to help and there's no signs to help you inside either. So I could not comment on the prices or the customer service ... more

( 341 Reviews )
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware - Denver Logo

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware - Denver

Woodworking Supply Store, Hardware Store, Lumber Store

2553 S Colorado Blvd #108 Denver, CO 80222
Barb VH

Great customer service - knowledgeable advice with a willingness to acknowledge limits of expertise. Terrific classes - I highly recommend the following: Sharpening Woo ... more

( 572 Reviews )
Ace Hardware at the Highlands Logo

Ace Hardware at the Highlands

Hardware Store, Home Improvement Store, Paint Store

3758 Osage St Denver, CO 80211
Green Eyze

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

( 139 Reviews )
Empire Staple Co Logo

Empire Staple Co

Hardware Store

200 E 55th Ave Denver, CO 80216
Ariam Avan

The manager was awesome and so nice. He gifted my hubby and I with a nice hoodie. Loved it.

( 202 Reviews )
Chamber's Place Ace Hardware Logo

Chamber's Place Ace Hardware

Hardware Store

4830 Chambers Rd Denver, CO 80239
Marine Print

Went to get paint this morning 3/30/24 and the gentleman in the paint area was very helpful. He prepared my paint very quickly. He seems to be a former Marine. Thank you ... more

( 210 Reviews )
Total Floors Logo

Total Floors

Flooring Store, Cabinet Store, Carpet Store

640 W Tennessee Ave Denver, CO 80223
George Schlagel

Excellent service Diane helped pick out the tile & slabs we needed. Made sure we had samples for our clients. Followed up on the delivery process and lead times. Awesome ... more

( 21 Reviews )
Sunshine Supply Co Inc Logo

Sunshine Supply Co Inc

Hardware Store

6200 Washington St ste 9 Denver, CO 80216
Kelly Gronau

They are a fantastic group of people here! They were minor issues with our order, but they did everything to make it right.

( 131 Reviews )
Flink Supply Co Logo

Flink Supply Co

Plumbing Supply Store, Hardware Store

58 S Galapago St Denver, CO 80223
Nicholas Puaca

Wouldnt sell me a drain valve for my water heater. Told me to go to the big box store.

( 12 Reviews )
Industrial Fastener & Fittings Logo

Industrial Fastener & Fittings

Hardware Store

210 Wyandot St Denver, CO 80223
Eric Berthelette

Great place, but someone should probably mention they are currently closed.

( 47 Reviews )
Denver Hardware Company Logo

Denver Hardware Company

Hardware Store, Building Materials Supplier, Door Supplier

123 Santa Fe Dr Denver, CO 80223
Paul Anderson

The staff is amazing and always interesting to interact with. The prices are not cheap, but once you taste you understand why. Thank you!

( 37 Reviews )
Paxton Hardwoods Llc Logo

Paxton Hardwoods Llc

Manufacturer, Hardware Store, Lumber Store

4837 Jackson St Denver, CO 80216
Stephen Janssens

Couldnt look past this ridiculous markup.

( 19 Reviews )
Denver Reel & Pallet Company Logo

Denver Reel & Pallet Company

Packaging Supply Store, Hardware Store

4600 Monaco St Denver, CO 80216
Caitlin Ryan

I went to Denver Reel & Pallet to purchase 4 pallets to use as a bed frame. As I had just moved and am living on a very tight budget, I was fine with using used panels. A ... more

( 6 Reviews )
Amerimax Building Products Inc Logo

Amerimax Building Products Inc

Hardware Store

5360 Washington St UNIT D Denver, CO 80216
Juan Luis Salazar

Excelente atención

( 3 Reviews )
Lamont Ecosse Logo

Lamont Ecosse

Hardware Store

1955 W 13th Ave Denver, CO 80204
Gerald Krenzer

First class

( 6 Reviews )
Lightning Bolt, Inc. Denver Logo

Lightning Bolt, Inc. Denver

Hardware Store

1424 W Cedar Ave Denver, CO 80223
jerry ruhland

Very helpful advice and excellent prices.

( 6 Reviews )
AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division) Logo

AIS Industrial & Construction Supply (Shelving Division)

Hardware Store

8200 E 40th Ave Denver, CO 80207
Jesse Burkman

good service and fair prices. beat there competitor by a long shot

( 20 Reviews )
Rio Grande Co Logo

Rio Grande Co

Building Materials Supplier, Fireplace Store, Hardware Store

3990 Havana St Denver, CO 80239
Shane Gillespie

Went to pick up a customers item. Says they close at 4:30 . Was told after I got there they close at 4:15. Lazy office staff for sure..

( 381 Reviews )
Extra Building Materials Inc Logo

Extra Building Materials Inc

Hardware Store, Building Materials Store

300 W 53rd Pl g Denver, CO 80216
Bill King

Very difficult to find things and prices are often very high

( 30 Reviews )
Capital Lumber Co Logo

Capital Lumber Co

Hardware Store, Hardware Store

1044 E 66th Ave Denver, CO 80229
eric terry

Your yard guys suck I am a machine operator at a yard you deliver to regularly, and I alwa

( 280 Reviews )
Ace on The Fax Logo

Ace on The Fax

Hardware Store, Garden Center, Honda Dealer

7100 E Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80220
Denver Hoodrats

Always clean and helpful. Mike and Steve helped me out with multiple locks and key cutting today. They even delayed their lunch to get me back up and running quickly. ... more

( 2391 Reviews )
The Home Depot Logo

The Home Depot

Home Improvement Store, Appliance Store, Bathroom Supply Store

10003 Grant St Denver, CO 80229

Just like every other home Depot. Lots of stuff and employees who generally don't know where any of it is. Never had a bad experience here.

( 7 Reviews )
Grandpa Snazzy's Hardware Logo

Grandpa Snazzy's Hardware

Hardware Store, Antique Store

1832 S Broadway Denver, CO 80210
Brandon Miller

Knowledgeable staff, great selection of all things necessary for repairs, projects etc. Love this place!

( 4 Reviews )
Tennyson Hardware Logo

Tennyson Hardware

Hardware Store

4034 Tennyson St Denver, CO 80212
Anthony Z

Very knowledgeable staff. Standard prices. Great hours.

( 1 Reviews )
I Build Flooring Logo

I Build Flooring

Flooring Store, Carpet Store, Flooring Contractor

3875 Steele St Denver, CO 80205
Michelle R

I love this place! They have lots of fun flooring and fixtures to look at and their prices cannot be beat! I got a vanity today and its beautiful and half the price of t ... more

( 2 Reviews )
AZP Multifamily Logo

AZP Multifamily

Swimming Pool Supply Store, Electrical Wholesaler, Hardware Store

11600 E 53rd Ave c Denver, CO 80239
Arthur Quansah

Awesome customer service and great prices.

( 1 Reviews )
Jarvis Supply Co Logo

Jarvis Supply Co

Hardware Store

2140 S Platte River Dr Denver, CO 80223
( 15 Reviews )
Park Supply of America Logo

Park Supply of America

Plumbing Supply Store, Hardware Store

4600 N Pecos St Denver, CO 80211
Justin Mapes

Customer service is next to none from lady at front desk. Horrible horrible horrible people skills and will not Give you a moment of her time if you do not have an accou ... more

( 12 Reviews )
Snavely Forest Products Logo

Snavely Forest Products

Wholesaler, Hardware Store

6777 Downing St Denver, CO 80229
Robert Arnett


( 13 Reviews )
R&R Windows & Doors Logo

R&R Windows & Doors

Window Supplier, Door Supplier, Hardware Store

4770 Fox St # 11 Denver, CO 80216
Albert Lopez

Online ordering was easy but also provided the appropriate level of detail. When I received the replacement parts -- earlier than expected -- I used the step-by-step inst ... more

( 4 Reviews )
Contact Sales Logo

Contact Sales

Hardware Store

2550 W 2nd Ave Unit 100 Denver, CO 80219
Raul Garcia

A very clean environment very helpful staff like to get my work done there thank you appreciate you everything you do

( 27 Reviews )
American Building Supply Inc Logo

American Building Supply Inc

Hardware Store, Lumber Store

5025 Florence St Denver, CO 80238
Sunny Singh

nice people fast loading

( 6 Reviews )
American Industrial & Construction Logo

American Industrial & Construction

Hardware Store

975 E 58th Ave # C Denver, CO 80216
Frank Witty

I really like this place they have a lot of fasteners on hand in large quantities and way cheaper than home depot

( 7 Reviews )
Associated Energy Systems Logo

Associated Energy Systems

Hardware Store

6700 E 44th Ave Denver, CO 80216
Ron Florez

The warehouse has been a great source for us and Eric has been wonderful to work with all these years

( 2 Reviews )
Newco Door & Hardware Logo

Newco Door & Hardware

Hardware Store

6606 E 47th Ave Dr Denver, CO 80216
AgentTwinkie 223

I have been dealing with the owner of newco doors and hardware for years and he has always treated me right. I don’t know what that other guy got his panties in a wad f ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Platte Anchor Bolt Co Logo

Platte Anchor Bolt Co

Hardware Store

4950 Jackson St Denver, CO 80216
Thomas Preston III

Great place. Had exactly what I needed!

( 2 Reviews )
Thomas J M Logo

Thomas J M

Building Materials Store, Hardware Store, Lumber Store

1530 E 64th Ave Denver, CO 80229
( 1 Reviews )
Priority Door Co LLC Logo

Priority Door Co LLC

Hardware Store

955 Decatur St # K Denver, CO 80204
Zelma Gongora

This is my favorite all around hardware store in Denver. Everyone who works here is so nice! Really helpful and can give great advice.

( 1 Reviews )
Diggar Tools Llc Logo

Diggar Tools Llc

Hardware Store

1630 Welton St Denver, CO 80202
Gray & Riley (Gray&Riley)


( 45 Reviews )
True Value Distribution Center Logo

True Value Distribution Center

Hardware Store

11275 E 40th Ave Denver, CO 80239
Silverline Cars

Had a full truck load to pick up here, FCFS and they loaded quickly and efficiently.